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A Universalist International
Conference and Holistic Workshop - Study Center

Kalamata - Greece

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“A place for serenity, quietness, meditation,
self-study and recreation”

    If you are looking for a natural, uncontaminated environment where you can have and enjoy, at any time of the year, your vacations as well as a two-storied hall, where you can hold the Annual Conference of your group or organisation or other educational activities, we have the pleasure to inform you that we have just such a place for you at competitively low prices! It is located, on its own idyllic hilltop, just above the seashore village of Akroyali Avias, 10 kilometres from Kalamata, the capital of Messinia, in Peloponnessus. It has magnificent, panoramic views over the Gulf of Messini, the surrounding mountains (Mount Tayetos) and olive groves and is easily accessible by all forms of transport, both public and private, from all directions in Europe, the C.I.S., Asia, Africa and beyond!

   The classical, round-shaped building that you see on the picture on the front is the “The Universal Union Hall” with, on top, a large, carpeted conference hall, capable of holding, comfortably, between 100 and 200 people, ideal, especially, for the cooler weather of Autumn-Winter-Spring. Below this is an excellent 2,000 volume, Esoteric- Ecological “Ensophia Holistic” library for study and research, which is also ideal for Summer meetings, holding 50 to 100 people, always remaining cool in the hottest weather. This, also, has its own accomodation rooms, kitchen, showers etc.

    It is an ideal spot from where to enjoy mountain-climbing, swimming on the lovely beaches and sun-bathing. The historic city of Kalamata has an ancient castle, ferries to Crete and is a regional cultural centre for theatre, music and dance. There are many interesting and important archeological sites to visit in the region such as the ancient Olympia and Messini, the Palace of Nestor and the Byzantine Mystra in the forested mountains, also, the world-famous grotto-caves of Dyros.

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West view

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meditation following the sun...


   The Ensophion of Humanity Courses as presented by Mr Hari Homaro Vacal, the founder of the Centre. The “Ensophion of Humanity” means “a tutorial centre of contemporary ageless wisdom” and “Ensophia” means “The one, boundless, Conscious- Humanity Wisdom” and Hari offers Saturday tutorials in the fundementals of “Ensophia” and creative self-improvement to interested individuals or groups. Residence in the accomodation available (inclusive of Friday and Saturday evenings) is a precondition of Free Participation with donations towards the work of the Centre welcomed. The teacher, Hari, is a graduate of the University of Brussels, a student member of Oxford University, U.K., a graduate of Waterloo University, Canada and of the Arcane School of New York, U.S.A.. Write to Hari for a fuller outline of this Philosophy.

     A Universalist Spiritual Eco-Village Project with a Permaculture Garden for details of which contact David Allen Stringer, as for advice and instruction on the basic principles of (Vegan-) Organic Horticulture and other aspects of environmental regeneration for the bio-diversity of flora and fauna. David Allen Stringer has been, for more than 20 years, an organic farmer and gardener, as well as a lecturer in ‘New Age’ Eutopian political and economic systems and lifestyles and (Qabalistic) mystical and spiritual philosophies and is, currently, the International Director of the Vision Quester Information Networking Service with contacts in all Continents and Countries, in all fields of concern from human and animal rights through to spiritual paths. This information is available, on request, at the Centre, in the library or by post. He is, also, the International Co-ordinator of the “Universal Alliance” for which Hari Vacal is the European Co-ordinator.

   Aromatherapy-Massage (for a fee) and Spiritual Healing (Free of charge/ by donation) with Pamela Stansfield. Courses and workshops in these will be periodically available, as arranged. Pamela Stansfield has worked previously, for more than 10 years, in these fields, and as a registered healer with the British Alliance of Healing Associations, at the “Centre for Research and Enlightenment” in St Austell, Cornwall, U.K., even as she has worked, similarly, as a masseuse, at the St Austell Natural Health Centre.

    Other courses will depend on whomsoever books our Centre for their group as organised by themselves. We welcome Courses and Conferences in all fields of interest and concern such as are all part of holistic/integrated living! We will only publicise your course or conference to further potential participants if you expressly wish and request us to do so! Hari Vacal also offers courses in Esperanto and there will be a regular feature in the Enhumanity Newsletter giving lessons in this proposed international language.


    The aim of the New Humanity Centre is to embrace, in its conferences and workshops (yours or our own), as held here, all aspects of necessary transformation for the New Millenium, at all levels, esoteric and exoteric. These range from Spiritual Wisdom Teachings, through political and economic alternatives, natural therapies, self- development and education, to basic ecological living and non-violent lifestyles, in a totally ecumenical spirit of openness. The New Humanity Centre, as part and international headquarters of the “Universal Alliance” is independent of all particular religious, philosophical or political ideologies. Your participation is essential to the realisation, in practice, of our common ideals for a One-Humanity-World in Harmony with the Rest of the Planetary Creation.

