Although Paradisio is perhaps one of Belgium's most publicized attractions, I had always been under the false impression that it was just a park full of birds. However, the weather not being quite the best during Amanda and Andy's visit, we did think that at least it was largely undercover and therefore would have something to offer.

The usefulness of this became evident the moment we arrived as, although it was pouring with rain, we managed to have lunch in a tropical paradise.


It is difficult to choose a favourite attraction (these included the tropical and desert houses, islands on which you can walk among monkeys and lemurs, a huge submarine-themed aquarium [and we didn't get to see everything]) though I think for pure (and unexpected) excitement, the falconry display perhaps won. This was even more remarkable as it took place in about the only dry half-an-hour of the day.

The monkeys and lemurs were both living free on their own little islands and therefore we were able to walk right among them (one even having a ride on my shoulder). Of course, put this in a Belgian setting and you inevitably have unsupervised children running riot, terrorizing the animals.