Manore of Glharama

Birthday: 14/08/2013
Sexe : Femelle / Bitch
Admise à l'élevage
Hips/Hanche : A
Coudes : 0/0
Exempte de maladies oculaires transmissibles
Free of transmissable ocular diseases
Myopathie centronucléaire (CNM): Exempte (clear bij parentage)
ECVO : 04/2017
Test A.D.N: Disponible
Woodash Rex (Tex) Countryways Jimbob

Hips Score : 3:3
Elbow Score : 0:0
Eyes Clear
FT.CH Tasco Alexander Beetle

Hips Score : 3:3
Eyes Clear
FT.W Holbatch Medlaw Wimondham Neptune of Holdgate
Holbatch Crest
FT.W Stormwatch Wasp of Tasco FT.CH Kenue Fire of Leadburn
Tasco Yellow Belle of Stormwatch
FT.AW Stockiemuir Kym of Carolhill FT.CH Flashmount Socrates FT.W Flashmount Danny
Zephry Whisker of Flashmount
FT.W Stockiemuir Caza FT.CH Craighorn Bracken
FT.AW Berryhill Bonnie of Stockiemuir
Woodash Gemma

Hips Score : 4:4
Elbow Score : 0:0
Eyes Clear
FT.CH Kenmilto Remus FT.CH Auchendolly Breaver IR FT.CH Glenbriar Alder
Linksview Lisa
Mandacre Warxwing FT.W Minstead Sweeney
Mandacre Blackbird
Harrockhill Magpie of Woodash

Hips Score : 3:3
Eyes Clear
FT.CH Kenue Fir of Leadburn Int FT.CH Turramurra Teal
FT.CH Croftweit Solo
Gleenbriar Tumble
Hips Score : 2:2
Eyes Clear
FT.CH Birdbrook Arrow Craigfellin
Forbingacres Fern of Green
Shanowenmoss Wather Nymph (Tula) IR.FT.CH Marranscar Blackcap

Hips Score : 3:5
Eyes : Unaffected
FT.CH Rod Wallace of Leadburn FT.CH Craighorn Bracken FT.CH Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead (IKC)
FT.CH Lochmuir Bonnie
Brindlebay Dawn FT.CH Pocklea Remus
FT.CH Hamford Dixie of Brindlebay
Wathers Ivy of Marranscar FT.CH Millbuies Magnum of Drakeshead FT.CH Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead (IKC)
FT.CH Morayglen Megan of Millbuies
Drakeshead Celia FT.CH Middlegate Dexter of Drakeshead
Dolycoed Kate of Drakeshead
Ganwill Maggie

Hips Score : 2:2
Eyes : Unaffected
IR.FT.CH Myreton Diablo of Glenloch FT.CH Baildonian Baron of Craighorn Gillmhor Arrow of Pocklea
Baildonian Tina
Graighorn Tillie Tweedshot Nero
FT.CH Lochmuir Bonnie
Good Time Lady IR.FT.CH Raughlin Bailey of Tirgarve FT.CH Trooper Tam of Lochmuir
Raughlin Kate
Donaghaguy Gale Wagtail Duke
Shadow Lady Rose of Donaghaguy
FT.CH = Champion de Travail / Field Trial Champion FT.W = Gagnant en Field/ Field Trial Winner

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