German Badges and Decorations and Waffen-SS-insignia

Hello and welcome to my website. This site deals with the badges and decorations of the Wehrmacht and with the insignia of the Waffen-SS. This site isn't a revisionist one and doesn't have a connection to any neo-nazi movement whatsoever. It is merely my intention to provide both historians and collectors with valuable information.


The goal of this site

The primary goal of this site is to deliver photo's of original WOII-Regalia to all collectors. Detailed pics will be made available for all to enjoy and study. All pieces pictured are to the best of my knowledge original period items. I will give a brief description of the item, but I will not explain the general history or award-criteria of a badge, because that can be found on other great sites which will be listed on my links page.

The site will exist out of two major parts, one dealing with the badges of the Wehrmacht and the other with the insignia of the Waffen-SS and some of the Allgemeine SS. Each section will be subdivided in categories, so that you'll rapidly find what you are looking for. There will also be other smaller sections dealing with other militaria like helmets and weapons.

As you will all have figured out by now, I collect badges and Waffen-SS-insignia. I'm a reasonably young collector, I was born in 1979. I started collecting in 1997, long enough to know that it isn't all fun. There are a lot of people outthere trying to fool you, so you really must know what you're doing. Studying reference books is very good, but it is often said that studying original examples is the best way to go. Well, not all of us have that opportunity. I hope I can be of some use here. I hope you all enjoy my little website and any remarks or additional info are welcome, just e-mail me.

Your webmaster, SSchillie

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