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What you need to bring - Some practical information for travelling to Tanzania.

Visas : Required, except for most Commonwealth countries (Canada and UK excepted), Scandinavian countries, Republic of Ireland, Rwanda, Romania and Sudan. For these countries a free visitor's pass valid for one to three months is obtainable at the point of entry. Cost of the visa depends on your nationality.

Health : Required a valid vaccination certificate for yellow fever and cholera. You must take precautions against malaria.

Insurance : Strongly advised to have your own insurance, to cover baggage, accident and medical.

Reservation : 50% deposit on booking and the balance before the Tour begins.

Cancellation : Received with seven days of commencement of the tour, subject to a 50% charge.

Liability : Carried on the companies vehicles governed by the respective laws of the country and all claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the country.

Financial Security : Once your tour has been paid for, at Tanzannature Tours Limited your money is safe under Tanzania Tourist Board and Tanzania Association of Tours Operators.