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Belgium and Bali have in common that they are single small units within a larger whole, the European union and the Republic of Indonesia respectively. Although a tiny island, Bali has many different forms of music and dance, and the main aims of the Saling Asah foundation are to bring this unique diversity to a wider European audience and also to encourage collaboration between Belgian and Balinese artists: European performers can come to a better understanding of Balinese performance forms by actually participating as musicians and dancers.


Members shall participate in weekly sessions on a Balinese ensemble, and shall also have the option to take lessons on other instruments or forms of Balinese dance. When they are sufficiently familiar with the instruments, members of the group will be invited to participate in an education programme produced for Belgian schools and universities. Concerts shall also take place at specific times during the year on the various ensembles which the group can play.

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