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This website concerns primarily the work of the music-theatre composer/performer Zachar Laskewicz and his organisation Nachtschimmen ('Night Shades').  The major role of Nachtschimmen is to promote the role of the new music-theatre genre and other interdisciplinary art-forms which question the regimentation of the European artistic world.  

On the left the navigation buttons direct the participant to the main activities of Laskewicz: his work as a composer, performer and theoretician.  A page is also devoted to a major composition project which epitomises Laskewicz's work: the ZAUM project.


The navigation bar above and to the left directs the participant to other major activities organised thanks to the support of the Nachtschimmen organisation, including major products and services such as the sale of CDs, scores and books, translation, publication and music-theatre notation.


Another major page involved with Nachtschimmen is the performance organisation Saling Asah which encourages collaboration between Balinese and Belgian artists and represents a dynamic movement towards intercultural communication in the contemporary arts.  Laskewicz is the founder and current director of this organisation which represents some of the foundation conceptions behind Nachtschimmen.


This website contains the following major sections involved specifically with Laskewicz's work:
(i) Complete list of the composer's works;
(ii) Description of the composer's solo performance and the requirements for performances;
(iii) Descriptions, essays and abstracts for theoretical work written by Zachar Laskewicz;

[New!] Nachtschimmen CD release
SOFT RAINS - new music by Zachar Laskewicz

See the press release for more details, including sound fragments.




the lights are dark
the hat is on the floor
he has already come down the stairs
now he's under the spotlight
he makes faces
his eyes move from side to side
like a puppet on a string
his hands are loose like in a
shadow play - like a marionette
the nonsense sentences, the hat,
the figure lying on the floor, motionless,
he seems to be no human at all . . .
my god - who is he?
black and white figure

-T. Laitakari, Helsinki (1996)


Language without meaning or
meaning without language?
Zachar Laskewicz:
Composer and performer of
experimental music-theatre,
theoretician and lecturer in the field of cultural studies, semiotics
and linguistics.




Zachar Laskewicz was born in Western Australia in 1971. As a child he showed great interest in theatre and music, and he has since received a Bachelor degree in theatre and drama studies, a first license in experimental composition from the Royal Conservatory of Ghent and a graduate diploma in language studies from Edith Cowan University in Perth.

Zachar's primary area of interest is experimental music-theatre and multimedia performance where the working tools of the composer include theatrical elements: language, movement and staging. Concerts of his music-theatre compositions have been presented in Australia, Russia, Belgium, Finland and Lithuania. He has worked as a composer, director, performer, theoretician, translator, lecturer and language teacher. He is currently preparing his doctoral dissertation on a multi-medial semiotic approach to Balinese contemporary performance, and is in this way working on making a connection between his practical work as a composer and his theoretical work as a researcher. In addition to the above, he has a translation and graphic design business involved with language, music and theatre based in Brussels, Belgium called Nachtschimmen ('Night Shades').

Zachar is also the director of a Belgian foundation called SALING ASAH V.Z.W. which encourages collaboration between Belgian and Balinese performing arts. The intention of the group is firstly to educate a group of Belgian performers to perform on the many different types of Balinese gamelan so that their compositional/artistic vocabulary can be extended. The second purpose is to create an education programme for Belgian schools and universities based on Balinese contemporary performing arts.

This web sites includes information about all of these subjects, including access to information about his compositional history, his solo-performance work and a complete data-base of papers, articles and publications written on or about Zachar's creative or theoretical work.

"The sign is brought to life by human performance: we weave it so intricately into our understanding of experience that we can sometimes only feel its presence. Through my work as composer and also as theoretician I am attempting to get closer to that elusive 'sign' by exploring its application in cultural systems. I want to demonstrate that we dynamically create and recreate the reality around us by performing it, and that this 'performance' should become a given application in contemporary theory."
- Zachar Laskewicz, March 1998



Contact Information

Please feel free to contact Zachar Laskewicz at the following address for further information concerning Laskewicz's work, the organisation/new music-theatre group Nachtschimmen and the intercultural Balinese/Belgian gamelan group Saling Asah.

+32 (0)2 215 66 18
+32 (0)2 215 66 18 or +32 (0)3 776 61 63
Cellular phone
0477 - 533 155
Postal address
Rogierlaan 283, 1030 Brussels, Belgium
Electronic mail
General Information: zlaskewicz@belgacom.net
Webmaster: zlaskewicz@belgacom.net





1989 - 1993
Bachelor of Arts with honours: theater and drama studies
Murdoch University, Perth (Australia).

