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At the present moment the Nachtschimmen Music-Theatre Collective is producing three major works.   Information about each of these productions is included below, but to obtain a more detailed plan concerning each of the works, the shapes below the descriptions can be clicked or Nachtschimmen can be contacted directly.  Detailed descriptions include theoretical and practical information concerning each of the productions.


(1)            DaDaDa!

            Collage of work involved with Absurdist drama and nondiscursive forms of theatrical

communication, including:

            short Italian Futurist theatre pieces;

            short plays by Samuel Beckett;

solo works by Kagel (Sur Scene) and Laskewicz (Meanwhile on the Tower…),

premiere of a new work by Lenaerts and Laskewicz (called DaDaDa!) combining a ‘language-lesson’ [orderly] discourse with an the absurdist [anarchic] discourse using stories of Russian writer Daniil Charms.



(2)            Abysmal Rites: A Trilogy of Terror

A collection of works exploring the role of the horror genre in society, all composed by Laskewicz, including:

Night Shades (for two flutes, piano and voice);

Songs of Incantation (for women’s choir);

Lair of the Spider Women (for five female vampires and film);

Darkness (for five readers and assorted instruments).

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(3)            Aleatory Alive

            A concert involving different explorations of chance processes in music including the

following works:

Dada ‘Cabaret Voltaire’ theatre pieces;

Fluxus Events and Happenings;

Cage’s Theatre Piece and Aria;

Laskewicz’s (cyclical) Vociphony, among others.


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