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About AvaCam

The easiest to use full featured WebCam tool to view your WebCam(s) or whatever video device you have installed (not just webcams) on your PC. A complete WebCam program designed with a intuitive user interface that makes AvaCam easy to use.

AvaCam is a program that will allow you to view the images taken by any of your video devices. Should you have a webcam or any video capture device connected to your computer, this program will allow you not only to view what that device is capturing live, but also to record and save videos or pictures.

AvaCam is able to capture pictures at any interval (time-lapse), or whenever it detects motion. There is an jpg-to-avi (bmp-to-avi) converter included to make video's from your snapshots! The motion dectect feature makes it ideal to use as a surveillance system. You can also take snapshots manually, either one by one or using the burst mode, which will take multiple photos in a quick sequence.

This program can save videos as .AVI files, using any compression method. AvaCam has a built-in Viewer that can be used to select the pictures you would like to edit, launching your preferred graphics editor.

You can configure several settings in order to adjust the final quality of the video or the snapshot to meet your needs. These settings include video resolution, image mirror, image flip, low light, brightness, contrast, gamma, and hue. The program is even capable of performing “face tracking”. AvaCam is free for non-commercial use.

Automatically save pictures on any interval, motion detection, burst mode, view, print, copy and edit your snapshots and view the video full screen! Resize the video source to any size you want (also full screen).
Possible to save images using motion detection! Record video and save them as AVI-files (using any compression available) to your hard disk.

Remote Monitoring possible via LAN, Internet, wherever

Setup your video device with all available features your device has. And much more, and yes, it's still easy to use!
AvaCam can be used with more the one video device! Make a hardcopy of your favourite snapshot including print preview and printer settings.

Some of the features:

RGS-AvaCam is Windows 8 compatible
This webpage shows how to work with Avacam in Windows 7 and 8!


Recent History

Version 3.7.0
• new: option to use Burst instead of one snapshot when motion is detected (when working in MotionSave mode)
• new: option to allow multiple recordings in Motion Detection Mode
• new: shortcut keys can be defined (ini file)
• new: Autosave function setting: Maximum Autosave interval can now be set up to one hour
• bug fix: in the viewer sometimes when opening an avi file the dialog "Error opening the file: " appeared
• Some issues with international time formats: fixed
• Bug fix in Viewer/Editor: video size now adjusted to fit viewer screen
• Other look when first installed (Flat and Windows default color; note: can be changed by user at all times)
• Default audio recording on
• The RGS Avance Yahoo group could not be accessed do to URL changes from Yahoo: fixed
• Uncompressed exe for faster loading time and preventing false positives
• New in Viewer: show progress of playing a video
• New in Viewer: double click on a picture opens Paint.
• New in Viewer: go to a specific frame in a movie
• New in Viewer: Save a frame out of a recording!! (Pro edition only)
• some other minor but practical changes and some issues fixed

Version 3.6.0...4

• bug fix in the date of the saved files: when the day was higher then the month the format YY-MM-DD was not respected: fixed (thanks to Terry Roediger)
• Bug fix: Avacam did not always removed itself from the processes in Windows 7: fixed
• Before pressing Start and after entering Setup or Viewer you could not connect to the device ("No Connection to Video Device"): fixed (Thanks Terry)
• Setup screen is center positioned on Avacam
• Setup screen is reduced in size to fit small resolutions, like for example on some netbooks which. The setup window will fit in a resolution of 800x600
• Bug fix: After recording a video the picture goes into true size (fullscreen) within the main window, when the Fit/Stretch option is checked: fixed
• Minor bug fix: "Burst" mode always took one picture too many. Fixed.
• Sometimes the video device wasn't found at first start: fixed
• One button (the tiny button under Setup-button) was not updated to a new style: fixed
• The Viewer button is now named Viewer/Edit
• New main icon, and includes a larger resolution icon AvaCamIcon.ico (Win7/8)
• Internally the AvaCam.exe file was not set to its proper version nr: fixed
• When saving a video the filename was named to Cam0001avi instead of Cam0001.avi: fixed
• Avacam default installation folder now set back to ...\Program Files\Avacam instead of c:\Avacam
• New: AviC! The Avi Creator wizard:
- • Now Avacam comes with a build-in image compiler to make a time-lapse video from your pictures in easy 3 steps!
- • You can set the frame rate (timing in ms), color depth and compression of the video.
- • AviC is added in the Viewer and as a separate stand-alone program
• Bug: always saved ftp file with name 'ftpImage.jpg' (bmp mode was ok, bug occurred in jpg mode only): fixed
• Now FTP filename can be a filename only or a filename with a complete path (example: avacam.jpg, c:\avacam.jpg)
• New: Embed Time/Date stamp Font size (in AvaCam.ini the font size of the time/date can be specified to be applied to the (ftp) image)
• New: Embed Time/Date stamp Font Bold (also to be set manually in Avacam.ini)
• New: Embed Time/Date stamp Font Name (also to be set manually in Avacam.ini)
• FTP mode is shown in the title bar of AvaCam (clearly specifying when you are in FTP mode)
• Recording length was limited: fixed
• When installing a new version some settings were put back to their defaults: fixed

