Appetizers, Sauce & Cocktails

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Andalusische Zalm Artisjokbodems Ninette Artisjokbodems met Zalm en Garnalen Aspic van Varkenshaas Aspic van Zalm Avocado met Krab Avocado's gevuld met Kaviaar van Zalm Californische Cocktail van Avocado Cantaloup als Hors d'Oeuvre Artichok in kaassaus Meloen met Garnalen Aperitiftoastjes Champignons gevuld met Ham Chinese Salade Cocktail Doria Cocktail met Asperges Cocktail met Zeevruchten Cocktail met mandarijn Langoustine Cocktail Haringcocktail Cocktail van Rivierkreeftjes Manhattan Cocktail van Scampi met Avocado Schelvis Cocktail Cocktail van Zeetong Cocktail van Zeevruchten met Walnoten Creoolse Cocktail Duiveborstfilets met Port Eendeborst met Ananas Eieren met Ansjovis Ham met verse Vijgen Gepocheerde Eieren Bellevue Geglaceerde Zeetong Garnalen met Artisjokbodems Galantine van Poularde Exotische Salade van Scampi Cocktail van Krab met Grapefruit Cocktail van Kreeft met Kip Cocktail van Kreeft met Meloen Cocktail van Garnalen Dublin Garnalencocktail Cocktail Tosca Cocktail van Kabeljauw Cocktail van Kip Belmont Cocktail van Komkommer met Gruyère Cocktail van Komkommer met Krab Cocktail van Garnalen met Gember Cocktail van Garnalen met Grapefruit Cocktail van Garnalen met Mandarijntjes Cocktail van gerookte Paling Cocktail van Haring Louise Cocktail van Haring Lucas Cocktail van de Wijnbouwersvrouw Sesamringetje Indisch ringetje Cheddar-ster Roquefort-ster Courgette-koekjes Noten-camembert-puntjes Curry driehoekjes Saladebakje Krokante gember-stengels Rozemarijn-sticks Nachos met pittige surimisalade fillodeegbakjes met mango-kaassalade Paprika met geitenkaas Oosterse wortelsalade Champignon met chorizo Courgettebootje Komkommer met zalm Tomaat met pesto Zalmpaté Japanse balletjes Caprese Croûtons Dadels met mozarella Hamrolletje met Boursin Toastje met ansjovis Tartaar van zalm Maatje met witlof Gevulde aardbei Gevulde dadel Toastje met kaas Mossel met tomaat Japans eihapje Ciabatta met ei en pesto Ei tapenade Pikante eitjes Curry-ei pasteitje Pikante mosselen uit de frituur Sardine-Tapenade Tapenade Haring in groene saus Sardines met sinaasappel Scampi in Pikante saus Champignon met Boursin Champignon met garnaal Gevulde Champignon Beef Jambalaya Kalfsmedaillon Kalfsmedaillon met Port Kip Rosita Zalm met peren Eieren met Asperges Carpaccio van zalm Skordalia Papas con mojos Meloen met garnaal cocktail Pikante kaasbolletjes Stuffed Peppers Kfc Chicken 11 Spices Corn Cups With Caramelized Onion Amazing Crab Shells Scallion Pancakes Penne Con Cavolfiore Oatmeal Apple Muffins With Stevia Mexican Pita Triangles Crabmeat And Cheese Triangles Shrimp Appetizer Crab Ragoon Avocado Cheesecake Sherry Chiffon Pie Tangerine Chicken Wings Tandoori Chicken Salad Sour Cream And Chive Rolls Tofu-Topped Mushrooms Tofu-And-Watercress Paté Doris'S Shrimp Salad Lobster And Chive Bisque White Chili Cincinnati Chili Mexican Rice Tart Cucumber Salad Savory Apple Gorgonzola Tart Guacamole With Chips And Crudite'S Cocktail Cheese Balls Baby Shrimp And Tarragon Mustard Apple Stuffed Mushrooms Candied Tea Stirrers Spicy Stuffed Tofu Garlicky Hot Crostini Slow Cooker Chicken Wings Winning Wings In Sweet And Sour Sauce Will'S Crockpot Scrabble Sweet & Sour Sausage Balls Sweet & Sour Franks Sweet 'N Sour Kielbasa Spicy Franks Spicy Chicken Wings Party Mix Manhattan Meatballs Honeyed Chicken Wings Crock Pot Little Smokies Beer Meatballs Clams Casino Artichokes In Dipping Sauce Red Pepper Bruschetta With Feta Deviled Pecans Blue Cheese And Pear Salad Asparagus Roll-Ups Mock Boursin Cheese Crab Rangoon Ii Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Angel'S Yummy Bruschetta Suzy'S Potato Skins Giant Won Tons Garden Veggie Pizza Squares No-Fry Spicy Potato Skins Balsamic Mushrooms Sinless Mississippi Sin Over The Top Nachos Quesadillas Original Buffalo Wings Bangkok Chicken Salad Sesame Pork Appetizers Pico De Gallo Giob Whack Pineapple Trader Vic'S Rumaki Baked Stuffed Tomatoes Crunchy Mandarin-Cashew Salad Stuffed Shrimp Mushrooms Lemon Garlic Chicken Flour Tortillas Tropical Desire Salad Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Ii Crispy Tacos Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Mexican Cream Of Green Chili Soup Braised Chinese Chicken Wings Creamy Celery-Spinach Soup Catalan Stuffed Artichokes Joan Lunden'S Bread Salad Omelet Espanola Squares Greek Salad French Fried Ice Cream Xp Crock Pot Posole Jalapeno Cocktail Pie Cattle Baron Cheese Dollars Carne Asada Tacos With 2 Salsas (Red And Green) Savory Apple Gorgonzola Tart Loaded Nachos Smoked Salmon Cheesecake Boiled Garlic Chive Dumplings Oriental Salmon Roll-Ups Mexican Won Tons Baked Camembert Marinated Mushrooms Sauerkraut Balls Crab Delight Artichoke Balls Lion'S Head Meatballs Hot Chicken Appetizers Roquefort Stuffed Shrimp Chicken And Artichoke Pizza With Fresh Tomatoes Easy (Freezy) Pasta Bites - Appetizers Cucumber-Crab Canapés Cheesy Bacon Swirls Individual Spinach Quiches Spinach-Zucchini Pie Ultimate Bruschetta Chicken Cheese Ball Camembert And Sautéed Green Onion Croque Crisp Potato "Pizza" Stuffed Gouda Roasted Eggplant, Tomato And Olive Quiche Blue Cheese Crostini Mushroom, Scallop, Hazelnut And Arugula Salad Spicy Plum Salad Carrot Timbale Roasted Fennel & Pear Salad Onion & Caraway Tart Lemon-Stuffed Eggs Stuffed Vine Leaves Summerhouse Salad Smoked Salmon And Dill Vegetable Bites Twice Baked Potatoes Blackened Shrimp Cocktail Waldorf Salad Pancho Villa´S Favorite Tostada Leek Salad Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms Basil, Potato And Egg Salad Tuna And Caper Paté Outbacks Blooming Onion Stuffed Oysters Italienne Shrimp Toasts Keiko'S Tex-Mex 7-Layer Dip Aioli Platter Ajvar (Roasted Peppers And Eggplant) Akkra (Bean Fritters) Alligator Eggs Almond Mushroom Pate Anchoyade Baba Ganoush Baba Ghannouj Baba Ghanouj Brie En Croute Artichoke Balls Black Olive Paste Bleu Cheese Cheesecake Bleu Cheese Balls Blue Cheese Cheesecake Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Blue Crab Cakes With Cayenne Mayonnaise Boursin (Herbed Cheese Spread) Boursin Artichoke Appetizer Antipasto Spread Apple Stuffed Mushrooms ** Apricot-Pork Meatball Armadillo Eggs Antipasto Kabobs Antipasto Antipasto Cucumber Sandwiches Cheese Chiles Cowboy Caviar Stuffed Mushrooms Ziploc Fingerman'S Fingerfood Favorites Southwest Riblets Meatballs In Chile Sauce Crispy Rattlesnake Coils Cheese Chili Bites Pickled Mushrooms Hawaiian Chicken Triangles Mock Caviar Crockpot Meatballs Reduced-Fat Crab Rangoon Crab Roll Hors D'Oeuvre Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Justin Wilson'S Crawfish Or Shrimp Cocktail Cream Cheese Puffs Creamy Cheese Fondue Crisp Sugared Walnuts Baked Crab Quesadillas Pacific Mushroom Caps Oysters Rockefeller (Gourmet Mag.) Oysters Rockefeller Oysters Rockefeller Oysters Rockefeller Oysters Rockefeller Oysters Poached In White Wine Palmiers With Honey Mustard And Prosciutto Oysters Mosca Artichoke Appetizer Tuna Appetizers Tuna Logs Tuna Mounds With Curry Mushroom Sauce Tuna Pate Tuna Tapenade Tuna Toasties Tuna And Watercress Tapenade Tempeh Chips With Dipping Sauce Lobster Newburg Liver Loaf Chicken-Liver Pate Orange