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Welcome, all you Satan worshiping headbangers.

Behold! This is Hell's Laughter, a site that deals with the most extreme, brutal and blasphemous music style there is: Black Metal. So, you know it's all about those things in life we all love so much: gallons of blood, down-tuned guitars, grunts from hell and not-so-easy to read fonts. Yes, be prepared for the gore and splatter you're about to face.

But, Hell's Laughter offers you more than all other metal fan-sites as it focuses on a rather unknown, yet very present aspect of Black Metal: humor & irony. You might not have noticed it, but most people in metal bands are in for a laugh, when they aren't busy choosing blasphemous new tattoos or sacrificing goats on graveyards.
Be ready to face that well hidden side of Black Metal!

The webmaster from hell -

site updated April 2006