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TR2000_page.jpg (54051 bytes)TR2000 mk1SALOON : The original, introduced at the London Motor Show in 1963. Shown here from the very first press releases, with two-tone paintwork. The refined, although even at the time fairly dated, 2 litre 6 cylinder engine was one of the main selling points, together with independent suspension on all wheels. Giovanni Michelotti, was responsible for the distinctive styling.
The Mk 1 was marketed in North America as the TR2000.

TR2000 mk1 ESTATE :
The load carrier, to please family motorists. Introduced in 1965, the bodies were prepared by Carbodies of Coventry, being supplied with half finished shells from the saloon line at Pressed Steel in Swindon.
Except for harder suspension, mechanically similar to the saloon.

TR2500 PI mk1 SALOON :
The fun to drive hot rod, introduced in 1968, got a 47% increase in power by receiving the 2.5 litre petrol injected engine of the TR5 in slightly detuned form. This placed it among the faster saloon cars of its type.

TR2000 mk2 SALOON :
The first issue was replaced by the mark II in 1969. The redesign of the front and rear ends, as well as the very worthwhile revision of the interior, was done by Michelotti, the original stylist. The technical changes were minor, the most important one begin the increased rear track width. It was considered a well thought out evolutionary step by most.

TR2000 mk2 ESTATE :
Continued into the mark II era with the rear end unaltered.

TR2500 PI mk2 SALOON :
The PI also continues as a mark II with basically the same changes as for the basic 2000 model. In addition, the petrol injection system was refined.

TR2500 mk2 facelift SALOON :
The last of the breed. In 1974, the grille was replaced. The saloon got its ride height increased, suspension softened, compensated by an anti-roll bar. The 2.5 litre model eventually became 2500TC and 2500S, losing its petrol injection and 33 horses.
The 2000 model had its twin Zenith/Stomberg carburettors replaced by SUs, and was renamed 2000TC.
In South Africa, the 2500TC was named Chicane.
Production ceased in 1977.

Produktion for Triumph 2000/2.5 : 1963-1977:

1963-69 2000 Saloon Mk. I 113.157
1965-69 2000 Estate Mk. I 7.488
1968-69 2.5PI Saloon Mk. I 8.658
1969-69 2.5PI Estate Mk. I 371
1969-77 2000 Saloon Mk. II 92.053
1969-75 2000 Estate Mk. II 7.118
1969-75 2.5PI Saloon Mk. II 43.353
1969-74 2.5PI Estate Mk. II 4.102
1974-77 2.5TC Saloon 37.752
1974-77 2.5TC Estate 2.601

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