RGS-CardMaster v7.1.4
.................Probably the easiest PIM (adressmanager/phonebook) in the World!

For Windows 95/98/NT/2k/Me/XP/Vista/WINDOWS7/8
and also on any Linux or MAC platform using the Wine Emulator

Available as Free Edition and Pro Edition!


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American style example
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European style example
Windows 7 look, font changed and Photo's disabled Compact view and Category disabled

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Today's Highlight

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Probably the easiest PIM in the World!
This unique Contacts/Address/Phonebook/Agenda program manages and keep track of all your contacts, addresses, phonenumbers, fax, web, e-mail, info...!
Add a photo to each card if wanted, and also add to your contacts their websites, emails, phone numbers, personal info etc.
It's a very complete address book with many powerful functions and still very EASY TO USE!
Address layout can be changed to suit your country!
Has a dial fetaure to contact your friends using classic phonelines, Internet and Skype!.
Also includes security, inquiry, sort options, e-mail and web support, many print-options, print preview, calculator, calendar...
You can do mailmerge with MS-Word using your addresses stored in RGS-CardMaster!
Import and Export to Excel, dBase etc..
This user friendly "address manager/phone book" has a low learning curve, but to call it just another "Phonebook" program would not do it right
as it gives you almost the power of DBase but so much easier that even kids would manage it. Yet still, advanced options are there to please the power users!
Complete with an Agenda that is super easy in use. And yes, perhaps best of all, RGS-CardMaster is FREE!

You can always upgrade the Free Edition by making a donation if you want. You'll receive a special key that turns your copy into the Pro Editionfor life! My thanks in advance.
Do I have to upgrade? No, the Free Edition is FREEWARE, so you you're not obligated. It does give you extra advantages as described

Note for all CardMaster v5.x and 6.x users: all your databases are 100% compatible with the new version 7!

Custom designed RGS-CardMaster
If needed we can make a custom made CardMaster for you! Change the fields, the layout or other changes you need. Just mail us


Major Options Summary:

Try it, you'll like it!
and 8 AND Linux using Windows Emulator Wine!


What has changed in v7.0:

• Major debugging and total revision!!!
• New: Category: Assign a card to a category, for example: work, family, friends...whatever you like
  o : Select a category to print only the cards that are assigned to that specific category
  o : Set the default focus to the Category- or First Name field
  o : Set specific category when adding a new card
  o : Edit, remove or add categories (Pro-Edition), Default categories are: None, Family, Work, Friend, Church, Other (new ones can be added)
  o : No need for a Category? CardMaster can be set to use with or without a category
  o : browse through the database and shows only the cards containing the selected category (Pro)
  o : Search in a specific category
• New: Lookup an address from your database on Google Maps in one click!
• New: Alphabetical quick jump buttons. Moves you to the card beginning with the character you selected.
• New: Lost your database? Now there is a tool so you can find a RGS-CardMaster database on whatever drive
• New: In the Tools-section buttons: Run Skype
• New: Minimal look = Hide Functions, File and Tools buttons = turning CM in a compact size
• New in Sort: sort ascending (A...Z, 0...9) or descending (Z...A, 9...0)
  o : sort on Category
• New: Disable or enable the button sections: Functions,File,Tools,Browse,Search (Pro-edition feature)
• New: Hide the Quick Jump A...Z buttons
• New: Use the First Name field instead of the Last Name Field when using the Quick Jump A..Z Buttons (Pro-edition feature)
• New: Disable the "...Not Found..." popup dialog when using the Quick Jump buttons (Pro-edition feature)
• New: Format Cards can now be applied solely to the card fields OR include the format to all other text fields too
• New: Delete Photo confirmation dialog can now also be turned off
• New: Backup/Restore button in Tools section
• New: Print This Card: browse through the cards
• New in Search: the First- and Last name fields can also be selected to search the field seperatly
  o : Search only in a selected category (or all categories)
• New in Inquiry: Filters! Skip the inquiry in the Category-, Names- and Address-fields (and can be combined). Pro-edition can skip ANY field
  o : Show First- and Last name is now separate selectable
  o : Show all the contents of the Info-field or partially
  o : Enable/disable case sensitive search
  o : Only inquire in a selected Category
• New in Browse Field Setup: List Fields: Category & First Name or Category & Last Name
• New in Functions-menu: Set all cards to a category: to change all cards to any category in one click
• Go To Card Nr popup now stays on top and can be accessed until user closes it
• Go To Card Nr now only allows numeric values in the textbox
• Deleting a photo from card and disk can now be set for each card during one session
• Spreadsheet is now located with the file section on the main screen
• Spreadsheet 'remembers' the column width when user changed it (until the program closes, pro-edition allows it to save)
• Now a check is made if the automatic backup file is smaller in size then the new one, if so, then a second backup will be made called <databasename>_2nd.bak
• Saving a new database on start-up is suggested with no name, else a filename using the current data will suggested as "Database01-12-2015.drg"
• History list increased.
• CTRL + Arrow Down allows you to go to the Add-button from within the Info-Field
• CTRL + Up Arrow allows you to go to the First Name Field if the focus is on the Add-button
• Automatic open a database can now be selected independent from the last opened database (pro-edition)
• Bug Fix: Print: Double column printing did not print the correct cards and addresses (pro-edition)
• Bug Fix: Print: Print preview Single column printing did not show the whole list
• Bug Fix: the main screen did not relocate to the last used positions (last used left and top position)
• Bug Fix: program gave error 5xx and crashed when using the arrow keys AND one of the fields were hidden
• Bug fix: the Search inputfield did not format to the selected color, fontname, type etc.
• Bug fix: The font list in the option "Format Card Fields" showed hidden system fonts in Windows 8
• Bug fix: Delete Confirmation Dialog popped up after cmdDelete more then 2 cards. Confirming to disable this did not solve it. Fixed
• Bug Fix: fixes one card double in spreadsheet view
• Bug Fix: Printer Error 482 crashed CM when NO printer is installed on the system
• Bug Fix: Address did not show the two lines at once when a large font was set
• Bug Fix: Spreadsheet: when user goes to a card (double-click or Go to button), when returning to spreadsheet showed wrong card nr button caption. And several other bug fixes!
• Bug Fix: Calling Skype did not work under Windows 8
• Bug fix: the Fax-button did not work. Button now replaced by Google Maps (Fax still functional in the menu!)
• Bug Fix: Standard assigned Mail program (Outlook) crashed in Windows 8 when running the Mailer or trying to contact using a e-mail address
• Bug Fix: Format Card Fields sometimes showed a bold font type while it was not
• Bug Fix: The Case Sensitive option changed after doing an Inquiry
• Bug Fix: Sort: when sorting a database, next time you cancel a Sort the sort routine was called anyway
• Bug Fix: URL's in the Info-field using "https://" was not recognised as a URL
• Bug Fix: no photo's found when opening a database from a remote location where CM isn't installed (for example placing CM on a USB stick and reading a CM-database on a PC where CM isn't installed).
• Shortcut key F7 added to show Spreadsheet view
• Calculator: Default Windows calculator is now always used
• ASCII export format improved, also export to Excell and Word is updated with category and user definable celnames (and other bugs fixed)
• Auto update now downloads the zip file directly instead of going to the website
• CaleAg can now be minimized and prevents multiples instances running
• Several new icons, new splash and 'no photo' image and other cosmetic changes
• and many many more bug fixes
• Note: 100% Compatible with all v6.x.x versions! Databases interchangeable hence 100% downwards compatible too. Pro-Key remains valid.
Version v7.0.1
• Export to vCard.
Version 7.0.2
• New: Bulk Delete: allows you to delete multiple cards in one go
• Merge Database has now a confirmation dialog before merging a database
• bug fix: Inquiry did not look in the name field
• bug fix pro-edition: the Skip Fields were not all enabled
• bug fix pro-edition: when Auto Open a database and an error occurred will reset the Auto Load function
Version 7.0.3
• New: Save and Close: this will save your database automatically and close CardMaster in one go!
• Bug fix in option 'Find Database': sometimes error 53 "Unexpected Error" occurred
• When closing CardMaster after adding a card the dialog to save the changes appears. When choosing to save the database ('Yes') the database will be saved directly without showing the folder options dialog like you see when using "Save As".
• Improved Windows 10 compatibility during setup
• CardMaster now checks for any UAC issues (typical Windows 8 or 10 problems) and informs the user of it (can be turned off)
Version 7.1.0
• Major bug fix: deleting a card erased the assigned category of each card: fixed
• A new clean install will add the category 'Business' to the already existing category items (or use Reset in Category Setup)
• Print Preview will show a line when the limit of cards on one sheet is reached
• Print bugs: sometimes there was a missing usa field-separator (comma) between zip and state: fixed
• there were several issues when printing in two columns, sometimes wrong state, phone
   or missing phone etc. and always on the second column: fixed
  o : When enabling 'show Fieldnames' then the fieldnames of empty fields were not shown
  o : The calculation of the number of cards on a sheet was wrong when printing in two columns: fixed
  o : and several other two-column issues fixed (thanks to Marvin Levine for testing all the two-column issues)
• New in View menu - Enable/disable categories
Version 7.1.1
• Pro-edition bug fix: could not add categories
Version 7.1.2
• New: Automatic Selection in Browse box of Active Record:
to update the "browse fields drop-down list" to the active card or in other words; selects the name of the active card in the drop-down list automatically. This improves the location awareness of a card in the database.
This option can be enabled or disabled in the 'Browse Fields Setup (Extreme large databases (+5000 cards) can have a small delay when clicking on the browse drop-down list)
• Bug fix: Pressing the first letter in the 'Browse fields drop-down list" remains focused
• other minor improvements
Version 7.1.3
• Bug fix for Windows 10: new option introduced in v1.7.2 gave in Windows 10 a problem with the "browse fields drop-down list" that collapsed. Fixed
Note: Users that do not want to update could solve the problem by disabling the option "Automatic Selection in Browse box of Active Record"
Version 7.1.4
• Bug fix for Windows 10: new option introduced in v1.7.2 gave in Windows 10 a problem automatic browsebox selection lost focus. Fixed.