Spirited Carrots Crab Balls Hidden Valley Ranch Nachos..Mmmm.. Curried Chicken Liver Pate Basic Fish Mousse Date Hasoret Guacomole Pie Three-Cheese Appetizer Kreatopitakia (Baked Savory Pastries W/ Seasoned Meat) Ham-Cheese Cornucopias Killer Bread (Broiler) Greek Cheese Appetizers Prairie Fire Lamb Appetizer Zucchini Crispies Ham Mousse With Peaches Marinated Fresh Mushrooms Oven-Baked Crab Cakes - The Sea Grill Party Pick-Up Chicken Livers Scallops & Mussels, Vinaigrette Spring Sandwiches Tarragon Mushroom And Shrimp Bites Tricolor Crudites Platter Pasta Frittata Chili Cheese Cornsticks Rosalynn'S Plains Cheese Ring Roquefort Cheesecake (Bon Appetit/July 1983) Cheddar Chili Cheesecake Crab And Corn Cakes Creamy Dijon Topped Potatoes Creamy Smoked Salmon & Dill Tart Creamy Trout Mousse Creole Chicken Wings With Peach Mustard Sauce Miniature Meat Balls Cheese Sticks Chile Cheese Sticks Roasted Olives Potato Tatin With Brie And Prosciutto Linda'S Potato Skins Salmon Stuffed Potato Skins Broiled Potato Skins Cheesy Potato Skins French Fried Potato Skins Fried Potato Skins Ole Garlic Potato Skins Linda'S Potato Skins Better Homes Potato Skins With Salsa And Cheese Cheesy Potato Skins Peppered Farmhouse Pate Spicy Sausage Phyllo Bundles * Pizza Napoli Crab Delights Nachos Devilled Crab In Tomato. Thyme Pesto Cheesecake Ham & Cheese Potato Skins Basic Crispy Potato Skins Blossoming Onion Pareve Kishka Salmon Mousse Tortilla Strips Lung Fung Shrimps Miniature Cannoli Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Bacon And Smoked Oysters Bagel Thins Bagna Cauda Warm Brie With Baked Apples Baked Artichoke Savories Barbecued Spareribs Ii Beef Cheese Ball Beef And Cheese Log Beef Satay Beef Wrap-Ups Beef Yakitori Beefy Stuffed Mushrooms Beer Cheese Beer - Cheese Bits Beer Batter Fried Veggies 'N' Things Baby Porcupine Appetizers Benne Seed Crisps Skewered Barbequed Shrimp Crispy Baked Egg Rolls Balsamic Onion And Cheese Picks Barbecued Garlic Barbecued Kabobs Batter-Fried Dandelion Hungry Jack(C) Biscuit Barbecups Barbecued Garlic B-B-Q Meatballs And Smokies (Great) Baked Eggplant Appetizer Baked Brie Artichoke Cheese Squares Artichoke Dip Artichoke Dip Artichoke Dip #1 Easy Cheesy Artichoke Dip Artichoke Hearts And Prosciutto Marinated Artichokes With Salonika Peppers Asparagus & Feta Canapes Asparagus Wrap Sesame Chicken Strips Chicken Flautas Flautas Cajun Chicken Nuggets Chicken Liver And Anchovy Savory Thai Bbq Chicken Appetizers Cajun-Style Chicken Nuggets Cajun-Style Chicken Nuggets Maya'S Chicken Fingers With Two Dips Golden Chicken Nuggets Sweet-N-Sour Meatballs Hot & Spicy Chicken Nuggets Chicken-Cheese Canapes Sesame Chicken With Honey Dip Chile Head Chicken Fingers Chicken Puffs Golden Chicken Nuggets Chicken Supreme Canape Oriental Openers Otak Otak (Fish Mousse Grilled On A Banana ) Little Pigs In Blankets Oyster Croquettes Fresh Oyster Dolmades W/Lemon & Caviar Filo Pastries With Smoked Turkey And Mushroom Fran'S Special Pate Pate De Poulet En Gelee Pate Diana Pate Maison Ala Silver Palate Pecan Pancake With Grilled Shrimp And Cucumber Salsa Peppered Citrus Olives Party Mix Oysters Annapolis Parmesan Shrimp Puffs Eating Well'S Parmesan Straws Parmesan Cheese Toast Points Party Cheese Log Party Meat Ball Appetizers Oyster Pan Roast Perogie Puffs Flaky Pesto Olive Pinwheels Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms Dill Pickled Eggs Pickling Cucumbers Frozen Pineapple Cream Cheese Ball Pinwheels Pita Crisps Polenta Crostini With Mushrooms Poppy & Sesame Seed Straws Grilled Portobello Mushrooms With Parmesan Crisps Potato Appetizers Potato Crisps With Sour Cream And Caviar Prawn & Pork Toast Salted Pumkin Seeds Oysters Bingo (Fried Oysters) Oysters And Caviar Oysters In Champagne Sauce The Four Flames Oysters Harlon Oysters Lafitte Pancake Rolls Pancakes With Mushrooms Parma Roulade Mushroom Strudel Mushrooms Tapenade Mushrooms Stuffed With Spinach And Ham Microwave Stuffed Mushrooms Minature Reubens Minced Meat Kabobs Mini Calzones Mini-Chimis Filo Wrapped Miniature Egg Rolls Mini Monte Cristo Sandwiches Miniature Potato Pancakes Mini Sausage Rubens Mock Caviar Mozzarella With Tomatoes Murgh Haryali (Cilantro-Chicken Kebabs) Mushroom Almond Pate Open-Face Mushroom-Brie Sandwiches Mini Mushroom-Feta Turnovers Mushroom Party Appetizers Mushroom Pate Mushroom Pate Mexican Appetizer Cheesecake Marinated Spiced Olives Munchin Meatballs Meatballs In Chile Sauce Albondigas En Salsa Chipotle [Meatballs In Chipotle Sauce] Meat Filled Oriental Pancakes Meat Pasties Mediterranean Style Mushrooms Marinated Mushrooms Lomi Lomi Salmon Spread Lemon Garlic Bread Lemony Mushrooms Lettuce With Pomegranate & Pine Nuts Little Filled Pies Lobster Cocktail Cold Lobster With Dill Mayonnaise Lemon-Basil Carrot Bundles Layered Shrimp Appetizer Jalapeno Poppers Jalapeno Poppers Jalapeno Poppers Jalepeno Roll-Ups Appetizer Kabobs Jalapeno Poppers Potted Beef Potato Chip Caviar Uptown Potato Skins Basic Crispy Potato Skins Broiled Potato Skins Potato & Caviar Crepes Hummus Holiday Brie Ham Pinwheels Baked Ham Stuffed Mushrooms Endive Hors D'Oeuvre Hawaiian Heart Of Palm Rolls For Lumpia Herbed Chicken Pate Dry-Roasted Herbed Mushrooms Herbed Spinach Balls Hilda'S Stuffies Brie Crisps Cheddar, Sage, And Walnut Torta Cheddar Toss And Heat Caviar Mold Caviar Kisses Buffalo Balls Caesar Artichoke Swirls Caesar Artichoke Swirls California Quesadillas Caraway Crunches Carmelized Carnitas Microwave Cauliflower Pick-Ups Brie En Croute Bruschetta Turnovers Broiled Garlic Oysters Bruscetta 1 Bruschetta Romana Piccante (Spicy Roman Bruschetta) Bruschetta With Tomato, Basil, And Mozzarella Nero Wolfe'S Bread Triangles Fried In Anchovy Brie Topped With Blueberry Chutney Braised Pork-Filled Cucumbers Fried Shrimp Rolls (Cha Gio Tom) Fried Spring Rolls (Cha Gio) Fried Tortilla Chips Fried Yam Puffs - Epok-Epok Keladi Fruited Cheese Log Garlic Coeurs A La Creme Fried Shrimp Balls Elegant Crabmeat Balls Curry Pecans Deep-Fried Sage Leaves Deviled Smelt Devilled Clams Dilled Cucumbers Curried Shrimp Phyllo Bundles Batter-Dipped Fondue Meatballs Flash Un Kas Flautas Fondue Bread With Sliced Apples And Chutney Batter-Dipped Fondue Meatballs Five-Spice Tofu Dolmadakia (Stuffed Grapeleaves With Rice) Greg'S Egg Rolls Appetizer Egg Rolls Appetizer Egg Rolls All-American Egg Rolls Eggs Sardou Crab Mousse Crab And Cream Cheese Hors D'Oeuvre Crab Fondue Crab Fritters Crab Meat Alma Crab Meat Bacon Rolls Crab Claw Marinade Cowboy Caviar Crab And Asparagus Dijonnaise Crab And Asparagus Dijonnaise Crab And Avocado Cocktail Crab & Avocado Fritters Rosalie'S Restaurant, San Francisco Corn With Barbecue Sauce Slightly Potted Cocktail Franks Cocktail Kebabs Cocktail London Broil Monte'S Conch Fritters W/Mustard Sauce Conch Fritters * Cocktail Crisps Cocktail Cheese Balls Clam Stuffed Mushroom Caps Clams Casino Festive Cocktail Bake Cheese-Filled Phyllo Pastry (Cigarro Burek) Chutney Peanut Butter Canapes Hoisin Turkey With Roasted Pine Nuts In Lettuce Cups Ham Phyllo Rolls Ham And Cheese Rillette Smoked Gouda And Caramelized Onion Quesadillas Gourmet Grapes Greek Dolmades Green Beans Deluxe Green Beans In Olive Oil Green Chile Wontons Grilled