“Don’t bind my hands”:                            I can’t be I

(EP/MCD on Genet records 1997)            Don’t bind my hands

gen 1212                                                    In two minds

                                                                   You and I



“Our Kodo”:                                             Waiting day

(LP/CD on Genet records 1998)              Honest

gen 1220                                                   Resignation

                                                                  Aspro 10000

                                                                  Our Kodo

                                       Thank you for the warmth

                                       These dislocations

                                         Aren’t we detecting?




“Bob Tilton/Reiziger Split”:                    The leading hotels of the world

(EP/MCD on Genet records 1998)            Aren’t we detecting part 2

gen 1223                                                   Satan fears Reiziger





“The Kitten becomes a tiger”:               The French/Belgian winter

(LP/CD on Genet records 1999)              The Fellowship

gen 1228                                                   A minor operation

                                                                  Two way mirror

                                                                  Je t’adore immensement   

                                                                  To Force

                                           Everything = slow

                                         A landmark decision

                                           Tiger fears kitten





“Grab and nailed”:

(7inch/MCD on Day after records 1999)Grab and nailed

day 26                                                       Taj Mahal of paper





“My favourite everything”:                    Behind the lies

(LP/CD on Sticksister records 2001)      Windows of the world

sissy 014                                                  Grab and nailed

                                                                  The Welta

                                                                  Gods musical messenger

                                         Is it safe?

                                          This song is killing me

                                          My favourite anything