I'm working with Linux since 1996. It started as a toy and now I'm using it as my primary OS. I've allways used Debian as my linux distro (in fact I never tried an other :-). Since 1999 I'm working as a UNIX System Engineer for a Belgium company.
I can use a lot of my Linux experience on my work. But I want to convince my boss to support and sell Linux. So I'm looking for nice features of Linux that I can use to argue with him. Managing the available bandwidth on the network with Linux is one of the many I allready have.

When I tried to find more information about it, it was very hard to find. So I started this website to share all the stuff I found. After 2 months allready more than 300 persons (+1800 on 31/08/01) visted the website and I hope that these people found some extra information. Everything you find on the website may be used, but plz let me know if you can do something usefull with it.

Send me your comments and questions. I will try to give an answer on them. I'm also looking for some help to build this site and for new test results. Especially working examples are usefull and the TODO's has to disappear.

Stef Coene

Vlaanderen, Belgium

Document last changed on 20/11/01 at 22:57:07

I registered my own domain: docum.org.
I have a new place for the site : http://users.pandora.be/stef.coene/qos/. (Old news : For now, this domain points to http://users.belgacom.net/staf/, but plz use www.docum.org in your bookmarks.)

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