De bojem

Annie Meuwissen
Steenweg 111, 3590 Diepenbeek. 
Tel. 011 32 41 87  ( + 32 11 32 41 87 )

E-mail :

Visit at fixed dates: 2015

Sunday 14, 21, 28  June 
from 10 till 6.
Admission fee: 3 euro

Group visits can be arranged for groups of at least 15 persons. 

How to get there : 

The garden is situated on the N2, halfway between Hasselt and Diepenbeek.

Description of the garden:

On the end of a gentle slope, where Haspengouw climbs to the Campine plateau, where the heavy clay makes place for the  lighter sand, there always has been an agricultural activity. After the farmers came the gardeners, but they always worked in harmony with these fields called ‘the Bojem’.
The garden ‘ De Bojem” is a patchwork of different parts, an old fruit orchard enclosed by an ancient hedge, a meticulous vegetable garden surrounded by a formal flower garden of 60 acres. In  the spring and summer the many surprising colour combinations formed by the vast number of perennial plants, roses and clematises are a joy for the eye. In autumn and winter the shape and lines  of the garden remain visible because of the trees, bushes and plants, a frosty winter morning rivals easily with a summer day.

As the garden evolved through the years away from the house, form a small children playgarden, to a full size landscape, so you can walk from one period into another until the last border.
Starting at the functional street garden, you  enter through the garden gate into the first part, an enclosed garden with a prominent water feature.  Next is the geometrical rose garden that forms a link between the house garden and the well-hidden landscape garden.
Through a rose-gate the horizon opens and the big flower borders emerge. From now you can discover on your right and on your left new viewpoints. Take a look at the extensive Hosts-collection placed in a shady woodland walk. Study the names of the authentically fruit trees and above all don’t forget to admire the kitchen garden of Annie’s father. Every form of landscape care contributes to the beauty and the pleasure, but the view at the horizon is still unbeaten