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About BabyBackup

A simple and efficient backup tool.

RGS Backup-Baby is a compact application that allows you to copy the files from a specified folder in order to back them up.
You can create a backup profile by specifying the folders and the backup parameters.
You can quickly access the documents and media folders from your computer and copy the files to a safe location.
The program allows you to check the file integrity and to automatically close the program when the transfer is finished.

Secure your precious files and save time doing it.
It keeps a log of the performed backup. A detailed history allows you to swiftly recall the used folders.
Checks files integrity and run pre and post job tasks which can come in very handy.
Preview files using associated programs. Automatically start with last successful backup settings.
Of course defrag, system information and disk cleanup utilities are present.

The easy to use no-nonsense simple basic backup and copy tool.
It doesn't get any easier then this.
And it's FREE!

For Vista, XP, Windows 2k, WIN98/95

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Some of the benefits of the BabyBackup Expert-Edition:

• Life time valid registration even with future versions and updates!!! Free Support!
• Features include filters to exclude or include certain file types.
• Delete folders and sub-folders in one-click. Delete all files in a folder.
• Windows Disk Management
• Preserve Existing Files: do not overwrite the existing backup file by renaming the original file.
.. File extension can be chosen or use the file's original extension.
• Execute backup jobs at start up
• Edit log, Detailed Log (shows detailes of every file copied), limit the size of the Log etc…
• Auto save Log (saves the log whren closing the program)
• Shutdown, log off or reboot pc after backup...

• and more…



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