Maryrose of Glharama

Birthday: 14/05/2013
Sexe : Femelle / Bitch
Color : Chocolate & White
Admise à l 'élevage
Exempte de maladies oculaires transmissibles
Free of transmissable ocular diseases
Test A.D.N: Disponible
FTW Jake's Bright Lad (Ben) Priorsmeadow Jody FTCH Maesydderwen Scimitar FTCH Larford Cateran FTCH Maesydderwen Kestral
FTCH Wernffrwd Ammwyl
FTCH Wernffrwd Kathleen FTCH Maesydderwen Kestral
FTCH Wernffrwd Silk
FTCH Maesydderwen Sash FTW Maesydderwen Shelayly FTCH Birky Bog-Bob
FTCH Maesydderwen Sharty
FTCH Priors Meadow Dancer FTCH Regulusknowe Gold of Maesydderwen
Norbeck Chansa
Drumnascamp Wettle Broomfield Shadow FTCH Danderw Druid FTCH Mallowdale Racktear
FTCH Towyshingle Stella of Danderw
FTCH Willowbee Wren FTCH Jenoren Dougal
Norleigh Carron of Kingcott
Dusky Damsel of Drumnascamp FTCH Maesydderwen Soloman FTCH Maesydderwen Jackdaw
FTCH Wernffrwd Kathleen
Danderw Laura Socks FTCH Wernffrwd Dai Bach
Danderw Honey Bee
Cynhinfa Kacia FTCH Dardnell Dealer FTCH Parkbreck Jefferson Maesydderwen Griffin FTCH Jasper of Parkbreck
FTCH Wernffrwd Melyn Goch
FTCH Zelda of Cadboll FTCH Jade of Lievermere
Zoe of Weaverdale
Larford Celt FTCH Rigfoot Teal Anahar Whirlwind
Beechcroft Raven
FTCH Wernffrwd Ammwyl FTCH Jade of Lievermere
FTCH Wernffrwd Ci TWT
Creignant Arian of Cynhinfa FTCH Chyknell Goldstar FTCH Danderw Druid FTCH Mallowdale Rackatear
FTCH Towyshingle Stella of Danderw
FTCH Chyknell Jessica FTCH Wernffrwd Siarl
Canalside Susan of Chyknell
Larford Emma Ammerdown Simon of Maesydderwen Rowston Teal of Maesydderwen
FTCH Wintonwildfowl Dotterel
Loopi Loo of Larford Laighpark Lance
Larford Aga
FT.CH = Champion de Travail / Field Trial Champion FT.W = Gagnant en Field/ Field Trial Winner

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