Last updated: 14 December 2005

Internal links:
Graphics projects Page that contains several self made computer drawings and movies
Google Maps study project a simple demo of the Google Maps API, shows a mapping software in your browser
OpenGL projects Contains self made programs related to OpenGL
Other programming projects Contains other small programs (some with sourcecode), not related to any topic
Play Sudoku Online Play an online version of Sudoku powered by
Daily Sudoku Download the daily sudoku

My favourite external links:
OpenGL site All sort of information for starting OpenGL programming
(Tutorials, sample code, message forum)
NeHe's OpenGL The best online tutorials on OpenGL!
Online OpenGL tutorial An online OpenGL tutorial created for computer graphic students,
based on GLUT
Gamedev Good forums on everything game programming related stuff
Online Logo Maker Instantly create a logo online for free
Planet C++ A very good site on Win32 GUI programming
The Code Project The best site for sample codes
(specialized in C++, .NET, WIN32, MFC, ...)
Planet Source Code Also a good site for sample code for all popular languages
(specialized in VB)
AbstractSpoon This site contains a freeware tool called ToDoList.
Source code included (Visual C++, MFC). Very good!
Renderosity This is an amazing site with a huge database of
designs posted by members. Really worth a visit!
Ultimate Game programming Good basic OpenGL tutorials
W3 Schools Website related tutorials
Blender Very good and opensource 3D modeling program
Blenderchar Good tutorials on Blender
Chinese dictionary Chinese dictionary (English -> Chinese)
Learn Chinese Portal to online chinese learning resources