Numéro d'Agrément : HK10502726

Int FTCH Jackys Lad

Kassidy of Glharama

Propriétaire : Isabelle Ley
Hips/Hanche : Exempt de dysplasie
Exempte de maladies oculaires transmissibles
Free of transmissable ocular diseases
Test A.D.N.: Disponible
Admise à l'élevage
Hips/Hanche : OK
Test A.D.N.: En cours

English springer spaniel

Int FT.CH Jackys Lad FT.W Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove FT.W Bridevalley Hothead FT.CH Cresset Cristo FT.CH Bricksclose Masterpiece
FT.W Cresset Gypsy
FT.CH Bridevalley Nel FT.CH Rambo of Brackentwist
Bridevalley Hemlock
FT.CH RHYW Dduelen FT.CH Skipper of Arford FT.CH Badgercourt Druid
FT.W Casting Delight
Sunnybrae Sadie FT.CH Windmillwood Shot
FT.W Bishwell Susan
FT.W Arnothill Wheller of Catleylane FT.CH Millshadow Aster FT.CH Kenine Robb of Rytex FT.W Badgercourt Gryphon
FT.W Britenshaw Bramble
FT.CH Philips Girl FT.W Badgercourt Warlord
Leaderry Bramble
FT.CH Arnothill Spice FT.CH Laganmill Maestro FT.CH Jenoren Boss
FT.CH Barmag Bradie
FT.CH Parkfort Snowflake FT.W Cresset Tiny Seal
FT.W Stagsden Seashell
Kassidy of Glharama FT.CH Awberg Cherokee Carrigaunroe Sam Neamhliteartha King Mocheallog Falcon
Ceann Tarbh
FT.CH Castling Fly Castelmanor Butler
Carrigaunroe Fizz
Monalue Joy IR.FT.CH. Monalue Cristo UK.FT.CH. Cressett Cristo
IR.FT.CH. Monalue Blaze
Monalue Spitfire UK.FT.CH. Anahoe Dusty
IR.FT.CH Monalue Elderberry Lady
FTCH France -
FTCH Belgique
Dusty Forest Dancer of Countryways
FT.W Raven Inquiest FT.W Minstrels Jack Flash FT.CH Lagenmill Malvern
FT.W Beanhill Tithrington
Tara of Gwenfo Bryn-Yr-Eglwys-Lad
FT.W Barmag Bramble
FT.CH Wintonwildfowl Dona Chocha FT.CH Glancarw Rhys Int.FT.CH Trawsgoed Lad of Calyview
FT.CH Rhyw Ddu Elen
Wintonwilfowl Donna Abeja Maesydderwen Willy
Wintonwilfowl Donna Gema
FT.CH = Champion de Travail / Field Trial Champion FT.W = Gagnant en Field/ Field Trial Winner

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