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Vándor Vokál - Viljandi Festival 2002NEWS - 2007/04/06
How to survive 'Fool's day'
We survived 'Fool's day'. What happened was really crazy for us. If you wanna find out what all went wrong, but finally ended well, just watch our news page.
In the meantime visit the concerts page for some new gigs. Two new pictures are added in the gallery
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As the name itself suggests - the old Hungarian world "vándor" means wanderer - the group stages East Europen and Balkan vocal polyphony, using the authentic and original attributes mixed with the members' own style and ideas.

Read some facts about the establisment and the history of the band on the info page

More details about the forthcoming appearances on the concerts page.

Vándor Vokál released its first full cd's, 'Feljött a Hold - Moonrising' in 2000.
At the end of February 2002, the band presented its second album 'I planted roses'.
At the occasion of this cd release, the band was interviewed on the Belgian Radio. Some additional concerts were given at Dranouter (Feb 21) and in Antwerp (Feb 24).
More cd info on the disco page.

Listen to some short music tracks from 'Moonrising'. Just enter the music section.

On the press page you can read updated information about the band (with download possibilities in english and hungarian) and a german review of the Vándor Vokál cd 'Feljött a Hold - Moonrising' (cd released in 2000).

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