Sausage Tapas Hamaguri Sakami (Sake Seasoned Clams) Hamaguri Shigure-Ni (Sweet Cooked Clams) Ham And Cheese Appetizers Ham And Cheese Ball Goat Cheese Torta Garlic Buttered Nuts Garlic Coeurs A La Creme Garlicky Tortillini Garlic Pita Wedges Garlic Straws Fried Eggplant & Squash With Taratour Fried Feta Balls Fried Pickles Deep-Fried Plantain Rounds Fried Clams Sri Lanka Fried Chiles Freezer Log Sauteed Fiddleheads With Pancetta Feta Stuffed Pasta Shells Chinese Laundry Cafe'S Feta And Garlic Pate Fiesta Appetizers Fire Balls Filo Mushroom Pies Filo Pastries With Smoked Turkey And Mushroom2 Filo Pastries With Smoked Turkey And Mushrooms Little Feta Cheesecakes Empanaditas Empanadas Curried Meatballs Cucumber Rounds With Smoked Salmon Mousse Cumin Melba Toast Curried Eggplant Strudel Crostini Mushrooms Stuffed With Whole Clams Mexican Cheese Torta Mexican Fudge Mexican Pita Pizzas Meyer'S Fire Mushroom Pate Crostini Di Polenta Ai Funghi (Polenta Crostini & Mushroom) Mushrooms A La Provencale Low-Calorie Mushrooms With Cheese Mexican Cheese Squares Marinated Mushrooms Hummus Hummus With Pita Toasts Impossible Quiche Tarts Indonesian Satays Italian Marinated Mushrooms Italian Sausage Terrine Italian Sausage In Tomato Sauce Macho Nachos Malaysian Satay With Dipping Sauce Mango And Prosciutto Marinated Fresh Mushrooms Marinated Garlic And Olives Marinated Mushrooms2 Marinated Mushrooms #2 Hummus #1 Hummus Hot Artichoke Appetizers. Hot Cheese Toppers Easy Hot Dog Cheese Roll Ups Hot Peanuts Hummous Holiday Appetizer Pie Goat Cheese Nachos Gazpacho Cocktail Oriental Ginger Shrimp Glazed Sweet Onions Goat Cheese With Sun-Dried Tomatoes And Rosemary Goat Cheese Crostini With Flash Tomato Sauce Garlic-Stuffed Mushrooms Fast Goodies Belgian Endive And Ham Au Gratin Escargot And Spinach Traume Fagioli Toscanelli Con Tonno Another Falafel Recipe Fast Cheese Fondues Endive With Bleu Cheese Fresh Herb And Garlic Bread Chestnut-Stuffed Mushrooms Chile Con Queso Chiles Relleno Puffs Chipped Beef Supreme Seasoned Chips With Lone Star 'Caviar' Annette Funicellos' Chopped Liver Chow Fun Noodles Christmas Pickles Chutney Cheese Toasts Cheryl'S Best Ever Sweet Appetizers Cheesy Beef Puffs Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms Cheese Toasties Cheese Toasts Cheese Tomato Toast Goat Cheese And Sun-Dried Tomato Torte Double Cheese Wheel Cheese-Spinach Appetizers Cheese Snack Rounds Cheese Diablo Wafers (Hot) Cheese Fondue #1 Surprise Cheese Puffs Cheese Rarebit (Usda) Cheese And Sausage Snacks Cheese And Bacon Pinwheels Cheese And Chile Squares Cheese Balls Cheese Balls #2 (Baked) Mom'S Cheese Ball Cheese Biscuits Nutty Cheese Brulee Cheese Chiles Cheese Ball #1 Goat Cheese, Bacon And Pine Nut Bites Caviar Pie Herbed Caviar Roulade Cevapcici (Cevaps For Short) Cheddar Chili Cheesecake Vermont Cheddar And Maple Crackers Appetizer Crab Balls Caribbean Crabmeat Canapes Crab And Cream Cheese Hors D'Oeuvre Crab, Chili, Cheese Corn & Zucchini Quesadilla Onion Rings Mushroom Turnovers Mussels On The Half Shell With Pesto Spicy Mussels In White Wine Mystery Crackers Nachos Nairobi Club Weiners Nutty Cheese Ball Nutty Stuffed Mushrooms^ Olive Laced Baba Ganouj Onion Blossoms Onion & Mushroom Bhajis Vidalia Onion Relish Flaky Mushroom Swirls Beer Batter Fried Veggies Stuffed Mushrooms Thai Spicy Noodles Tomato Brushetta, Lo Cal Cream Cheese And Ham Cream Puff Filling Spinach-Cheese Puffs Southwest Riblets Potato Farls (Irish) Quick Barshch Rumaki Hors D'Oeuvres Restaurant Salmon Rollups Sambal Goreng Telor (Eggs In Red Pepper Sauce Satay Potato Cakes Batter-Dipped Fondue Meatballs Shrimp Dunk Tulip, Crab, And Asparagus Appetizers Smoky Salmon Cheesy Tortilla Wedges Deviled Mushroom Compote Mushrooms A La Greque Marinated Mushrooms Stuffed Mushrooms With Cheese Low-Calorie Mushrooms With Cheese Pancakes With Mushrooms Pisang Goreng Vegetable Terrine Parmesan Cheese Cones Stromboli Loaves Creamed Spinach Creamy Dijon Topped Potatoes Deviled Ham Puffs Herbed Cheese Tarts Roquefort Cheese Pie Hot Crab Fondue Layered Shrimp Appetizer Hot Roquefort Canapes Miniature Puff Appetizers And Fillings Baked Olives Sausage Bread Tartlets Tortilla Pinwheels Piquant Salmon Rolls Roquefort Mousse Sea Anemone Canapés Crabmeat Mousse Crab And Cream Cheese Hors D'Oeuvres Maui Onion Eggroll (Lumpia) Zucchini Swedish Meatballs Ham Biscuits Snail Fritters / Beignets D'Escargots Crab Rangoon. Pork Empanadas (Meat Turnovers) Cheese Stuffed Pineapple Cheese Toast Crab And Cream Cheese Hors D'Oeuvre Lumpia Sausage Blankets Tortilla Pinwheels Stuffed Mushrooms Iii Shrimp Chinese Egg Rolls Party Quiche Squares Baked Mussels Smoked Salmon Spirals Mushroom Turnovers Mushroom-Bacon Party Pate Mexican Potato Skins Salami Wedges Seafood Egg Rolls Ham Puffs Spinach-Cheese Puffs Southwestern Cheesecake Bacon Crescent Bites Pretty Ham Pinwheels Herbed Mushroom Quiche Appetizer Frosted Liver Pate Greek Spinach Triangles Ham & Cheese Balls Ham And Cheese Ball Herbed Shrimp In Beer Mexican Cheesecake Mandarin Ham Kabobs Shrimp Croustades Southwestern Pinwheels Fiesta Cheesecake Desiree'S Onion-Crab Puff Crab Rangoon Crab Souffle Roll Macaroni Cones Chiles Relleno Puffs Artichoke Pie Caesar Bread Crab And Avocado Cocktail Crab-Melt Canapes Finger Drumsticks Fried Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers Mersey Point Smoked Mackerel Log Warm Swiss Cheese, Mushroom, And Roasted Pepper Loaf Miniature Shrimp Quiches Party Crab Special Broiled Deviled Tomatoes Baked Oysters With Bread Crumbs Lung Fung Shrimps Cheese Chiles Pieczarki Nadziewane (Stuffed Mushrooms) Shrimp Quiche Appetizer Crocked Shrimp Party Shrimp Carmelized Carnitas Chicken-Shrimp Egg Rolls Rice Krispies Easy Bean Appetizer Cool Vegetable Pizza Oysters Randall Cantonese Egg Rolls Mandu Tuikim (Korean Dumplings) Crab Rangoon Fresh Fruit Delight Frosted Liver Pate Beaumonde Delight Ham And Cheese Ball Ham Hideaways Bengal Canapes Stuffed Mushrooms Almond Pinecones Barbecued Garlic Pan-Fried Veggie Wontons With Sesame Dip Bacon Roll-Ups Bacon-Onion Cheesecake Pears With Spicy Lime, Chile And Peanut Chutn Beef And Cheese Log Bourbon Pate Camembert And Walnut Pate Sun-Dried Tomato-Mozzarella Appetizers Potato Appetizers Cheese Ball Garlic Coeurs A La Creme Chili Cheese Ball Samosas Sesame Yam Sticks Split Pea Pate Sri Lanka Murukku Deep Fried Dumpling Stuffed Mushrooms Crostini Rossi Cheese Squares Appetizer Cheesecake #2 Chilled Eggplant Appetizer Cucumber Logs Filled With Black And Gold Humm Dolmas Meryl'S No Liver Pate Pop The Cork Pasta Crunch Lima Bean-Filled Potasto Snacks Stuffed Mushrooms #4 Spinach Pie (Fat Free) Well, Relatively Speaking, Fat Free! Low-Calorie "Fried" Squash Or Eggplant Cranberry Orange Crescents Saucy Franks Warmed Cranberry Brie Gougere Jalapeno Potato Cakes Mini Crawfish Pies Seafood Glace Shrimp Pate Oriental Meatballs Miniature Seafood Quiches Fried Onion Mums Or Pom Poms Salmon And Blue Cheese Pate Salmon And Lime Dip With Crudities Onion Bits Salmon Mousse Layered Shrimp Appetizer Salmon Nachos Salmon Oysters Salmon Pate Japanese Gyoza Pot Stickers Crab Meat Alma Salmon Rollups Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms Salmon Turnovers/Puffs