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The SPITFIRE , unassuming as it may seem, is a car steeped in history. It was successful in racing ( Le Mans ) and in rallying, and it had a production span of 18 years, in which many model changes took place.

spitfiresma_yellow.gif (2785 bytes)  About the name ' SPITFIRE '   

Of course, the name 'Spitfire' was first used by Supermarine for the famous WW2 fighter aircraft, designed in the 1930's. ...

It is not known if Standard-Triumph obtained prior permission to use the name. According to Triumph historian Graham Robson "The 'Spitfire' name came along while prototypes were in development, but there does not seem to have been *any* connection with the famous fighter aircraft, though publicity shots were eventually taken with car posed in front of 'plane. It is not recorded if the makers of the 'plane ever objected to its name being 'stolen' for use on a car."

Some are saying that Standard-Triumph was allowed to use the name after producing Spitfire aircraft parts in WW2. Others are saying the name was used after Vickers (owner of Supermarine, the original makers of the Spitfire aircraft ) produced the Vickers Vanguard. Standard-Triumph produced a car called Vanguard.


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