First Licence in experimental music
Royal Conservatorium, Ghent (Belgium).

Diploma: "German Elementary Knowledge"
Provinciaal Handels- en Taalinstituut, Ghent.

Diploma: "Nederlands als Tweede Taal, Programma II"
(Dutch as a second language-reading, writing, listening and speaking)
State Exams, held in Amsterdam

Graduate Diploma: language studies
Edith Cowan University, Perth.



January 28
Lecture on music-theatre:
Logos Foundation,

"Using Music as an Open Creative Resource"
New Music Articles (issue 9) 1991, pp 26-30
NMA Publications


July 17
Paper presented at colloquium:
"Rethinking language and text in terms of a musical aesthetic"
Colloquium on Australian, American and British poetry set to music
Edith Cowan University
in Perth, Australia.


January 26
Lecture on research: Contemporary Music Project
Royal Conservatorium, Ghent.

Head of publicity and assistant direction at the contemporary music festival Ars Musica (Brussel).

Direction of music-theatre production ZAUM (own composition)
Stekelbees Festival (Gent).


Head of publicity and assistant direction at the theatre festival
Kunsten Festival des Arts (Brussel).

Head of publicity and assistant direction at the contemporary music festival Ars Musica (Brussel).


June 10-16
Paper presented at congress:
"ZAUM: words without meaning or meaning without words?
Towards a musical understanding of language.
International Summer Congresses for Structural and Semiotic Studies
Imatra, Finland.

December 9
Concert van eigen compositie: Project 2
Antwerpen, De Singel De Nacht van Radio 3, "Gamelan"


June 9-16 Paper presented at seminar:
"Indexicality and Iconicity in Balinese Musical Texts"
5th International Seminar on Musical Semiotics
Imatra, Finland.

September 5-9 Paper presented at congress:
"Time and Space in Balinese Musical Texts"
International Semiotics Congress
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 9 Performance of solo music-theatre programme:
"TRANSENSE LANGUAGE: multimedia performance"
Karelia Hall, cultural centre
Imatra, Finland

Position at language institute as translator/teacher: Vickman L.T.S.
Contact address: Stationsstraat 26 - B 8, 1930 Zaventem Tel. 02/725 77 79

November 4-6
Lecture Series Presented in Finland:
Towards a Multimedial Approach to Musical Experience

November 4 "Music as Experience/Music as Text"
November 5 "Balinese Music as an Embedded Sign:Time, Space and Multimediality
in Balinese Music Performances."
November 5 "Multimedial Musicality in Twentieth Century Avant-garde Performance"
University of Helsinki, Finland

November 6
Solo performance of music-theatre programme:
University Drama Theater, Helsinki

November 14-16 Paper presented at congress:
"The Balinese Musical Sign Embodied in Time and Space"
Fifth International Congress on Musical Signification
Bologna, Italy

December 8 Solo performance of music-theatre programme:
"ZAUM-1, Songs of Incantation, ZAUM-2"
Festival of Musical Action
Academic Drama Theater, Vilnius, Litouwen


February Position at language institute as teacher: Fondation 9
Contact address: Louizalaan 412, 1050 Brussel Tel. 02 - 640 21 92

Position at language institute as translator: Nederlandse Academie
Contact adress: Liefdadigheidsstraat 39 Tel. 02 - 218 47 07

Paper presented at congress
"The Organic Presence of the Sign in Balinese Performance Texts"

6th International Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies
Guadalajara, Mexico



5 December Solo performance/Conducting

ZAUM (solo version) – Songs of Incantation for 9 female voices

SKRÆ P performance/stimmer/impros

Copenhagen, Denmark


11 December Concert and C.D. launch 

Soft Rains – New Music by Zachar Laskewicz 

The Logos Foundation, Ghent (Belgium)



7 – 11 DecemberPerformance at Conference

Homo Orthopedicus, The Modernist Body

University of Antwerp, Belgium


Musical Signification Project
International Semiotics Institute
Imatra Cultural Centre
Virastokatu 1, 55100 Imatra

International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS-IAS)
Institute for Socio-Semiotic Studies
Waltergasse 5/1/12, A-10-40 Vienna

Australian Music Centre (AMC)
Representation status
PO Box N690, Grosvenor Place NSW 2000

Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA)
Writer Full Member
PO Box 567, Crows Nest NSW 2065


Prof. Saskia Kersenboom
Anthropological Linguistics
Department of Cultural Anthropology
University of Amsterdam
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185
1012 DK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +32 (0)20 525 2625

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