Salmon With Leek Foudue Jim'S Tomato Surprise Appetizer Curried Shrimp Phylo Bundles Salmon-Cucumber Rounds Savoury Salmon Bread Cases Mushroom Parmesan Smoked Salmon Bites With Lemon Balm On Pumper Smoked Salmon Canapes Cocktail Meatballs Smoked Salmon Pate Smoked Salmon Quesadillas Smoked Salmon Rolls Potato Samosa Tartlets Smoked Salmon, Bacon & Cheddar Rolls Smokey Salmon Pate - Ames Center For Diabetes Singing Snails Tuna Toasties Crab Rangoon #3 Parchment Wrapped Chicken New Orleans Crab Canape Italian Sausage In Tomato Sauce Curried Spinach Samosa Galloping Horses -- Vegetarian Version Pita Crisps Appetizer Meatballs Kasseri Tomato & Basil Cresents (Kasseropites Leek & Goat Cheese Tart Louse Ma Thoom (Almond Pate) Parsley Fried Onion Rings Pate A Choux With Fiddleheads Plum Tomato Tart Toasted Pita Chips Tofu Triangles Vegetable Fritters (Pakora) Vegetable Momos Blt Bites Yalantzi Dolmathes Popcorn With Basil And Sun-Dried Tomatoes Chicken Satay Three-Pepper Popcorn Vanilla Popcorn Appetizer Cheesecake #1 Avocado Torey "Le Ruth'S" Restaurant New Orle Brie And Red Pepper Mini-Quiches Mushroom Caps With Pesto Tzatziki Deviled Crab Quiche Ham Wafers Sausage And Mushroom Phyllo Twists Holiday Appetizer Quiche Poor Man'S Shrimp Yeshimbra Asa (Pea Flour Fish) Crispy Wontons Cheese Triangles Coquilles St. Jacques Chinese Stuffed Mushrooms Herbed Stuffed Eggs #1 Alaska Vol-Au-Vents Killer Bread Yakitori Mersey Point Salmon Pate Diana'S Secret Cheese Ball Pickled Pork Snouts (Kilawin) Curried Eggplant Strudel Pickled Shrimp Mary'S Garlic Bread Vinaigrette Of Braised Soup Veggies Chopped Chicken Livers Shrimp Teriyaki Bean Pate Aubergine Pate. Stuffed Mushroom Caps Cheese Fingers Curmudgeon Pickled Hash A La Al Martin Stuffed Cucumber Rings Corn Dog Bites Schiacciata Con Noci (Cornmeal Flatbread With Potato Momos Pure Di Olive Nere (Black Olive Paste) Pure Di Olive Nere Liguriane (Spicy Ligurian Pistachio-Stuffed Mushrooms Pinto Bean Cakes With Salsa Olive Marinate (Marinated Olives) Olive Profumate (Fennel & Orange-Scented Oliv Party Pate Caponata (Eggplant Appetizer) Mushrooms With Tarragon Melanzane Sott'Olio (Lightly Pickled Eggplant Minted Eggplants Momo Wrapprs Sesame Chicken Fingers With Plum Sauce Garlic-Stuffed Mushrooms Bagel Chips Bagel Thins, Lo Cal, Lo Salt Cheesy Bagel Bites Steamed Dumplings Kipper Pate Slices With Cucumber Dressing Speedy Crabmeat Imperial Wowchos Thai Turkey Bites Onion "Caviar" Eels In Piquant Sauce ( All I Pebre) Mezgaldi Of Onions Island Teriyaki Chicken Puffs Devilish Eggs Herbed Stuffed Eggs #2 One-Skillet: Life Of The Party Fajitas Toasted Almonds Fruit Kebabs With Yogurt Dip Spicy Party Cheesecake Fruit-Cheese Kabobs With Ginger Dip Pineapple Mint Cup Mushrooms A La Greque Appetizer From Black Grapes (Mantala Od Grozd Stewed Mushrooms & Queens Wontons Dim Sum (Steamed Chinese Appetizers). Robb'S Sun City Special Sausage Bread Sausage Pinwheels Avocado Pear With Crab, Pear, Peach And Primroses Kasseri, Tomato And Basil Cresents (Kasseropi Spicy Rice Balls Spicy-Sweet Treats Spinach Wrap Ups Artichoke Bottoms With Bay Scallops Warm Terrine Of Sausage Cowboy Caviar Garlic Bread Scallops With Garlic, Ginger & Chives Little Smokies Avocado Terrine Scallops With Mushrooms In Shells Seared Scallops With Cucumber-Pepper Relish Hoppel Poppel Tart Fresh Corn And Sausage Fritters Stephanie'S Pate De Foie (Chicken Liver Pate) Toasted French Bread With Pistachio Butter Chinese Barbecued Chunks Cipolle Arrositite (Roast Onions) Avocados With Roquefort Condimento Alle Verdure (Cool Summer Vegetabl Crostini Ai Pepperoni Arrostiti (Crostini Wit Dabo Kolo (Crunchy Spice Bites) Dolmades Yialandzi (Stuffed Grapevine Leaves) Eggplant Caviar Fettunta Toscana (Grilled Bread With Tomates Focaccia Pugliese (Focaccia From Puglia) Focaccia Rustica (Country Focaccia With Red P Fresh Mushrooms With Eggplant And Tomato Kasseri, Tomato And Basil Cresents (Kasseropi Avocado-And-Scallop Ceviche Kulikuli (Peanut Balls) Potstickers Dallas Cowboy Tacos Country Pate' With Pistachios Sun-Dried Tomato Cheesecake Squares Tomatoes With Balsamic Vinaigrette Cheese Salami Croissants Baked Garlic Bundles Salami Roll-Ups Nachos Schulz Mini Hamburgers Mushroom Cheese Stromboli Pizza Cups Lisas Mushroom Fritters Quick Turkey Nachos Sausage Cheese Bites Shrimp And Cheddar Snacks Velveeta Mexican Dip Saute Chicken Livers With Onions & Mushrooms Guacamole Cherry Tomatoes - Dkp Lisas' Egg Rolls Endive With Tomato Rosettes Pomodori Sott'Olio (Marinated Sun-Dried Tomato Topping) Pomodori Secchi Imbottoti ("Sun-Dried Tomato Sandwiches" Ceviche Acapulco Style Mexican Dip In Crockpot Blue Cornmeal Crepes Avocado Torey Flavorings For Main Course Crepes Souffleed Crepes Very Herb - Very Cheese Crepes Crispy Bean Curd Cubes With Peanut Dipping Sa Three Cheese Garlic Bread Cocktail Sandwich Wreath Sundried Tomato Cheesecake Spinach Pesto Cheesecake Bacon-Cheese Rollups Butterfly Dip Cheese Straws Broccoli And Blue Cheese In Prepared Puff Cocktail Beer Ball Capanata Cheddar And Broccoli Appetizers Nori Rolls (Murreita) Cheesy Pretzels Boolawnee ( Fried Leek Pastries ) Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Bruschetta Bruschetta Romana Piccante Carrot Pate Salmon Cheesecake Savory Seafood Cheesecake Smoked Salmon Cheesecake Spicy Party Cheesecake Phyllo-Wrapped Brie With Carmelized Onions Artichoke Squares #2 Batter-Dipped Fondue Meatballs Beer Meatballs Buffalo Balls Pork Satay Appetizers Arancine Siciliane (Stuffed Rice Balls) Egg Rolls Fried Shrimp Balls Salad Nest Appetizers Italian Rice Balls Redbook Meatballs Baba Ghanoush Beer-Batter Mushrooms Party Pleaser Meatballs Baked Shrimp In Wine And Basil Sauce Chicken-Shrimp Egg Rolls Smoked Salmon Cheesecake Pizza Cups Crab Rangoon Cranberry Meatballs Pastry Snails Cream Cheese And Roquefort Cream Puff Filling Steak Tartare Bacon Rollups Tortilla Roll Ups Grilled Hoisin Glazed Scallions With Warm Flour Tortillas Caramelized Onions, Cabrales Blue Cheese And Wild Mushroom Flatbread Cheddar Pennies Bouillabaisse Bites Garden Harvest Squares Artichoke Squares #1 Fried Mushrooms Chicken Almond Bites Cheesy Potato Skins Mixed Mushroom And Chinese Cabbage Spring Rolls Golden Nuggets With Plum Sauce Garlic Crisps Hush Puppies Jalapeno Breadsticks Mozzarella Puffs Debbie'S Spiced Pecans Gail'S Caviar Spread Veggies And Dip String Cheese Loaf Liver Pate Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms Stuffed Mushrooms With Crabmeat Mexican Deviled Eggs Deluxe Fajita Nachos Stuffed Baguette Crab Won Tons With Blackberry Szechuan Sauce Stuffed Cucumber Rounds Tomato-Guacamole Cups Turkey-Asparagus Roll-Em-Ups Watercress-Olive Tea Sandwiches Authentic Guacamole (Hearon) Salmon Tortilla Rolls Prosciutto And Goat Cheese Timbales With Mixed Greens Casa Olé'S Chili Con Queso Felix'S Chili Con Queso Individual Spinach Quiche Crisp Split Peas Thai Dumplings With Dipping Sauce Fruit Pizza Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps Barbara Eden'S Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Lemon-Olive Meatball Appetizers Magnifico Meatballs Meatballs Orange Pineapple Appetizer Meatballs Coconut Beer Batter Shrimp Christmas Meatballs Chuletas (Mexican Cocktail