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 siste 1░ national Barcelona 2012  

The story of the Stichelbauts pigeon strain is realy special. Since the beginning, the strain produce almost these black top pigeons Barcelona flyers. In fairness it is a pigeon breed that lends itself only to the toughest flights of more than 1000km.
Frans Labeeuw the legacy inherited from his father loves this breed intact. The master breeder of the last decades-was the Black Fijnen BE87-33473000 which among other things, comes the Montauban BE01-3121756. What this crack has realized on the loft is absolutely marvelous. Feel free to check the website and you had as a visitor needs more information, please send an email via the contact button. Kind regards, Frans Labeeuw.

Beyond the website, you can find the Stichelbaut - and Labeeuwstory, which is in an objective way the history was made. One thing is clear: you can only find the Stichelbaut pigeons so pure and unique on the lofts of Frans Labeeuw. Why ? Frans Father Daniel bought the pigeons on the occasion of the total sales by Alois Stichelbaut. In 2012 won a 50% Stichelbaut the 1░ national Barcelona. Indeed, good for national and international top racers for 1000 km. An overview 1░ national winner Stichelbauts>: results since 1945

  1░National Barcelona 2012 a 50% Pure Stichelbaut dolle_barca