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Nachtschimmen has four major types of products available for purchase at a nominal fee:

Nachtschimmen CDs 
Nachtschimmen Theoretical Documentation 
Nachtschimmen Scores 
Nachtschimmen Videos

Each of the categories are described below:


Nachtschimmen new CD list

The following new CDs are available now:

SOFT RAINS: new music by Zachar Laskewicz
ABYSMAL RITES: new music-theatre by Zachar Laskewicz
STEAM MACHINES: flute music by Zachar Laskewicz
IMBAHL: new music for gamelan by Zachar Laskewicz
SALING ASAH: new gamelan music by members of the Saling Asah ensemble

Click on the titles above for more information on each of the CDs.


Nachtschimmen Theoretical Documents list

The following articles, papers and books are available now:

1: Code 1    "Using Music as an Open Creative Resource

2: Code 1    "The Russian Futurist Connection: Rediscovery of language through music-theatre performance"

3: Code 3    

Language, Text, Music Theatre: Extending the Significative Potential of Music in the Theatre, Towards a new concept of signification

4: Code 1    "Het Loket: an anti-opera (an analytical essay)"

5: Code 2    ZAUM: New Music-theatre for five performers and tape.a historical, theoretical and scenic description

6: Code 2:    Personal Manifesto
Manifesto One: Reflections on Language, Culture, Art and Science
Manifesto Two: Language, Music and Communication

7: Code 1: "ZAUM: words without meaning or meaning without words? Towards a Musical Understanding of Language"

8: Code 1: "The Balinese Musical Sign Embodied in Time and Space"

9: Code 1: "The Organic Presence of the Sign in Balinese Performance Texts"

10: Code 1: "Development, Change and Integration: Popular Music in Balinese Performance in the 20th Century"
Description: Paper awaiting publication in a book called Cultural Values and Cultural Capital of Pop Music in Asia.
Written by Zachar Laskewicz April 1998


11: Code 3: 

Multimedial Musicality in the Performance Text

Part 1: Discovering the Musical Text as an Embedded Sign

Part 2: Interculturality in Balinese Performance Texts

Code 1 products are official copies of articles, stamped, signed and personally authenticated by the author.  They have a basis price of 5 EUROS (or 5 USD).

Code 2 products are longer documents which are bound and also offically signed and stamped.  They have a basis price of 10 EUROS (or 10 USD).

Code 3 products are Nachtschimmen published works.  The price is the same as Code 2.

5 EUROS should be added to the final price for orders within Europe, and 10 USD for international orders.

Nachtschimmen Scores

Flute Works (collection of flute pieces by Laskewicz) 
Primordial Genesis (graphic score for 8-15 performers and tape) 
There Will Come Soft Rains (mixed choir, flute and piano) 
Night Shades (for singer, two flutes and piano)
Darkness (for 5 readers and instrumental accompaniment)
The Nightmare Lake (6 vocal parts)
The Power of Steam Machines (3 flutes & Piano)
The Power of Steam Machines-2 (2 clarinets, soprano saxophone/flute, 2 'cellos, 2 percussionists, piano and flute)
(cyclical) Vociphony (for 6, 8 or 10 players)
Project-1 (gamelan slendro)
The Object Lesson (word play for wind instruments and piano)
Celebration-2 (soprano saxophone, 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, horn, 'cello and keyboard
Spectral Strains (gothic horror graphic score sound-poem)
Mood movement and Reflection (flute sextet or solo flute and tape)
Powah (2 female voices, 3 flutes, oboe, 2 marimbas, 2 'cellos and piano)
Project-2 (gamelan pelog)
Project-3 (gamelan slendro)
India Song Overture and Piano Blues (2 flutes, alto flute, voice, 'cello, keyboard and piano)
India Song Piano Blues (piano solo)
Songs of Incantation (8 performers and tape)
Songs of Incantation (women's choir)
Transmigration (musical journey for 7 performers, ritual theatre for gamelan pelog, voice, flute, alto flute and 'cello)
2 children's music-box compositions, music-box or piano
Motional Kotekan
Procession Music


Nachtschimmen Videos

Songs of Incantation 
Saling Asah Balinese Gamelan 
the ZAUM project video 
Zachar Laskewicz's solo performance video


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