Meatballs) Crunchy Meatballs Lois' Spinach Balls Seasoned Spinach Balls Spinach Balls With Mustard Sauce Avocado & Shrimp Terrine Garlic Spinach Balls Cherry Tomatoes Filled With Salmon Mousse Grilled Garlic With French Bread Flip'S Chinese Garlic Meatballs With Duck Sauce Everybody'S Favorite Meatballs Skewered Shrimp And Cherry Tomatoes Grilled Pancetta Crostini With Red Onion Marmalade All-American Egg Rolls Shrimp Crescents Pizza Rolls Coventry, Harlequin, Holiday, Fruit & Nut Cheese Balls Crab Won Tons With Blackberry Szechwan Sauce Beer-Boiled Shrimp Barbecue Appetizer Meatballs All-American Egg Rolls Appetizer Egg Rolls Shrimp Mini Quiches Onion Rings Hot Swiss Cheese Balls Knishes Crab Cheesecake Italian Cheese Terrine Liver Strudel Onion Bread Squares Cheddar Poppy Strips Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Mushroom Cups Mushroom Strudel Sundried Tomato And Pesto Torte Savory Meatballs Artichoke Paste Brushcetta With Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Capers Mushroom Pate Hot Cheese Ring Salame Cones Empanaditas Endive With Tomato Rosettes Snails Cauderan / Escargots A La Cauderan Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs Snails Sommeroise / Escargots A La Sommeroise Pizza Bread Appetizers Bell Pepper Rajas Leek And Bacon Roulade Alligator Eggs Tuna And Caviar Parfait Broccoli Quiche Or Canapes Empanadas Noodle Nibbles Pimiento Cheese The Peace Maker Antipasto Artichoke Squares Blt In Bibb Lettuce Cups Antipasto Skewers Escargots On Mushroom Caps Gator Bites Basil Roasted Walnut Cheesecake Bite-Size Crustless Quiches Prosciutto Di Parma With Baked Stuffed Figs Pigs In Blankets Appetizer Pate' Cheesecake Fruit-Topped Canapes Chicken Livers And Mushroom Rolls Giardinera Artichoke Hearts Vinaigrette Fried Mussels Cebiche De Corvina Leek, Mushroom And Spinach Crepes Escargots Zucchini Appetizers Red Pepper Bruschetta With Feta Gator Bites Ronieri'S Deep Fried Parsley Fast Fiesta Corn Nachos Grilled Seafood Kabobs Garlic & Beer Marinated Shrimp Nutty Garlic Canapes Artichoke & Bacon Roll-Ups French Onion Rings Lisas' Stuffed Mushrooms Jan'S Stuffed Mushrooms Baby Porcupine Appetizers Stuffed Radishes Snails Cauderan / Escargots A La Cauderan Snails Sommeroise / Escargots A La Sommeroise Brushetta With Warm Chevre Spread Cambozola Pita Pizzas Pesto And Sun Dried Tomato Torta Snails, Sicilian Style Snails Bourguignonne / Escargots A La Bourguignonne Escargot En Croute Seafood Appetizer Phyllo Spinach Triangles Lisa Lepsy Lemons Stuffed With Sardines Oriental Shrimp Toast Reuben Balls Mexican Deviled Eggs New Potatoes With Caviar Vegetable Samosas Sauerkraut Balls Cheese Balls Skewered Mozzarella With Canadian Bacon Brie En Croate Beef Yakitori Pork Satay Escargot A La Bourguignonne Snails, Sicilian Style Snails Bourguignonne / Escargots A La Bourguignonne Appetizer Meatballs B-B-Q Meatballs & Smokies Cocktail Meatballs Pizza Meatballs Cocktail Meatballs / Sauce Five-Spice Appetizer Meatballs Curried Meatballs With Chutney Grape Jelly Meatballs Hamburg Party Pleaser Meatballs Lemon-Olive Meatball Appetizers Pork Stuffed Mushrooms Garlic-Stuffed Mushrooms Santa Fe Chili Appetizers Filled Crescent Pastries (Cangrejitos) Andouille A La Jeannine Crab And Cream Cheese Hors D'Oeuvre Yule Log Ham'N Swiss Croissants Fruited Cheese Log Our California Pizza Roquefort Canapes Seasoned Norwegian Flatbread The Best Of Brie Tuna Truffles Deviled Tomatoes Angelini Grill Bruschetta Sauteed Black Olives Spinach Empanadas Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms Mushroom Individuals Marinated Mozzarella With Herbs Angel Of Death Cheese (Piedomontese) Chile And Cheese Appetizer Tart Cool Veggie Pizza Appetizer Party Meatballs Artichoke Croustades Hungarian Meatballs Big Soft Pretzels Vegetable Christmas Tree Liver Sausage-Cheese Rolls South Street Crab Cakes Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks Bagna Cauda (Warm Dipping Sauce) Spoonbread Custard With Mushrooms Fried Won-Tons Mock Crab Cakes Emilie'S Tortelli With Two Sauces Beer Batter Fried Veggies 'N' Things Stuffed Mushrooms With Crabmeat Sausage Balls Maryland Chicken Cakes Sausage, Pepper, & Bread Kabobs Appetizer Strudel Scribe'S Concoction Chicken Pakora Chinese-Style Spareribs Croutes Au Fromage Sesame Curried Walnuts Sesame Shrimp Spicy Pork Strips Quesadilla Crispers Robust Rosettes Meatballs En Croute Crab-Melt Canapes Sesame Chicken Fingers Sesame Cheddar Sticks Flaeskeaeggekage (Bacon & Egg Cake) Andouille In Comforting Barbecue Sauce Beer Sausages In Beer Sauce Monteray Chicken Phyllo Appetizers * Party Mix #1 Crab Tarts Quick Prawn Toasts. Sesame Baked Mushrooms Marinated Tiger Shrimp With Lemon And Lime Steamed Oysters With Black Beans Great Antipasto Artichoke Bottoms With Chipotle Roasted Salmon Angels On Horseback Super Nacho Crab Roll Hors D'Oeuvre Festive Nachos Baked Garlic With Brie Cheese Crabmeat Fajitas Chicken Liver And Apple Pate Cheese Torte And Fresh Fruit Norwegian Sardine Pate Escargot A La Bourguignonne Pashtet Iz Pachonki Focaccias Smoked Salmon Cheescake Brie En Croate Carmelized Carnitas Roast Beef Spirals Crab And Avocado Cocktail Stuffed Clams Ham & Cheese Crisps Jalapeno Poppers Appetizers - Ham Biscuits Stuffed Mushrooms Party Meatballs Corn Custard Cheesy Garlic Bread Stuffed Mushrooms #3 Stuffed Chiles With Olive Mole Cheesy Mushroom Canapes Antipasto Golden Buck Garlic Squares Stuffed Mushrooms #3 Coventry, Harlequin, Holiday, Fruit & Nut Cheese Balls Corn Sticks (Surullitos) Philly Free Simple Salsa Appetizer Garlic And Rosemary Stuffed Mushrooms Mini-Quiches Crab Tomato Sandwiches Jalepeno Cheese Crackers Bruschetta With Chopped Tomato Salad - Daley Greek Keftethes ( Meatballs) Grape Jelly Meatballs Antipasto Cornish Pasties Antipasto-On-A-Stick Crab Grande Hors D'Oeuvre Pigs-In-Blankets Empanaditas Zucchini Puffs Biscuit-Wrapped Dogs Stuffed Jalapenos Rustic Jicama Appetizer With Red Chili And Lime Southwest Ham And Cheese Oyster Fried Mushrooms Devilled Crabs Crabby Mushrooms Nachos Linda'S Potato Skins Mushroom Turnovers Hearts Of Palm Tzatziki Sauce Pisang Goreng Andouille A La Jeannine Tortilla Roll Ups Fried Cinnamon Strips Crabby Mushrooms Andouille In Comforting Barbecue Sauce Crab Meat Alma Cheese Straws Asparagus And Prosciutto Bundles Cheese Olive Balls Curry Pizza Appetizers Grilled Chicken Appetizer Roll-Ups Caviar Canapés Lower East Side Lox Tortilla Rollups #2 Tortilla Rollups #1 Stuffed Mushrooms Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Toasts Emilie'S Tofu Cubes And Dipping Sauce Gruyere Cheese Tartlets Cheese Puffs Beggar'S Purse Beggars' Purses Crazy Cheese Straws Party Mix With Onions And Chives Party Ham Balls Parmesan Deviled Eggs Parmesan Bread Original Chex Party Mix Orange-Beef Canapes Savory Mini Cheesecakes Sausage Puffs Roquefort Deviled Eggs Marinated Feta With Greek Olives And Roasted Roquefort And Asiago Cheesecake Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Mousse In Croustades Roasted Garlic Roast Aubergine And Vegetable Pate Party Mix-Bbq Oyster Pate Peppered Cheese Ball Pepper Wedges Peasant Style Pate Paupers Pate Party Mix-Tropical Italian Spiced Mackerel Pate. Peppy Cheese Log Pesto Cheese Mold