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Detailed editting

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A complete paint program designed with a unique intuitive user interface that makes AvancePaint easy to learn and use.
It’s powerful enough to suit the advanced user and yet simple enough to please the beginner.

Open unlimited number photo's or pictures and unleash your artistic talents as you will discover the advanced and powerful but easy to use graphical options!
A complete set of more than 20 photo-realistic filters and more then 40 textures are included.

Compatible with Windows 95/98/98se/Me/2k/3k/NT/XP/Windows 7, 8 and 10

AvancePaint is FreeWare (Free-Edition). No registration required.

Some of the features:


Graphics softwa

Do to a server problem the old version (5.5.1) could be downloaded
not the new free 5.6.0 version.
Our apologies. This has been fixed as of 24th of october.

Version 5.6.0

- Now released as FreeWare application! Every option is enabled. No registration required any more!
- bug fix: export as BMP was visible before a new document was opened
- Improved support with new installer for Windows 8 and 10

Version 5.5.1
- New In Effects Browser:
- Effect: Brass Plate
- Effect: Pencil Art
- New menu: Ambient Light; with 16 effects!
- Bug fix: program ended after returning to Effects Browser when last option was Text: fixed
- Some changes for easier use and minor bug-fixes in the Effect Browser
- Effective area enlarged
- New: Guidelines for accurate drawing
- Change guideline color
- Change guideline style (solid, dash, dot, dash-dot)
- New in Advanced Polygons and Bezier curves:
- Effective area enlarged
- Real-time scroll
- Center on owner
- All effects revised, improved and enlarged effective area!
- New effect: Carve! (also available in the free edition)
- New: Show Grid and grid color
- New: Hide Toolbar (allows the largest effective paint area to be used)
- Zoom now also in View menu
- New in Zoom: Fit to Window
- New stamps and new category: birthday
- New in Borders:
- Real time preview!
- New borders
- Transparent borders and other effects (Pro)
- Shows the real size of the selected image next to Thumbnail
- and several bug fixes
- bug fix: in Picture Frames a thin line could be spotted on the right corners when using
transparent frames: fixed
- bug fix: when closing all windows "Paste" menu stayed enabled, hence crash when selecting: fixed
- Open Borders from Picture Frames and visa versa
- Comes now with a complete PDF manual
- Automatically check for updates (can be disabled)
- Plug-in awareness




Plug-in Effects
Unzip the files in your AvancePaint \Effects folder

Free- and Pro Edition

Compilation Effects


Median Paintings
High-Q Contrast
Rank Filters
Blur Lighting
Red eye removal tool

Black & White
Out of Folcus
Special Gray Chrome

Unzip the files in your AvancePaint \Textures folder

High Quality TEXTURES
Usable in the Free- and Pro-Edition
By: Mike West



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