How to survive Fool's Day!
So we are here and survived 'Fools' Day', which was really crazy for us. The day started really well. We slept at my friends' house at the side of St. Gellert hill. It's one of the most beautiful areas in Budapest, near Rock Chapel that belongs to the Palos Order (the only order founded by Hungarians, going back to early medieval times). The chapel itself is unique, in the 'belly' of Gellert hill, carved into rock. We had a lovely time with our friends, playing music together and singing the previous night, so we got up relatively late. They left us the keys because they had to go to the country. Erik and me decided to go for a hot meal in a Turkish restaurant nearby and then visit Rock Chapel. Everything went well until we got back to the flat where we found we could not open the door at all. We called the neighbours and tried everything we could, just in vain. The door would not open. We had to rush to Kecskemet for our concert, so we decided to borrow instruments. Unfortunately there was one instrument we could not find substitue for as it does not exist in Hungary: a Hang drum. Simultenously Judit's performance with Babakalacs was also troublesome, as costumes were left home. Tunde also forgot some keys, Gyuri some notes!!! So there must have been something really srtange in the stars for that day, I guess. In the end the concert was OK, then we rushed back to Martenica's show in Budapest.It went quite well, and the Macedonian zurna and tapan players created a magical atmosphere for the dance after the show... So all ended well in the end ...

New concerts
Our next concert is on 30. March, in Budapest at the Fringe Festival (Millenaris Teatrum). In "View Of the Balkans" we concentrate on paralels between Hungarian and Bulgarian music. We also sing on 1. April, at Tanchaztalalkozo in Budapest with "Martenica" group. For more details of the concerts watch the concerts page.

Mixing Autumn project - New photos
Our German friend Erik Wisniewski is working on the mixing of our autumn project in Tocnik. New photos have also been taken. They will be published as soon as they are ready.

Concert in Vienna
We are going to Vienna on 16th February to the Ost Club. We are going with the group 'FALKAFOLK' so there will be a Balkanian dance house and concert! Everybody is very welcome!!

Recordings in Tocnik
We were in Tocnik last October and made some recordings together with our Czech and German friends. We do hope to be able to organize a concert with them in Brussels at MIM.

Line-up changes - Savaria Festival
There a some new changes in our line-up. Navratil Andrea and Bognar Szilvia do not sing with us anymore. Now Andrea is going to sing with us as the singer of Igriczek on the 27th August in the Savaria Festival. It is going to be an interesting concert, titled "Music without space and time" as we will perform medieval and folk music from different regions and different times. The concert is on the big stage near Varoshaza/Town Hall/ of Szombathely, starting at 4 pm.

Neufchateau - Workshop
In July Then I went to Neufchateau to teach. This year I had only 2 students but they were so good that on the last evening show we ventured into a 3-voice song and it was almost perfect. They have never sung solo on stage so they were very happy to see they could do it. I also had the opportunity to join other workshops as we only sang in the afternoons, so I learnt Afro-Cuban dancing, and took part in a Feldenkrais-training lead by my wonderful collegues!! I had a fabulous time and really hope to be able to go back next year.

We went to Bulgaria with Zornica to Primorsko; it is a little place by the sea near the Turkish border on the south-east of the country. Csenge, my daughter also came with us and she sang with us on stage. We were the only group who did not have a flag first - we thought the organizers would provide it, but they didn't. Luckily the Bulgarian flag has exactly the same colours as the Hungarian but in an other order, so I bought one Bulgarian flag and made it Hungarian! Csenge carried it very proudly on the last day when each group had the gala programme. Then we were the only group which had 2 flags, as we also carried the Bulgarian flag, because most women in the group are Bulgarians. We saw wonderful shows in the festival, especially the Armenians and Georgians fascinated us; they can dance and sing marvellously!!!

Goddess Festival
We will sing at the Goddess Festival in Budapest on 21 June. In August we were invited to the Savaria Festival for the 27th.
Kata will be going to Neufchateau from 8-15 July to teach songs from Transylvania.

