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This page contains several small tools I've written as well as links to good and useful websites.

If you've downloaded and tested one of these programs, please send your comments and questions to me
Preview Program Size Description
TPM.jpg TableOfPowersInModulus 36.4 KB Calculate C in C = T^E mod M, used in RSA encryption
Commander8051.jpg Commander_8051 for EZUSB 181 KB Read and write data to the memory of a EZUSB 8051 board
PersonalStopwatch.jpg PersonalStopwatch 114 KB A stopwatch on your PC
SimpleDialog.jpg SimpleDialog (with sourcecode) 5.16 KB Demonstrates a simple dialog with two buttons and two edit controls
With sourcecode for Visual C++, no MFC
TrayTest.jpg TrayTest (with sourcecode) 35.6 KB Demonstrates the use of the system tray icons
With sourcecode for Visual C++, no MFC
AnalogClock.jpg AnalogClock (with sourcecode) 41.4 KB Demonstrates drawing filled polygons in Win32
With sourcecode for Visual C++, no MFC
NotAvailable.png Test.NET (with sourcecode) 67.3 KB Whenever I want to play around with .NET using C#,
I add it to this program.
Written using Visual Studio 2003.