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Thornmill breeds Dual Purpose Goldens. Many years ago this used to be a definition for dogs that were successful both in show and work. Today, due to the high level of competition in both disciplines, show and work Goldens unfortunately have grown apart. We can nearly consider them as 2 different breeds. Therefore Dual Purpose would now better be defined as 'good looking working dogs'.

We have had small numbers of Golden retrievers (usually 3 to 4) since 1987. Originally we were only showing but very quickly became seriously involved in working and until today this has been our primary focus. At Thornmill we breed occasionally and very selectively, aiming for biddable, good-looking, working Goldies with abundant will-to-please. We breed the original, old type of Golden Retriever. Our priorities are on character & will-to-please/working ability, health & conformation being regarded as very important. Goldens bred this way make great companions but they do require exercise, preferably by working them.



Currently we have the 6th generation of Goldens. Thornmill has obtained excellent results and remains true to its original objective.

Besides competing, all dogs are or have been constantly used for picking-up during the hunting season.


Successful dogs at Thornmill include:

Chocolate Brownie of Shadow Lawn† (Tallygold Hot Chocolate x Kroonkennel's Joyful)

Lenka's Golden Pride Quinsanne† (Barrow v/d Woudstreek x Darell Jarrow Lenka)

Thornmill Upstream† (Thornmill Rocksteady x Lenka's Golden Pride Quinsanne)

Thornmill Yormine† (Alibren Magnum Force x Thornmill Upstream)

Thornmill Fennel† (Canburne Fennel of Lafayette x Thornmill Challenge).

Thornmill Challenge (Flashlight Fanciful x Thornmill Upstream)


Descendants of all them have kept the flag flying in working and/or showing.

New blood at Thornmill:

Thornmill Kiara (Kessgold Furze x Thornmill Challenge)

Tofts Love Her Madly (Clockburn Clyde x Thornmill Fennel - a Tofts & Thornmill joint venture).



Gerdy & Sonia Maelbrancke-Decraene

Tel (++32) (0) 51 31 25 77 / (+32) (0) 472 48 32 18