Zucchini-And-Basil Filo Zucchini Hors D'Oeuvres Knock Down Draggum Out Shrimp Yule Log Fried Yucca With Feta Cheese Sauce Yemenite Charoset Woodcock Legs Sauteed In Garlic Butter Wine Fruit Cup Wild Mushroom Toast Whisky Sausage Vongole Ripiene (Baked Stuffed Littleneck Clams) Vidalia Cheesecake Crunchy Vegetable Rolls With Soy Dipping Sauce Vegetable Quesadillas Vegetable Samosa Tzatziki Sauce Tzatziki Turkey Sweet And Sour Meatballs Tuna Stuffed Mushrooms Trout Appetit With Remoulade Sauce Tree Appetizer Torte Tortilla Stack Torpedoes Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade On Polenta Triangles Tomato Tapenade Tomato Olive Spirals Tomato Herb Toasts Tomato And Herb Bruschetta Tomato Fritters Tomato Brushetta, Lo Cal Tomato Bruschetta Tomato Blossoms Tomatillo Guacamole Tofu-Courgette On A Skewer Toasted Mushroom Rolls Tiropetes (Cheese Rolls) Tiropetes & Variations Tijuana Munch Miniature Tex-Mex Egg Rolls Tex-Mex Caviar Texas Caviar Texas Caviar - The Big Texan Steak Ranch Terrine Of Smoked Catfish Tempura Batter Tempura Tempura ,Japanese Way Seasoned Tempeh Filling In A Steamed Wonton S Tempeh Pate Tater-Stuffed Mushrooms Taratour Taco Tartlets Tabouli Swiss Musili Southwest Ham And Cheese Sun-Dried Tomato Tapenade Asian Summer Rolls Potato Croquettes Stuffed W/Meat Stuffed Onions Stuffed Mushrooms With Crabmeat Cathe'S Stuffed Mushrooms Stuffed Mushrooms #2 Stuffed Mushrooms Stuffed Mushrooms #5 Stuffed Jalapenos (Massa'S) Papadakis Stuffed Grape Leaves Stuffed Grape Leaves Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes Stuffed Cabbage With Sweet And Sour Sauce Stuffed Baby Zucchini "Silver Palate" Stilton, Bacon, & Scallion Puffs Stewed Mushrooms & Queens Steamed Pearl Balls Steamed Pearl Balls Stamp And Go (Codfish Cakes) Spring Rolls Melrose Avenue Spring Rolls Spinach-Parmesan Balls Spinach Fondue Spinach-Feta Rolls Spinach And Feta Cheese In Phyllo Spinach Empanadas Spinach-Cheese Swirls Spinach Cheddar Squares Spinach Canapes Spinach Balls Spiedini Alla Romano Spicy Tofu Spicy Nachos Supreme Spicy Hot Shrimp Cocktail Spiced Melon Cocktail Speedy Antipasto Spanakopita Peloponnisos (Peloponnese Spinach Rolls) Soy Or Chick Nuts Soya Bean Pate Southwest Riblets Southwest Appetizer Cheesecake Snappy Stuffed Tomatillos Smoked Turkey Calzones Smoked Trout Tartlets Smoked Salmon Cheeseball Smoked Salmon Cheescake Smoked Salmon With Brown Soda Bread Slightly Potted Cocktail Franks Skinny Pinwheels Shrimp Cocktail Tarts Baby Shrimp And Tarragon Mustard Shrimp Scampi In Mushroom Cap Baby Kay'S Shrimp Roumalade Filo Shrimp Puffs Shrimp Provolone Toastettes Shrimp Or Oysters Brochette Shrimp-Cheese Roll Spicy Shortbread Bites Sherry-Cheese Log Sesame Shrimp Toasts Sesame Prawn Toasts Sesame Pork Tidbits With Sweet & Sour Sauce Sesame Cheese Ball Sesame Baked Mushrooms Seafood Pancakes San Antonio Seafood Cocktail Crisp Scallops With Horseradish Lime Sauce Sausage Triangles Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms Sausage Pinwheels Sausage, Peppers & Polenta Beaumont Inn Smoked Sausage & Mushrooms Sausage Cups Sausage Balls #2 Sausage Balls #1 Sausage Balls Sauerkraut Balls Tom Brown Saucy Sardine Satay Beef - Nuea Satay * Sambal Goreng Telor (Eggs In Red Pepper Sauce Salmon Won Tons Cold Salmon Baked In Foil With Light Watercress Sauce Red Sockeye Salmon Special Salmon Rollups Salmon Pate #1 Salmon Log - Tom Adams Salmon Cheese Ball Salmon Ball Salad Nest Appetizers Sag Paneer Run Down (Salt Catfish And Tomatoes) Rumaki Pate Rumaki Hors D'Oeuvres Restaurant Rumaki #2 Rumaki #1 Royal Toast Triangles Roasted Garlic Charlie Trotter'S Roasted Garlic Emeril'S Roasted Garlic Roasted Garlic Roasted Garlic With Fresh Thyme & Goat Cheese Ricotta-Stuffed Zucchini Flowers Rice Stuffed Mushrooms Ribbon Bologna Wedges Bacon Artichoke Bundles Basic Fish Mousse Spinach Squares Asparagus Roll Ups Faux Stuffed Eggs Bar Cheeze A La Win Shooter'S Appetizer Cheese Ball Appetizer Egg Rolls Mushroom Side Dish Turkey Nacho Special Tomato Bruschetta, Lo Cal Tortilla Roll-Ups Pickle Roll Ups Ham Pinwheels Feta Stuffed Pasta Shells Cheese Toasts Escargots On Mushroom Caps Vegetable Latkes Fresh Vegetable Pizza Original Chex Party Mix Dallas Cowboy Tacos Ham Balls With Hawaiian Punch Sauce Quick Crab Mousse Turkey And Stuffing Appetizer Meatballs Andouille In Puff Pastry Garlic Bread (Chef Du Jour) Brie En Croute Cream Puff Pastry Crabmeat Stuffed Jalapenos (Texas Popcorn) Baby Shrimp & Tarragon Mustard Emilie'S Party Barbeque Meatballs Crab Stuffed Jalapenos Vietnamese Crab Spring Rolls Varm Krabbsm”Rg†S (Hot Crabmeat Canap‚S) Thai Crab Rolls Firecrackers Crispy Yam And Goat Cheese Wontons Brushchetta With Sauteed Escarole Crab Cheesecake Mini Monte Cristo Sandwiches Yakimondu Deep-Fried Plantain Rounds Fried Sweet Plantains Turkey Or Chicken Tenders Texas Sushi Cocktail Okra Red Deviled Eggs Snappy Cocktail Meatballs With Honey Mustard Sauce Rolled Calzones Crab And Avocado Cocktail Baby Hot Browns Meatballs In Chile Sauce Mexican Shrimp Cocktail Hickory-Flavored Mini-Dogs Blue Cheese Toasts With Walnuts Garlic-Stuffed Mushrooms Tzatziki Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Curried Beef Balls Peperoncini Stuffed With Smoked Salmon & Dill Cream Curried Chicken Triangles #2 Texas Caviar Tuna-Broccoli Potatoes Cheesy Onion Roll-Ups Coconut Shrimp #2 Crab And Cucumber Rolls Cucumber Ring With Chicken Filling Cucumber-Onion Bake Cucumbers In Yogurt Crabmeat Cheesecakes With Crab Sauce Chipotle Antipasto Chao Tom (Shrimp And Sugar Cane Rolls) Cheddar And Beer Cheesecake Cheddar Beer Cheesecake Pork Picadillo Empanadas Cheddar Chili Cheesecake #2 Pesto Cheesecake Cheesy Garlic Bread Oyster Pate Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Cheesecake Caviar Cheesecake Roquefort Cheesecake (Bon Appetit/July 1983) Pate De Chateau Blanc Oriental Openers Cheese-Stuffed Poblano Chiles In Pastry (Rellenos) Mushroom-Bacon Party Pate Mediterranean Blue Mussels & Cilantro - Scully On Spring Quesadilla Marina Walnut Stuffed Baby Red Potatoes Pickle Roll Ups Prawn Pate Russian Pastries Antipasto #1 Kanape Me Zampon (Zampon Canape) Kanape Me Tyri Rokfor Kanape Me Kasseri Kanape Me Antsougia (Anchovy Canape) Sushi With Shrimp Shrimp Diane Half Shell Raw Bar Shrimp Cakes-Ha Behng Scallops A La Schaller Scallops & Mussels, Vinaigrette Scallop Seviche Scallop And Green Bean Terrine Almond Mushroom Pate Appetizer Egg Rolls Conch Fritters Coconut Beer Shrimp With Sweet And Tangy Sauc Chunky Clam Rarebit Black Bean Nachos Chinese Butterfly Shrimp Buffalo-Style Crab Claws Bouillabaisse Bites Chili Con Queso Pita Crisps Crab Fritters Grilled Quesadilla With Smoked Salmon & Fresh Dill Figs With Honey And Mascarpone Mexican Appetizer Celery Stuffed With Blue Cheese Party Appetizer Quick And Easy Tacos Tomato And Mozzarella Barbecued Duck And Wild Mushroom Quesadilla Marinated Garlic Northern Steak & Shrimp Filling (Dim Sum--See Yummy Bruschetta Mini Monte Cristo Sandwiches Mushroom Cheese Stromboli Chinese-Style Spareribs B-L-T Tidbits Pasta Di Pina Bacon-Cream Cheese Pinwheels Mexican Appetizer Cheesecake Rye Bread Appetizer Pretzels Little Wieners And Orange Sauce Hot Herby Mushrooms Pate In Crust 1 Tofu