Ladikos fesztival
We played at "Ladikos fesztival" in Mecsér on 27th May. It was great because this time we had time to talk and play for ourselves! We met our friends from Muzsikas, Csík Zenekar and Söndörgő and had a good time drinking and playing at Tamas Henics' house on the terrace... He was the main organizer of the festival and he is one of the warmest hearted, nicest men I have ever known!
Our next concert is in Martonvásár on 3 June, in Diákotthon starting at 15.30.

Marchenlanfd Festival
At the moment we are travelling to Germany to Marchenland festival. We'll be singing on the Fairy tale ship. Watch the Maerchenland website for more detailed information.

Present line-up - New Concert Dates
At present our group consists of Tunde, Judit and Kata, but we do hope that Navi will also sing with us sometimes. She is overloaded with work (12-14 hours a day), but she still sings with Zurgó and Igriczek.. They have just come back from Prague.
There are also new concert dates. We will have concerts in Pécs (22 February and 4 March), Szombathely (17 March), Bdapest (31 March) and in Berlin (5 and 6 May). More info about these concerts on the concert page.

We are preparing for the concert in Vienna on 12 January Our next concert in Hungary is going to be in Pécs - my favourite town, it is very mediterranian - on 22 February.
We do not know yet what exactly will bring this year for our band. Szilvi is leaving to start a solo carrier. Navi is also very busy with her work at the moment. Judit has come back luckily, so we will see what the future has in mind...

Nativity play
Kata and Judit are performing a nativity play with Judit together with Tóth Anita. You can see some short movies about it at the babakalacs site

Birthday concert succeeded
We had a marvellous birthday concert last month. Some photos and a video were made. We got a lot of help from the Bulgarian community living in Hungary.

Birthday concert - more details
So our concert on 25 November starts at 6.30 pm at Vágóhid u.62. Our Czech and German friends are also coming and we invited all the singers who have ever sung with us. We hope we will have a nice evening with medieval and folk music and some surprises.
Click on the invitation image to enlarge or click on this link

15th Birthday concert - Vienna
On 25th November we are going to have a concert to celebrate our 15th birthday. In the evening we'll be playing in the Bulgarian Culture Centre/Bolgár Kultura Háza/ in Budapest,Vágohid u. 64. Our Czech and German friends are coming - 7 or 8 of them - and we hope that a lot of people and friends will come, too. On January 12 2OO6, we are going to have a concert in Vienna (Sargfabrik).

Article and concert pictures on internet
On the 13th August we had a concert on Sziget. You can read all about it and watch some pictures in an article published on internet.
Read the article and watch the pictures of our concert.

Nice time in Bulgaria with Zornica
We had a nice time in Bulgaria with Zornica. In a small village, Botevo, we had the most amazing story. As we have no live music we have to dance on CD. During the performance there was an electricity cut, music stopped.The man who was sitting behind the tehnician equipment jumped up, got his bagpipe and started to play music. A drummer,who belonged to the other group waiting to perform, ran out from the backstage, joined him so we had live music in the end!!!! The audience was very happy so were we. Without any rehearsal we had the best dance show in our lives.

Wonderful and memorable experiences in Neufchâteau (B)
The Music Camp in Neufchâteau (near Brussels) was one of the most wonderful and memorable experiences. We sang 5 hours a day. I also taught them some basic yoga breathing and exercises good for the throat.We did warm-up scales, I had learnt when I was a student of Klara Bodza.Hungarian pronunciation was the most difficult part of the course.Two of my students came from musician families so they learnt very quickly. Every evening there were concerts given by teachers - all kinds of music, and also the mixture of different cultures. For me the most exciting was when 4 drummers: an Iranian daf,an Indian tabla,a Spanish kajon and a Cuban drummer played and improvised together on stage!!!!
There was flamenco dancing - one of the teachers was pregnant and she danced - it was great! The last day we performed some selected things from the course - I was maybe more nervous than the students... But all was great and I am hoping to go back next year....

