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The Triumph Italia 2000 GT, 1959-1963

italia_page_sm.gif (10011 bytes)The Italia 2000 GT (to call it by its full name) was produced over the period 1959 to 1963. Produced is a relative term when it comes to Italias, since something less than 300 were ever made. Serious marketing efforts in the U.S. included each original owner having to sign a contract that included among its clauses the fact that no body panels or trim pieces were available as spares! Couple that fact with the $5000 list price, which was perilously close to that of an E-type Jag or fuelie Corvette, and you can imagine that the average U.S. sports car buyer didn’t exactly beat down the doors to purchase one.
Some cars sat on dealer’s lots for over two years before being discounted and eventually purchased.Italias were produced by a combination of Standard-Triumph (rolling, engined chassis and components), and Vignale (body manufacture). The Italia was produced with the blessing of Standard-Triumph, but was not an official Triumph model.

Commission Numbers and Overall Production Figures . At best, determining commission numbers and production figures of Italias is a guessing game. Here are the facts we do know:

  • There were 297 TR-3A/B chassis delivered to Italy to be made into Italias

  • One of the first ch. numbers is TS51639LCO - this is the vehicle Standard-Triumph tested in  1960.

  • The last 30 cars were made on TSF501 through TSF530, the last 30 TR-3B first series chassis.

  • All cars had both the TR-3A/B commission plate and a " Vignale number" ; they were NOT kept in chassis order when bodied.

  • Numerous changes were made car-to-car.


Engine 4-cil. - 1991 cm³ - 101 hbp - Max 200 km/h
Dimentions 394x145x124 cm - 975 kg.
Wheelbase 223,5 cm 
Production total 300-329

Export : The Italia nr58 is the only one known to be in Canada. About 20 are known to exist in the U.S.A

The history of the Italia has been well documented over the years but in summary, the car was designed by Giovanni Michellotti in 1958 and went into limited production in the following year.The hand built bodies were fitted to complete TR3 chassis that were delivered from Coventry to the Italian factory.

The plan appeared to be to produce about 1000 cars  and supply at least one to every Standard-Triumph agent around the world. In reality with the arrival of the TR4 these plans were scuppered as Standard-Triumph were rather keener to promote their new model rather than someone else's.The result was that around 350 cars were sold although no one is sure precisely. Around fifty examples of this beautiful car are thought to survive today.

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