'69 Volvo Amazon



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On this page you can find the pictures and modifications of my car.

My first job on the car, was giving it some better handling an turns, cause it did some stranges things when a wheel bumped into a hole in the road. I bought me some springs and some a set of new adjustable Koni shockabsorbers. The car lays 4cm closer to the ground.

I like it when the engine sounds a little bit "mean", and I bought me a complete 2" Simons exhaust. The result was great.

I also installed a radio and some speakers, I finished it with Simile leather and a mirror.

The engine was nice, but sometimes I got the feeling that it missed something, I tried an K&N airfilter, but that didn't gave me satisfaction. I bought 2 twin 40mm Dellorto's and Green Air Filters and a 4-1 Simons exhaust header. Got some problems with the tuning of them, so I built a custom distributer (from a B20E). So I have a kind of "electric ignition".

A reservoir for the oil damps is maded, and a heat shield so the carbs don't get to hot.  That's about it, specs are coming, car has still to go on a dyno. For the future I want to replace my air rotor with a electric one, and a set off anti-sway bars from IPD, and a custom airbox so the engines gets cold fresh air.

Here are the pics:

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Since I couldn't sit still a new project is started, it will also be an Amazon, but a little bit faster. Does the word "turbo" rings a bell?? This will be putted in a '67 Amazon. More details when the progress is enough to make a page of it.