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...Edited and designed by Patrick Swinkels, this Web site represents what is perhaps the most ambitious effort thus far to present many of Wagner's prose writings online...

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Web Site of the Month: (fall 2002)

For serious students (or intrepid casual readers) of writings by and about Wagner there is the astonishing Wagner Library. This collection, still in progress, intends to be "the primary reference on Richard Wagner's prose works and related information." A vast amount of the prose writing is there already with more on the way. The Library is to include the Wagner correspondence as well. There are also articles about Wagner and the writings, almost entirely from the Nineteenth Century, and a wealth of related material ranging from the autobiography of Hans von Wolzogen and Harlow Gale on "Schopenhauer's Metaphysics of Music" to a short note in the journal The Manufacturer and Builder of 1876 on the technical wonders of "The Most Perfect Theater in the World" to, my favorite, a letter to The Century raging not only against applause during performances but against any curtain calls as well.

The Library contains only works in the public domain, which means for the most part written during or shortly after Wagner's lifetime. It also means that Wagner's writings are in the Ashton Ellis translations, which means they are rather thick going and not always satisfactory. (There is a nice article by David Cormack, called "Faithful, All Too Faithful", on Ashton Ellis and translation.) But this is the standard, and by far most complete, English version. This resource is indispensible for the Wagnerian, and if nothing else will save a lot of space on your bookshelves.

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Includes much of what is expected in a well designed content-filled website. ...

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The aim of the Wagner Library is to to provide a freely available online edition of the works of Richard Wagner in english. Wagner was an active author of prose works as well as a composer. Texts have been derived from public domain versions. The electronic texts are available as HTML or TEI/XML (with plans for other formats). Titles available include: On German Opera; The Virtuoso and the Artist; Art and Climate; Autobiographic Sketch; Art and Revolution; Judaism in Music (with Some Explanations Concerning "Judaism in Music"); On State and Religion. Each text includes basic information about the source of the electronic edition and the orginal German title. The HTML versions display as a single text on the screen (together with any endnotes). Copies of the Wagner family letters are also available and there are also plans to encode the German libretti. In addition to the translations the Library also makes available a range of articles about Richard Wagner published between 1872 and 1896 (with links to the page images from which the text is derived). A freetext search engine for searching across the digital library is also provided. The author of the site warns that texts may contain OCR errors.

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