Download from here

DOWNLOAD CardMaster Free-Edition


Download free RGS-CardMaster for Windows @ FreeWareFiles

Download free RGS-CardMaster for Windows @ SnapFiles

Download free RGS-CardMaster from Brothersoft

Download free RGS-CardMaster 7.1 for Windows (mirror)

Download free RGS-CardMaster for Windows @ SoftPedia

Download free RGS-CardMaster for Windows @ Download.com

Download CardMaster at: Top4Download Top 4 Download Top 4 Download


WINDOWS 95/98/ME version

Download Windows 95/98/Me version of RGS-CardMaster

Download RGS-CardMaster 6.7 containing all DLL's (needed for Linux or MAC using Windows WINE Emulator)
Download small resolution RGS-CardMaster 6.1.5 exe (only exe, for resolutions smaller then 1024x768)
Download the most recent full version first and then download v6.1.5, unzip the exe in the CarMaster folder.


Note: all your existing data remains valid when updating or installing new versions. New versions are always 100% downwards compatible.


Utility to import your existing contacts from other programs using Excel/DBase CSV-files!

CSV2DRG For CardMaster


All versions prior to v7 can be updated using the above installation program without any loss of data.

Featuring Today!!:


Listed at

RGS-CardMaster Download - Soft-Files.com

Benefits of the Pro Edition:

Life time valid registration even with future versions and updates!
Change field names!
Rename, delete and add categories!
Encrypt and decrypt your databases for extra security and privacy!
Browse through any drive for your background picture, or company logo.
Maximize the program at start up.
Print in two columns and all extra print options are enabled (also in Spreadsheet view)
Remove splash screen for super fast start
Change backup settings and border styles
Use Microsoft NotePad or the build-in editor if prefered.
Your personal name or company name proudly displayed in the program.
Type ahead, auto fill-in and search in the BrowseBox!
Change the default "no-photo" image!
Change the Spreadsheet layout ans save it
Opens up all options for the A-Z quick jump buttons
Browse through the database viewing only the card in a certain category
Use RGS-CaleAg stand-alone and as many copies as you want/need
Import databases from excel, dbase, outlook (CSV format)!
Free e-mail support and life time updates!
....and much much more!!

Custom made RGS-CardMaster
If needed we can make a custom made CardMaster for you! Change the fields, the layout or other changes you need. Just mail us

RGS-Avance Support and RGS-Software discussion Group

Database structure:

We need some feedback and examples of the type of databases people are using to make a import module.

All databases (*.DRG) are ascii-based, so can easily be edited in NotePad (unless it is encrypted). Be sure to backup your database when making such changes.
This could also allow you to convert your database from other programs too (with some patience).
Perhaps one could program a database converter by looking at the RGS-CardMaster v6 database structure:

First two lines represent the header and contains:
o The program name and base version
o Parameters and changed fieldnames used inside the program (comma separated)

The record: fieldnames and maximum characters(can be less)
o First name 25 characters
o Last name 40 characters
o Address 120 characters
o Postal code or ZIP-code 20 characters
o City 40 characters
o Country 50 characters
o Tel 1 40 characters
o Tel 2 40 characters
o E-mail 40 characters
o Category 20 characters
o Path of the photo. No photo = empty line
o Info field maximum 64000 characters
o *** End Card *** is the end delimiter of each card

Example of a database with one card:

Truststreet 25
This is the Info-field and is like a small word-processor.
*** End Card ***

Copyright RGS-Avance Software.

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