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VVS Comets Working Group

Software page

There are a lot of excellent charting and planetarium programs available to plan your observation sessions on comets. In addition to these general use programs there are also some fine programs available specially designed for comet observers. You can find some information and links to these software on theis page.

This small software tool was designed and written by David Vansteelant, member of the VVS Comets Working Group. This program allows users to keep record of their comet observations and delivers output in a text file or directly send mail to the working group. So both novice and advanced obervers can send their obervations with all necessary information in a fast and reliable way. The output format is according the working group standard and allows us to publish observations regulary

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Comet for Windows is a software to analyze light curves of comets, or to support observation of comets. You can display light curves of comets using observations in the world, calculate the magnitude formula based on those data, predict future brightness of comets, make a plan to observe comets, draw chart and look up magnitude of comparison stars, and so on.

Homepage Comet for Windows

Richard Fleet has written a sky chart program to show when the best time to view objects in the sky at any time of the year, and from any location in the world. GraphDark allows you to work out when an astronomical object will be visible from your location and when moonlight, twilight or low haze will affect its visibility. An additional option displays the moon’s phases as a lunar calendar. Typical uses might be planning a series of observing sessions for deep sky objects so that moonlight can be avoided, working out when a comet will be visible from your location at a reasonable altitude, or when a variable star will be visible. GraphDark is best suited for summarising visibility of an object over a period of weeks or months, for example the apparition of a comet. Alternatively a number of objects on a single night can be displayed. By clicking on the timetable more information is provided for that particular instant in graphical or tabular form. However, if you need a more realistic display of what the sky looks like at a particular time then a planetarium type program would be more suitable, there are plenty to choose from.

Homepage GraphDark

CometWin is a 32 bit Windows (Windows 95 and higher) program that will calculate and print a comet ephemeris that includes RA, DEC, Alt, AZ, estimated brightness, etc. It also has limited graphics capability to display the comet postion/track in RA/DEC or Alt/Az.

Homepage CometWin

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