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Dolomite_page.jpg (18713 bytes)TRIUMPH took the name DOLOMITE not only from a mountain range in northan Italy but also from a previous model , prduced in the 1930's , a better than average equiped car compared ti its main competitiors , this however is where the similarites end . The car was origanly intended to be called the Dolomite 135 , its factory code name was the Swift.The car had a long history dating back to 1965.

The 1300TC were the for runner , having a Herald engine , front wheel drive & 4 speed syncromesh gearbox & single round headlights .This car later became the Toledo with a restiled body and the engine driving the correct wheels at the rear.

The TOLEDO boasted single rectangular headlights , still retained the short rear end of the 1300TC , but with revised rear lights , early versions had drum front brakes but these were replaces with discs in 1972.The TOLEDO name lasted until 1976 when , with the long tail modification it was renamed the DOLOMITE 1300, a 1500 version was also produced replacing the 1500TC, the twin carb layout was retained on these models . The 1500 had single lights like the 1300, the 1500HL  had twin light like the 1850 but no front spoiler.This car like all Dolomites was in production until 1980In 1972 the first of the Dolomites were launched , with the 1850, The car was the first to be fitted with the slant 4 OHC Engine , which was basicly half of a Stag engine (Right Hand ),The car had the rear wheel drive setup , twin headlights and honeycombe grill were fitted finished in black.A front  spoiler adjustable steering colum and twin carbs ( Strongburg -SU later ),was also fitted .The body shell was that of the 1500TC (long tail) converted to RWD,in 1976 the 1850 were renamed 1850HL.In 1973 thr Dolomite Sprint was launched with a 160V 2000CC slant  4 engine based on the 1850 Lump.The gearbox was derived from the STAG & TR6. The car twin SU carbs. Had a top speed of 115mph -   0-60 in 8.7 secs & produced 127bph.Srints were fitted with a vinyl roof , alloy wheels (the first production saloon to be fitted as standard), and interior trim similar to 1850. At that time the car was up againsed the the BMW2002 & AUDI 100 The Sprint at a lower price was better value for money and better than both.I hvae made a few refrences to the 1500TC, by now you are probaly thinking what is that ? The 1500TC was the for-runner of the Dolomite we know today , launched in 1970. It had the long tail   (boot ) but unfortunatly started life as a front wheel drive setuup .This all changed in 1973 when the RWD Shell of the 1850 was used .

The car had twin lights with chrome surrounds . The TC stands for twn carbs , so as you have probaly deduced by now this is what it had fitted , production continued until 1976. The last Dolomite to be launched was the 1500SE from 1979-1980Mechanicly similar to 1500 Dolomite colour black with silver stripe , Spitfire wheel trims , and Sprint front spoiler , grey interior , only 2163 made , NOW VERY RARE.


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