History of the HOSHINKIDO method

In 1992, Grandmaster Serge P. Baubil founded the International Hoshinkido Federation. The Hoshinkido has been recognized since January 1st, 1999 as a new martial art system by the Korea Kido-Hapkido Association. Grandmaster Serge P. Baubil was recognized as its official founder and head of the Hoshinkido in the world. Official recognition was authorized by President-Grandmaster In Sun SEO, chairman of the Korea kido-Hapkido Association, Grandmaster and chief of the Korea Kuk sool Won Association.The Bum moo Kwan Hapkido School played a significant role in the development of Hoshinkido. Grandmaster Baubil, former senior student of Grandmaster Yun Sik Kim, the founder of the Korea Bum moo Kwan Hapkido, took many techniques and training procedures learned from his Grand master.

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