P.S. One of my students sent me a photo and a nice friendship poem. You can watch the photo in the pictures gallery. The poem goes as follows:


La vie est une perle
Sa beauté est
par la luminosité.
L'étincelle de vie se nourrit
par les mystčres, les difficultés et les qualités
d'une vie merveilleuse.
Ces trois facteurs peuvent nous éblouir par leur simplicité.

L'amitié fait brűler le coeur de la sphčre
tapissée par des lumičres scintillantes.
Le lien qui relie ces points lumineux
n'est autre que la solidarité.

L'amitié se donne de bonne foi par
La sincérité, l'honnęteté, la loyauté, l'éciute
et les richesses des personnes rencontrées.
Au sein d'une équipe soudée par un lien de solidarité,
l'amitié trouve son véritable sens.
Un but vital de la perle écarlate,
c'est d'oser ętre différent
en allant vers le prochain
sans préjugé et, simplement, de l'écouter.

La distance, le travail, le temps peuvent éloigner
les amis, les amies mais ne peuvent briser l'amitié
grâce ŕ une complicité et le contact.
La magie étincelante de la perle est approfondie par
la créativité, la culture, la spontanéité, le mystčre des personnalités.
La féerie est harmonisée par les richesses de la musique
dont une tant écoutée et appelée la
« Mélodie de l'amitié »


Next appearances
Our next appearance is on 4 March in the Bulgarian Festival in the
Bulgarian Culture House in Budapest,Vágóhíd utca.It starts in the
evening (7pm) with lot of dancing,singing and fun.
On the 11 March we have a long-long concert in Hédervár (near the
town GYor, West of Hungary), in Múzsák Kastélya (the Castle of the
Muses!!!), from 7pm-9pm.There we will have time to speak about the
songs and tell some stories so it should be fun...
The release concert of "Song of songs" is on 21 April in Budapest, in
Gödör (Deep hole in the ground - quite a funny name for a culture centre!)

Singing at Rotary Club - Smiling people...
The singing at Rotary Club was fine. The mayor of Kecskemet and the American ambassador were there and people were smiling when we were singing and we got a lof of clapping in the end...
As usual we sang without microphones and it is not a usual thing these days.

New photos to come
Some photos were taken during the recordings of the "Song of songs" cd and during the concert in Prague last year. Soon to be expected on the Pictures page

'Song of songs' coming out in April!
Excellent news to start with! The "Song of songs" is coming out in April, for the Dancehouse Meeting in Budapest. It's one of the biggest folk festivals in the year; you can meet there everybody who counts....
We will have a special concert for the release of our brand new CD. More details in the near future.

'Song of songs' release in Spring.
We wish you all a wonderful New Year. Let's start with some good news. The 'Song of songs', our new project, is coming out in spring. And in the second half of February we might be going to Belgium again as Djamel asked us to contribute to his CD. Now we are looking for concert opportunities at the same time, although time is very short...
Watch also the picture gallery. A few brand new pictures were added.

Lovely time in Holland and Belgium - Sightseeing tour in Prague
We had a lovely time in Holland and Belgium. Hardly had we got back from Belgium, we went to Prague - on 9th Oct. We had a very alternative night in Guru club. We listened to some Czech groups and we loved the audience - they were very enthusiastic! We also did a little sightseeing tour together. We learned a lot of interesting things about the town. Prague is such a lovely town.

Sziget - People dancing together from all over the world
The Sziget concert was good despite of the heavy metal base,as the rock stage was very near the tent where we were singing.... After that I went to African village where people danced together from all over the world: Indians, Asians, Africans, Europeans.... It was great!!! And I saw a fantastic Turkish band from Istambul. I have never seen anything like that!!!