Anti-Pasto Samosas Spedini Alla Romana Warm Terrine Of Sausage Mushroom And Ham Kabobs With Rosemary Aioli Feta-Tomato Toppers Bruschetta In A Classic Method Fried Bruschetta Fit 'N' Fast Bruschetta Hummus Honey-Mustard Turkey Meatballs Marinated Beef Roll Quick Pate With Onion-Fruit Marmalade Chorizo & Rice Wrapped In Cabbage Leaves Guacamole And Chips Antipasto Kabobs Artichoke Bottoms With Bay Scallops Blintz Batter Chilies Rellenos With Cheese Shrimp-Cheese Roll Cheese Log Radicchio And Goat Cheese Gratin With Balsami Low-Fat Meals Pineapple Delight (Ma Haw) Bruschetta With Bresaola, Eggplant And Mozzar Grilled Pancetta Crostini With Red Onion Marm Thai Spring Rolls Ratner'S Knishes Mediterranean Shrimp Bowl Holiday Cheese Ball Chiles Rellenos De Queso Tyropites Impossible Cheddar And Broccoli Appetizers Parmesan Pine Cone Monday Night Snack Cake Or Howard Cosell Beer Chutney Peanut Butter Canapes Bacon Roll-Ups Baked Cheddar Olives Cheese Ball Shrimp Rumaki Chicken Divan Roll-Up Bean-Tortilla Pinwheels Red Devil Eggs Chicken Pinwheels Corned Beef Coronets Potato Farls (Irish) New Potatoes With Caviar Baba Ghanoush (Eggplant Appetizer) Mushroom Stuff Pot Hole Potatoes Little Tarts Split Sops Cheese Bread Ham And Cheese Bugles Bruschetta (Italian Garlic Bread) Bruschetta W/Variations Calzone Alla Napoletana (Ham And Cheese Turnovers) Roasted Eggplant & Vegetable Pate Georgia Shrimp Puppies Round Tops Cheese-Herb Pretzels Crispy Taco Bites Fagioli E Gabmeri (Canellini Beans With Sauteed Shrimp) Sundried Tomato Cheesecake Crab Stuffed Jalapenos Ham & Cheese Balls Southwestern Cheesecake Warm Lobster Tacos With Yellow Tomato Salsa Devilled Crab In Cucumber Cups. Cornucopia Canapés Creamed Herring Half Shell Raw Bar N.Yr.Eve Feast - 1. Broiled Vegetable Medley Fried Lumpia Lumpia Shanghai Cheese 'N' Bits Filled Artichoke Hearts Salmon Stuffed Tomatoes Chicken Pate Honey Roasted Peanuts Pigs In A Blanket Sausage Filled Wontons Corn And Asparagus Quesadillas Bell Pepper Rajas Canadian Bacon &; Cheddar Puff Bacon Cheese Ball Bacon & Liver Appetizers Bacon-Olive Hot Appetizer Zucchini And Carrot Appetizer Pesto Deviled Eggs Pesto-Cheese Pastries Pesto-Stuffed Olives Potato-Bacon Cups Pickled Relish Platter Poppy Seed Cheese Straws Pork Skewers With Bacon Sauce Potato Skins Prociutto And Melon Prosciutto And Pineapple Prosciutto With Fruit Red Pepper Cheesecakes Ricotta-Basil Tart Roasted Chestnuts Spinach Pesto Appetizer Cheesecake Mango-Beef Canapes Marinated Grilled Pork Marinated Lamb Kabobs Marinated Mushrooms Mini Corn Dogs Mini Ham Strudels Mini Scallion-Sesame Cake Appetizers Mini Sweet Onion Tarts Mini Zucchini Souffles Molded Chicken Mousse Onion &Amp; Bacon Tart - Flammekueche Monterey Artichoke Bake Mushroom Pate Mushroom Tartlets Mushrooms In Garlic Oil Nacho Party Mix Napa Spring Roll With Shiitake Mushrooms Olive Spread Appetizers Olives Royale Onion Cakes Onion Cream Tartlets Spanakopita (Mallos) Orange And Fennel Olives Roasted Red Pepper Cheese Mousse Biscuit Cheese Balls Pizza Bread Appetizers * Mini Mistletoe Turnovers Bulochki S Ezuminami - Rolls With Raisins * Saiki - Roll (Of Bread) Gougeres (Cheese Puffs) Sun-Dried Tomato Crostini Souffleed Saltines Cheese Triangles Deep-Fried Devils (You Zha Gui Or You Tiao) Joan Lunden'S Bruschetta & Crostini Red Pepper Bruschetta With Feta Smoked Salmon And Corn Crepe Rolls Cyn'S Focaccia Bubble Bread From Captiva,Fl Bruschetta In A Classic Method Fried Bruschetta Chuletas (Mexican Cocktail Meatballs) Green Vegetable Pate Greek Croustade Todd Marn Gai Artichaud Dieppoise Cajun Crabmeat Mold Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes Baked Brie With Carmelized Onions Bowknots Crab Filled Cream Cheese Pastry Coconut Peanut Chicken Crab On Crackers Ham And Cheese Potato Bites Ham Rolls Crab Stuffed Jalapenos Cherry-Raisin Pork Cubes Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms With Bacon Tortilla Rollups Vegetable Ladder Loaf Baked Oysters With Crabmeat Gratinee Crabmeat Ravigote Cold-Cut Ribbons Crunchy Hot Crab Bites Egg Foo Yung French Pate Elegant Crabmeat Balls Hawaiian Crab Cakes Hot Crab Meat Canapes Maryland Crab Cakes Mendenhall Crab Puffs Mushrooms Stuffed With Crabmeat & Gruyere Toasted Ravioli Rollitos De Jaiba - Crab Rolls Shrimp Mold Potato Cocktail Knishes Tortilla Roll-Ups Tuna Mounds With Curry Mushroom Sauce Vicki'S Cream Cheese Balls Baked Cheddar Toast Caraway Cheese Crisps Oysters Rockefeller Marinated Cherry Tomatoes Over Garlic Bread Cheese Crisps Cheese Delights Crab Stuffed Eggs Cheese Nuggets Cheese Onion Morsels Cheese Pretzels Crab-Stuffed Tomatoes Cheese Toasties Spinach Squares Spicy Beef Puffs South Of The Boarder Southwest Cheesecake Spiced Olives Crawfish Or Shrimp Cocktail Chicken Satay Sicilian Eggplant Appetizer Rosemary Focaccia Bites Salsa Cheese Bake Seasoned Green Olives - Country Living Shrimp Baleares Meatball Appetizers Raw Mushroom Appetizers Julio'S Hot Carrots Pinata Cups Polynesian Kabobs Potato Nachos Quesadilla Pizza Pecos Steaks On Olive Toast Pear Tomatoes Stuffed With Boursin Olive Puffs Olives & Onions Mom'S Crabmeat Puffs Overstuffed Mushrooms Parsley Cheese Ball Olive Cheese Balls Old English Sherry Cheese Puffs Mixed Italian Olives Baked Artichoke Savories Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms Morroccan Spiced Olives Nachos (Campbell) Mexican Snack Squares Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs La Forchetta'S Puttanesca Ligurian Caviale Dei Poveri (Simulated Caviar Lottie'S Daube Glace 3 Marinated Beef Roll Marinated Prawns Kanape Me Zampon, 2 (Zampon Canape, 2) Kanape Me Kasseri Tulip, Crab, And Asparagus Appetizers Breaded Asparagus Sticks Jewish Caponata Kanape Me Antsougia (Anchovy Canape) Italian Tray 1 Hot Rye'S Hawaiian Pate Herbed Olives In Oil Hot Olive Cheese Puffs Greek Deviled Eggs With Ouzo Garlic Olives Fruit Kebabs With Coconut Sauce Triple Onion Walnut Pate Empanadas Epicurean Olives Filled Tortillas Easy Tapenade Easy Nachos Stuffed Mushrooms, Italian Style Creamy Chicken Roll-Ups Crunchy Stuffed Eggs Deluxe Fajita Nachos Deep-Fried Dill Pickle Fondue Balls Componatta Chicken Nachos Chopped Olive & Cheese Canapes Asian Foil-Wrapped Chicken Baked Sweet Pepper Wedges Cold Crabmeat Nacho Chevre Pate Cheesy Nachos Party Quiches Caponata I Castle Nacho Grande Cheddar-Olive Bread Cheese And Beef Ball Spicy Hot Dates Crunchy Swiss And Ham Appetizers Cheese Toasts Billerica Haystacks Appetizer Ham Ball Baked Cheddar Olives Bell Pepper Rajas Black Olives With Tomatoes And Capers Cheese Nut Halibut (Crostini Napoletani) Neapolitan-Style Crosti Dilly Ham Balls Fresh Basil Crostini Jalapenos Con Queso En Vinagre (Jalapenos With Cheese) Wild Mushroom Bruschetta Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus Crostini With Portobello Mushrooms And Parmesan Chestnut Pate Ham Delites Mustard Lancashire Triangles Spinach, Walnut And Raisin Boreks Marinated Mushrooms Baked Oysters Fried Onion Mums Or Pom Poms Peking Shrimp Ball Spring Rolls (Chinese) Mexican Pinwheels Pate Maison Ala Silver Palate Jalapenos En Vinagre Ham And Cheese Rolls Spicy Mini-Meatballs Quick Pizza Sticks * Turkey-Tortilla Pizza Veggie Pizza Appetizer Cheese Bread