Version 3.5.2b
• minor bug fix: auto check for updates was disabled even if user enabled the option

Version 3.5.2
• New in FTP: bmp format allowed (by renaming the file extension from .jpg to .bmp in the FTP setup window)
• Bug fix: Almost unreadable embedded time and date stamp in the FTP upload image: fixed
• New: automatically check for updates (menu Setup)
• Saving Setup is now done by simply pressing OK (making 'Save Setup' button obsolete)
• Some minor FTP related debugging

Version 3.5.1
• Pro: Change the description of the time/date stamp (default caption is AvaCam)
• Bug fix: prevention of resizing AvaCam smaller then the minimal practical format
• IDEReadFout error is trapped when there is an error reading the file from disk in IDE mode
• Advanced: [TempBufferFileAndPath] in avacam.ini also allows drive specification only (example C:)
• Bug fix: When motion-recording was chosen the viewer did not automatically open the appropriate folder
• Bugs fixed when using Save As...:
' bitmap extension is added to the filename if non-existent
' last bitmap type is remembered
' bitmap extension is correctly changed if another bitmap type is selected
' New: a sequential file number is added to the filename if the same filename already exists
' Default the true size of the image is used when saving (can always be changed to Scaled Size in the File Dialog = size of Avacam screen)
• In manual tips for speed improvement when using IDE mode

Version 3.5.0
• New: Record Video on Motion! (Pro-Edition)
• Avacam Settings: Section 'Initial Start Mode' Hide buttons is now named Mini Mode
• Avacam Settings: Section 'Avacam Folders' Motion recording folder added (Pro)
• Avacam Settings: Record On Motion: time to record when motion is detected (3...999 seconds)
• Faster start of the video device
• New: Separate button to activate 'Tiny Mode' (mode without buttons)
• Size of video that is shown on the button was not always the size of the selected CAM (switching between CAM's): fixed
• Error Message window would not be displayed unless AvaCam is on primary monitor (multiple monitors): fixed
• Paste bug partially solved (stream source buffer clipboard or IDE)
• Bug fix: option buttons stayed enabled even when no device is found: fixed
• New: right-click on Burst-button allows you to change number of frames/second in one burst
• New in Viewer : zoom button (was solely right-mouse click option in previous versions)
• New in Viewer : increased useful view (also for the zoom)
• New in Viewer : progress bar to indicate the progress of the filters
• New in Viewer : Save button on files selection
• New in Viewer : Blend function can be canceled (restore back to original image)
• Bugs in Viewer: Bugs in Viewer: some options disabled the edit functions: fixed
• Bugs in Viewer: crash on some photorealistic filters when picture was too large: fixed
• Pause stream when Viewer is opened (speeds up photorealistic filters if applied)
• New: Select stream source buffer (advanced option; Clipboard, IDE)
• Extra buttons color (Windows default button color)
• Canceling in Setup did not always function: fixed
• Now including a manual in the popular PDF format
• And other general improvements and minor bug fixes

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Only some of the benefits of AvaCam Pro-Edition:

and much more!!!

We would like to thank the AvaCam v3.x beta-testers!
Also special thanks for the support of Rémy Mouton


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