Dorkovo Festival - Wonderful memories
I have just returned from the festival in Dorkovo, Bulgaria. It was just as wonderful as last year, and I must say it was very hard for me to return back after those wonderful days and dance-musicful nights in that lovely village in the Rhodope mountains. It is a very special place with spa waters, trout-breeding lakes - artificial lakes where they
keep and breed trouts, very rich history far back to prehistoric times, - and best of all lots of warm-hearted, friendly and diligent people who are also very tolerant. In the village there is a mosk and a pravoslav church and four nationalities live together in peace.
About 50 groups from Bulgaria and groups from other countries took part. In Bulgaria it is amazing that tradition is so strong that you can see people from the age of 4 to 100 together on stage. They sing, dance and show their customs together, grandchildren and great-grandparents. They are very proud of their homeland, culture and nation and pass the tradition from father to son as it used to be in the old days. The place is unspoilt, nature is like in a fairy tale - clean air, water, space..... They have very clear, strong voices; one of my best memories is when we sang together coming from the wood to the clearing where the other members of the Dorkovo group were preparing a marvellous barbecue for us on our last night there with a huge bonfire...
I would like to thank them for their hospitality and everything once more via our website... Hopefully we will participate next year with Zornica again and maybe Vándor Vokál, too...

In search of generous sponsors
Unfortunately we didn't raise enough money for the journey to Senegal due to take place in December 2004. So we are looking for generous sponsors...
Music lovers and Vándor Vokál fans who want to support us financially, just contact us. Donations will be gratefully received on our account (watch the contact page)
You can find our contact information on the contact page.
Many thanks in advance!

Concerts in Holland and Belgium
We are definitely going to Holland! On 25 September and on 30 September there are two concerts. And we are also giving a concert in the big hall of the Instrument Museum in Brussels! More details about these concers in the near future on the concert page.

New concert dates
We've added some new dates at the concert page. And there are some more invitations, but they that have not been confirmed yet. At the end of July Tunde and Kata are going to Bulgaria to the festival in Dorkovo with Zornica Dance Group. It's a fantastic festival. We have beautiful memories about it from last year.

Performing in the show of Stephen Spinder
On 24 March we sang in the show and photo exhibition of Stephen Spinder, our old friend from New York. He has been travelling about in Transylvania and East European countries making nice photos for over ten years...

Recordings of 'Song of Songs' probably in April
We still have not started recording for the "Song of songs" as Feri
Kiss is extremely busy. New start at the end of March or in April...

To the Netherlands in September
Most likely we are visiting the Netherlands in September. And if so, we'll travel along to organize some concerts in Belgium too. To be continued.

On stage at Tanchaztalalkozo
On the 11th March we had a concert in Fonó. And on the 27th March we're on stage at Tanchaztalalkozo, the 23rd National Táncház Festival and Crafts Market. You can find more interesting info about the festival at the website.
More good news: we are getting more and more invitations in Hungary. We are especially glad as the biggest achievement is to be a prophete in your own country!

Maybe to Senegal in December ...
Maybe in December Tunde and Kata will go to Senegal,to Cap. Meanwhile Szilvi and Navi will give a concert in Hungary... So Vándor Vokál will be in 2 places at the same time!
The Magyar Nemzet published an article about us on the 13th Nov 2003. Visit the press page to read the whole story.

Preparing for 'Song of Songs'
Now we are preparing for the recording of the cd "Song of songs". Etnofon is going to produce. Kiss Ferenc is the leader and composer. He writes songs and texts which reflect a lot of our sorrows and thoughts about the world today and yesterday.

Our concert reviewed
Our concert on 13th November was reviewed in a Hungarian newspaper. You can read the complete article on the Press Page.

Christmas Concert with Muzsikas
Our 13th anniversary went well. Our friends came and we had a great time together. Now we are preparing for a Christmas concert with Muzsikas. The concert will be on the 20th December.

