Carheeny Tina of Glharama

Birthday: 30/05/2012
Sexe : Femelle / Bitch
Color : Black and Tan with White
Admise à l 'élevage
Exempte de maladies oculaires transmissibles
Free of transmissable ocular diseases
Test A.D.N: Disponible

Abbylara Solar FTCH Timsgarry Barlow FTCH Argyll Warrior Norleigh of Kingcott Kirkstall Lever
Norleigh Cocoa
FTCH Larford Elma FTCH Maesydderwen Dai Bach
Larford Celt
FTCH Timsgarry Kelly FTCH Sandford Black Mamba FTCH Wernffrwd Dai-Bach
FTCH Kigaro Minnie
champ.ship: 1997
FTCH Kigaro Mag FTCH Gwibernant Llewellyn
Kigaro Jill
Maesydderwen Snake FTCH Larford Carp FTCH Maesydderwen Kestrel FTCH Smallow Law Snipe
FTCH Wernffrwd Melyngoch
FTCH Wernffrwd Ammwyl FTCH Jade of Livermere
FTCH Wernffrwd Ci Twt
FTCH Maesydderwen Smarty Troublesome Sam of Maesydderwen FTCH Regulusknowe Gold of Maesydderwen
Rowston Sarah
FTCH Wernffrwd Kathleen FTCH Maesydderwen Kestrel
FTCH Wernffrwd Silk
Lough Muckno Blackie Whitehall Bob Anahoe Juninho FTCH JMallowdale Rackatear FTCH JWernffrwd Siarl
Whinpark Chrissie of Square Close
FTCH Knockmanny Muffin Nancarrow Black Swift
Gypsy Lass
Broadbank Whin Lizzie Kilbreedy Zestril FTCH Larford Carp
FTCH Wernffrwd Pawn
Broadbank Goldeneye Jill FTCH Regulubknowe Gold of Marsydderwen
Ammerdown Sapphire of Maesydderwen
Drumnascamp Emperess Epsja Tywysog Cymraeg Rhossili Awch FTCH Wernfrrwd Dai bach
Bishwell Rosebud
Sallyport Sal Laighpark Flash
Rowston Sharpe
Anahoe Julia FTCH Mallowdale Rackatear FTCH Wernffrwd Siarl
Winpark Chrissie of Square Close
FTCH Knockmanny Muffin Nancarrow Black Swift
Gypsy Lass
FT.CH = Champion de Travail / Field Trial Champion FT.W = Gagnant en Field/ Field Trial Winner

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