Bruschetta With Tomato, Basil, And Mozzarella Relish Eggplant Caponata Oriental Chicken Wontons Plum Tomatoes With Olive Oil & Herbs Pizza With Shrimp Pizza Style Cube Steaks Pesto French Bread Pizza Cheeseburger Bites Pita Pizza Bites Pizza Bites Pizza Dippers Pizza Hot Dogs Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms Individual Pizzas Celery Sticks/Blue Cheese Dressing Turkey Pate Yule Log Garlic Pickled Eggs Deluxe Nachos Bite-Size Pepperoni Pizza Chavrie & Basil Pizza Bites Mini Cheese Shells Marinated Antipasto Toasted Pecan-Mushroom Pate Savory Salmon And Dill Cheesecake Cow Patties Crisp-Fried Pasta Nibbles Ham And Eggs Bravo Spinanch Balls Tomato Brushetta, Lo Cal Tomatoes Parmesan Gb'S Antipasto Vibrant Cold Vegetable Terrine Vegetable Tortilla Rolls Felafel Indian Chicken Balls Nutty Cheese Ball Pecan Cheese Crisps Pecan-Stuffed Eggs Peppy Cocktail Nuts Sugared Pecans Texas Pecan Cheese Balls Sausage-Cheese Balls Cocktail Meatballs Spicy Mung Bean Pate Beignet Au Fromage Christmas Crab Quesadillas Holiday Tuna Tree Hot And Spicy Nuts Parmesan Cheese Cones Party Cheese Wreath Antipasto Skewers Appetizer Cheesecake #3 Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes Satay With Peanut Sauce Great Grandma Silva'S Chilean Empanadas Empanaditas Baked Empanadas Crab Tomato Sandwiches Great Grandma Silva'S Chilean Empanadas Bourbon Wieners Karnabeet Makly (Deep-Fried Cauliflower) Carpaccio Cafe Kati'S Mango Spring Rolls Sausage-Cheese Balls Italian Sausage In Tomato Sauce Charleston Press Club Meatballs Antipasto Salad Platter Cheddar Cheese Crispies Almond Mushroom Pate Bacon - Oyster Bites Antipasto De Verona Sun Dried Tomato & Herb Cheese Strudels Fish En Escabeche Pecan Cheddar Crisps Tortilla Pinwheels The Ubiquitous Crab Tyropites Appetizer Cheese Ball Colorado Potato Panckae Appetizers Bite-Size Pepperoni Pizza Tomato Cheese Round Antipasto Hero Candied Pecans Cayenne Pepper Wafers Rolled Calzones Mini Calzones Cheese Wafers Chicken Canapes Chili Cheese Log Mini Taco Quiches Fried Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers Ham Roll-Ups Hot Roquefort Canapes Jalapenos Stuffed With Chorizo And Cream Chee Layered Shrimp Appetizer Guacamole Mousse Lobster Pate Cheese-Bacon Flowerpots Pan Bagna Mushroom Pate #1 Mushroom Pate #3 Antipasto Aglio Sichuan Rounds Sauerkraut Ham Balls Scramble-In-A-Pocket Shrimp Mold Liver Pate Southern Smokies Catfish Pate Stuffed Cucumber Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers Tomatoes, Corn, And Cheese On Toast Ham Puffs Chilled Shrimp With Raspberry Salsa Crab Cheesecake Crab Rangoon Crab Rangoon #1 Crab Souffle Roll Crabmeat Appetizer Cream Cheese In Sour Dough Crisp German Meatballs Biloxi-Style Appetizer Shrimp Deviled Ham Puffs Antipasti Alla Noemi Skewered Mozzarella With Canadian Bacon Black Bean & Salmon Appetizer Garlic Bread Aceitunas Con Limon Y Tomillo Smoked Tuna Pate Mexicali Meatballs Cucumber Party Ryes Southwestern Chicken Filo Triangles Oysters Trufant Crab Rangoon Creole Crab Fingers Hawaiian Crab Cakes Maryland-Style Crab Cakes Spinach Brownies Ming'S Shrimp Toast Nan'S Clams Casino Oysters A La Bookbinder Oysters Rockefeller Crab Quesadillas Nutty Cheese Brulee Cheddar-Olive Bread Chili-Cheese Bread Cheddar Crackers Chicken With Curry Peanut Sauce Almejas A La Creme Agria Szechuan Dry-Braised Prawns Garlic Garbanzos More Falafel Gado Gado Baby Pear Tomatoes And Brie Pizza Cups Plaka Tzatziki (Weir) Parmesan Bites Bluefish Sushi Or Sashimi Crisp Baked Potato Skins With Chive Dip Cantonese Meatballs Galloping Horses (Thai Appetizer) Pineapple French Toast With Ambrosia Salsa Deviled Peas In Toast Cup Shrimp Ono Nui Shrimp Rolls (Cuon Tom) Party Antipasto Tropical Kabobs Waikiki Appetizers Confetti Bites Gravlax (Salmon Marinated In Dill) Mormor'S Meatballs Galloping Horses Mushroom Spring Rolls Pumpkin Walnut Phyllo Snails Salmon & Shrimp Spring Rolls Polynesian Kabobs Gravlax Crabby Mushrooms Andouille In Comforting Barbecue Sauce Mushroom Souffle Vegetable Ladder Loaf Spicy Chicken, Eggplant & Red Onion Quesadillas - Mesa Grill Green Pea Phyllo Purses Crab Rangoon Fried Bruschetta Hot & Spicy Chicken Quesadillas Quick Sardine Pate Ginger Dipping Sauce "Authentic" Spaghetti Sauce Creamy Chili Sauce Smokey Black Bean Dip Cheese Filling Italian Red Sauce Creole Sauce Jalapeno Mustard Beer Cheese Spread Creamy Spinach Dip Spiced Oil Scallion Oil Citrus Flavored Oils Oil For Grilling Fish Ginger Oil Flavoured Oil For Stir Frying Curry Oil Caribbean Pepper Oil Basil Oil Walnut Oil Herb Flavored Oils Garlic Flavored Oil Chili Oils Red-Spiced White Bean Spread Velveeta Salsa Dip Spicy Refried Bean Dip Picante-Cheese Dip Crockpot Dip Mediterranean Eggplant Dip Tapenade Black Bean Hummus Sweetened Cream Cheese Dip For Fruit Easy Fruit Dip Sweet And Sour Dipping Sauce Fantastic Crab Dip Blt Dip Reuben Dip Baked Potato Dip Baba Ghanoush Hot Clam Dip Great Start Crab Dip/Spread Salsa Cheese Boule Dip Hot Pizza Dip Baked Spinach Artichoke Dip Chili Cheese Dip Double Chili Cheese Dip Artichoke Dip Crema Pasticcera...Pastry Cream Salsa De Guajillo - Guajillo Salsa Jan'S Favorite Salsa Crunchy Salsa Cilantro Lime Salsa Fresca Salsa Borracha - Drunken Sauce Chipotle Green Salsa Creamy Blue Cheese Dressing Salsa De Tomatillo Merciful Habanero Sauce Banana Relish Raspberry Vinegar Ii Raspberry Vinegar I Mixed Herb Pesto Texas Favorite Party Dip Cheddar-Mustard Beer Dip Two-Meat Spaghetti Sauce Brandied Gorgonzola Dip Artichokes In Dipping Sauce Ranch Style Dressing Texas Favorite Party Dip Mojo Isleno -Island Olive Dipping Sauce Kickoff Dip Cashew Whipped Cream Raspberry-Camembert Spread Creamy Spinach Dip Avocado-Tofu-Egg Dip Green Onion Dip Tomatillo Guacamole Black Bean Salsa Dip Oriental Dip Four Pepper Salsa Cucumber Shrimp Spread Curry Dip Rosemary Sage Citrus Butter Africaanse rode saus met garnaal Anchovis puree Avocado en rozijnen dip Bonen met knoflook Caesars mayonaise Kerrie Saus Dille saus Kerrie en kruiden Béarnaisesaus Béchamelsaus Amandelboter Ansjovisboter Beurre Mani Boter voor slakken Chivry Boter Maître d'Hôtel Boter Dragonboter Garnalenboter Blonde Roux Boheemse Saus Bonnefoysaus Sauce Bordelaise Bourgondische Saus Bretonse Saus Knoflookboter Blanke Botersaus Cambridgesaus Chateaubriandsaus Choronsaus Blanke roux Bruine Roux Sjalotteboter Aalbessensaus met Mierikswortel Andalusische Saus Batardesaus Bercysaus Hazelnotenboter Satesaus Indische Cocktailsaus Mosterd-saus Mosterd-saus 3 Mosterd-saus 2 Mosterd dille-saus Romige Mosterd saus Romige Mosterd saus 2 Mosterd-kappertjes-saus Chivry saus Mornay saus Aurore saus Madeira saus Tartaar saus Hollandaise saus Romeinse saus Zalmsaus Aïoli Vinaigrette Kruiden Vinaigrette Vlaamse mayonaise Barbecue-saus Periperi Ketjapsaus (pikant) Ketjapsaus (zoet-zuur) Sjalottensaus Sinaasappelsaus Salsa Guacamole Sinaasappel-gember saus Vissaus (gravlaxsas) Mosterdsaus (skansk senapssas) Honing-tijmsaus Stroganoffsaus 2 Stroganoffsaus Dragonsaus Kervelsaus Cocktailsaus Pepersaus Hongaarse saus Groene pepersaus Weensesaus Paprikasaus Kruidenmayonaise Cocktailsaus 2 Gribichesaus Zigeunersaus Zweedsesaus Tiroolse saus Parijse saus Nantua saus Wijnsaus met truffel Soubisesaus 2