Ever since we first came to Belgium, we have kept coming back to Plankendael as, each time, it seems to offer something new.

I guess the main theme is exploration, by which it takes in a zoo, adventure playgrounds, African and American-Indian villages, tree-top walks, an otter sanctuary, and of course a gift shop.

Unfortunately, they now seem to have run out of ideas, though the need to add new features continues. Therefore, on this visit, the park was littered with little cabins containing bits of old junk, much to the bemusement of the visitors. Even the Indian village, another new arrival, seemed a bit lost. Similarly, the new otter sanctuary, whilst no doubt being most admirable environmentally, was not particularly spectacular for the visitor, looking as it did like a deserted river.


In spite of the more high-tech attractions, the children seemed to prefer the more basic, touchy-feely amusements.