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My oh MY

Run Run Away

Merry Xmas Everybody

Look at last nite


The bangin' man

Gudbuy t' Jane

Mama weer all crazee now

Cum on feel the noize

My friend Stan

Far far away

How does it feel ?

In for a penny

Coz I luv you

Look wot you dun

Let's call it quits

Skweeze me pleeze me

Kill 'em at the hot club tonite

Darling be home soon

One way hotel

Get down and get with it

Miles out to sea

All the world is a stage

Do we still do it

Gudbuy gudbuy

Thanks for the memory

My baby left me but that's all right Mama

Give us a goal

Pouk Hill



She did it to me

Let the good times rool / Feel so fine


Know who you are

Take me back home

Ready to explode

The Myzsterious Myzster Jones

I don't mind

Standin' on the corner