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Ok, when your arrived here, you probably visit the site for the first time or you can't get enough from my story  :)

My story begins in the fourth grade of secundary highschool, friends of mine all talked about cars. I mentioned that we had a old Volvo in our basement, and they asked if the car still runs. My answer was "no", but I coudn't resist to place a battery in the car to let it start again. He only blew out a litlle bit of smoke but did nothing more.

I was 16 years old when I started to work on the car. First the head was taken of and I saw that the valse weren't looking like they are supposed to be. The head gasket was broken, and water came in the cilinders and destroyed the valves.


No problem, I took the engine out of the car, and I dismantled it completly. I putted all new stuff back in, like:

Valves,distribution gears, conrods, bearings, oil & fuel pump, piston rings, gaskets&seals, clutch. 

Here you can see the dismantled engine.

engine2.jpg (70608 bytes)

Here you see the engine sitting & waiting to go back in the car.

engine3.jpg (25034 bytes)

Then I replaced the complete braking circuit, so I didn't have to worry when I come at an intersection.

Then I cutted away all the bad metal, and made some new pieces. My uncle welded those pieces back on.

trunk1.jpg (109362 bytes)

I repainted the engine compartment and putted the engine back in:

v3.jpg (99798 bytes)


Here you can see the also before/after pictures, the pic below is taken when the car was almost putted back into one piece

v9.jpg (84317 bytes)

So, this is the story of the restoration, I have changed some things in the meanwhile but this can be found on the "My car" page

Thanks for reading.

If you have some questions, please feel free to ask. I'll try to answer them

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