We're celebrating our 13th Birthday!
We are very busy now organizing our 13th birthday. The celebration will take place in Budapest at MOM culture centre on the 13th of November.We will dance there too and have some other surprises. We are expecting our friends from abroad to celebrate with us: Jiri Wehle and Igor Angelov from the Czech Republic and Tippelklimper from Germany. Furthermore there will be medieval music, some puppeteering, some Bulgarian, Hungarian and flamenco dancing.

Love songs album
We are going to sing on a 'Love songs' album. And now we were asked to learn some eskimo love-magic sounds! They are very interesting!

'I planted roses' out in Hungary?
We are trying to have 'I planted roses' here in Hungary at last. Hoping it can be realized this year.

We sang ourselves into Belgium!
We had some fine concerts and a wonderful time in Belgium during the Folk Feast (Feest van de Folk) at Lier on April 25, 26 and 27. But it wasn't quite easy to cross the Belgian border while entering the country. One of the guards asked us documents to prove that we came to Belgium to sing. We didn't have papers; only our passports. We said that Erwin Libbrecht - the producer of our second cd - was waiting for us outside, but he answered he could not go out with us. So one of the friendlier guards told us to sing something there on the spot.We started singing the 'Tears of Women / Ruthenian songs. The unfriendly guard put up his hands and said: OK, I give up, you can enter! So literally we sang ourselves into Belgium......

Feest van de Folk - Lier (Belgium)
On April 26 and 27 the Flemish folk people are celebrating their 'Folk Feast'. In many cities and villages folk artists will be playing and performing. We are invited to play three concerts and to do a workshop 'Voice'. We're already looking forward to these renewed acqaintance with Flanders.
You can find more info about these concerts and about additional concerts on the concert page.

Fantastic Audience - Esperantella Festival (Austria)
The festival in Vienna was very good. The audience was fantastic and we managed to make ourselves some time to enjoy some other shows!!!
We are now having a quieter period preparing for some concerts at home. This Friday we are going to sing in the auguration of a Spiritual Cemetery in Hungary. This is the first time and we are excited about it.

New Pictures - Viljandi Folk Festival (Estonia)
Some brand new photos are published on the pictures page. They were taken in Viljandi (Estonia) during our stay at the Viljandi Folk Festival. The photo session took place in an authentic castle.
Visit the pictures page

Open Air Festival
The band is singing at The Open Air festival in Vienna (Austria) on October 11. They're playing together with five other bands at the fifth and final day of the Esperantella Cultural Festival.

Viljandi Folk Festival
The band is doing two concerts at the Viljandi Folk Music Festival (July 25-28, 2002). During these four days and nights of folk music about 60 artists will be performing on stage

Lineup change
Recently there have been changes in theVándor Vokál lineup.Katalin Bakó has left for family reasons.
Andrea Navratil has joined the band instead.

Feestival Gooik - "Really great"
As mentioned before, Vándor Vokál appeared at the final edition of Feestival, a famous traditional folk festival in Belgium.
" The festival in Gooik was really great," Kata replied, "we do hope there will be a way to continue it somehow!!! We wish the best for the organizers and the whole staff!!!"

2003 - Plans for concerts and singing sessions
The band is planning to do some singing sessions during the next 'Feest van de Folk' (Folk Festivity) on April 26, 2003 in Kessel (Belgium). These sessions will probably be combined with some live appearances. Concert dates available on May 15, 16 and 27, 2003.
Interested concert organizers can contact the people of MMMuziek.

Vándor Vokál appearing on final edition "Feestival"
For their final edition of "Feestival" the organisers of the famous festival chose a "best of" program. Vándor Vokál impressed on last year's edition and returns on stage this year on Sunday July 7.
To be continued!

'I planted roses' is doing well!
The second Vándor Vokál album, 'I planted roses' is doing well in Belgium. The album was released at the end of February. In the top 20 charts of "Appel", one of the leading specialised folk and world music stores, 'I planted roses' went up to a Sixth Spot. A future number one?

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