Vianney du Manoir Noble

Vianney lives in Belgium with the famely Huisman.

Vianney is born at 9 januari 1997 out a litter of 10 , 7 boys 3 girls all black.

The parents of this litter are the tawny boy Nobly du Paturage chevalier Hd :A/A and the black girl Quinine du Val Resine Hd :A/A.

At the age of 20 months we decided that the times was come for making X-rays . After two months we ve got results Hd: A/A.


Nobly Du Paturage Chevalier and Quinine Du Val Resine

Some pics of Vianney himself:

 At Longchamp 99



Robin du logis de lapicardiere



vangogh de l cinse a mouqu s(tawny) Hd-A





umette de l cinse a mouqu s


nobly du paturage chevalier(tawny)Hd-A






ouill des carrieres noires (tawny)



barynia van de ridderweide (tawny)Hd-A





rebecca van de ridderweide(tawny)

vianney du manoir noble(black)Hd-A







tziganne du roux et du noir (black)



nindja of the gloaming(black)Hd-A





havanne (tawny)


quinine du val resine (black)Hd-A









lysba du val resine (bleu)Hd-A





herse du bois d howis(black)



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