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On the 23th of May my father bought the car for 121.422 BEF, what's about $2640. 

It's a B20-A, with a single carburettor, it produces 90HP, colorcode = 42, black interior, double brake circuit.

On the 30th january in 1982, which was on a saturday, I was born. If it was a normal weekday I probably was born in the car, could you imagine a better story?

Then there was a black day in the car's history, some  Libian bumped into the car with his hired Peugot. Whole the car was destroyed at the  front on the drivers side, the electric circuit caught fire and more problems where created that day to the vehicule. A picture will be placed soon.

The car before he went to our basement:

ACCIDENT.JPG (64519 bytes)

My dad then decided to fix the bodywork and engine, the engine did run but that wasn't important anymore because he was driven into our basement for a sleep of  16 years.