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The Peerless was based on the TR3 components, The bodywork ; first in aluminium (1957)  later in polyester (1958 - 1960) Engine of the TRIUMPH TR3 - with a 4 speed overdrive. The car was never a success , the factory went bankrupt back in 1960.

Produktion : from 1957 to 1960

PEERLESS and WARWICK GT's : What is a Peerless?

In 1957, race car designer Bernie Rodger, along with John Gordon designed the prototypes for a new sports GT car. The production car became a 4 seat coupe, somewhat resembling a cross between an Aston Martin and a Bristol. They have a space frame made from square tubing, glass fibre body and are based on Triumph TR3 running gear; engine, transmission, guages, suspension/steering. But they have a DeDion rear, with a Salisbury differential, and sliding half-shafts. Two of the of the first production cars, with their engines furnished by Triumph's competition department, were prepared for the 1958 LeMans. One car ran, and finished 16th- that car is still in daily use in England.

Peerless cars were (mostly) built in 1958-59. There were 249 Phase 1's, and about 44 face-lifted Phase 2's. After Peerless parent company went under due to finiancal troubles, Gordon went on to develop the Chysler engined Gordon-Keeble, while Rodger resumed production under the name Warwick GT in 1960-62, with a tilt-up front end, and other styling changes. In a marketing effort similar to the Sunbeam Tiger, and AC Cobra, and predating the Triumph TR8 by more than 15 years, at least 2 Warwicks had their Triumph engine replaced by the aluminium Buick 215ci V8. These cars were shown to American investors, but failed to stir up enough interest, and soon Warwick ground to a halt as well, after producing only 39 cars.Some additional Phase 2's were later made by individuals from leftover Peerless components sold at auction.

More than 70 Peerless and Warwick GT's are known to have been imported into North America, both by dealers, and several individual owners. Many are still around today,several are being restored, and a few are being vintage raced. The only known remaining Warwick V8 is currently completing restoration in the US.


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