   The Spiritual Retreat and Conference Hall facilities are the service aspect of the New Humanity Centre, any profits from which go to support the work of the Universal Alliance which is an international voluntary network, open to all people of goodwill who aspire to the coming together of humanity in one sharing, common brother-and- sisterhood. By creating new relationships of mutual, co-creative co-operation at all levels we remove the causes of war and suffering which are the karmic result of negative relationships.



    “The Enhumanity Newsletter”, as the original bulletin of the Centre, has been merged with the “Unity of Humanity” bulletin of the Universal Alliance International, under the former title, as our quarterly networking and ideas outreach to those who might like to remain in regular communication with us. The subscription of 10 Pounds Sterling or $15 U.S. or equivalent can be waived, on request, in cases of extreme and genuine financial difficulties or for those organisations with whom we can exchange bulletins and journals on a regular basis. We will enclose, in our mailings, your leaflets, by agreement, as well as our own further information on activities at our Centre, in exchange for an agreed contribution towards our costs of mailing to our many contacts all over the World!


    For more specific details send a Stamp/Stamped, Addressed A5 Envelope or “International Reply Coupon”, as appropriate to David Allen Stringer at the New Humanity Centre, 2001, Eleonon Rd. Akroyali Avias, Kalamata 24100, Greece or Tel: 721 58172 (Hari Vacal) or Tel./Fax 721 58035 (David Stringer). Enquiries welcomed in English and French. Please address any enquiries in Greek or Esperanto to Hari Homaro Vacal. We intend, also, to have copies of this brochure available in other languages such as Greek, French and Spanish etcetera according to need and demand. We can also understand and translate the Russian language, if necessary.

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    In addition to the Hall, we have other two-bedded rooms in our accommodation on site plus a ‘Taverna-like’ hilltop, outside eating/meeting pavilion to be surmounted by a ‘personal meditation dome’ and an Astronomical Telescope, so as to take advantage of the exquisitely clear skies that prevail, throughout most of the year, in this region. More rooms, as needed, can be obtained, at the same price, in the nearby village, with its many beachside tavernas! The accommodation is self-catering with kitchen facilities available and specific shower-and-toilet facilities for campers:

1) The Large Conference Hall - $US 50, 32 Pounds or 14,000 Drachmas per day.

2) The Two-Bedded Accommodation - $25, 16 Pounds or 7,000 Drachmas per day - for one or two persons

3) Campsite with Facilities - $7, 4 pounds or 2,000 Drachmas per day - for one or two persons

There is plenty of space for Camper Vans !

On this very flexible basis you can come to stay:
- purely for your personal relaxation, study or vacation.
- as part of group activities and education.

    Also, there will be open workshops in which you can participate and impromptu workshops are always arrangeable on request as are trips etc.. Any course or conference fees are extra to the above prices and will vary according to the specific course or event, as arranged by the Centre itself or other organisers. The cost of getting to the Centre is extra to any of the prices shown. For any alterations in prices please refer to the adjacent booking form which we will update periodically.


By Road: The E94 or 8A route from Athens to Corinth, then the E65/7 south to Kalamata or routes E55/9, then the E65/7 from the ferry from Brindisi, Italy at Patras by the Gulf of Corinth. There are tolls charged for the use of the E or Euro-route Motorways and we can send you copies of the brochures of the ferries from Italy.

By Air: There are direct and cheap Charter Flights from many countries or by Greek internal Olympic Airways flights, as bookable through your Travel Agents, from Athens to Kalamata Airport. You will need to ‘shop around’ for the most economic flights to Athens from your own country.

By Train: From Athens (Peloponesos Railway Station) to Kalamata, a picturesque mountain route which is cheaper than travelling by bus.

By Bus/Coach: A two-hourly coach service from Athens (Kifisou St. Bus Station) to Kalamata takes 4 hours. Connecting buses frm the Athens airports are the 091, from the airports to Stadiou St. off Omonia Square,then the 051, from by Omonia Square, to Kifisou St. (much cheaper than taxis). There is a regular and frequent bus service from early morning till late at night from Kalamata bus-station to “Akroyali”. There is also a regular coach (and train) service between Patras and Kalamata. Get off the “Akroyali” bus at the start of the village, opposite the “Apollon Apartments”, by the sign “Camping Avia” and go left, then right, up the concrete-paved road up the hill to reach the “Universal Union Hall”. The reception office is in the accomodation block to the left of the main Conference Hall.

kalamata plan



    For Cancellations up to 30 days prior to the dates booked, any deposits will be retained.

    If the cancellation occurs in the final 15 days prior to the dates booked, the full fee will be retained, if this has been sent. If cancellations, either for a group/organisation or individual booking are due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, as explained to us at the Centre, then that group or individual can arrange to come to the Centre at another, mutually arrangeable time and any deposit paid will be taken as a deposit on that further booking, according to our own discretion. When wishing to make a booking, we recommend that, where possible, you phone or fax us to check on the availability of the Hall or accommodation beforehand. Do not phone, in Summer, during ‘Siesta Time’ (14.00 to 17.00 hrs. approx. Greek Time). Otherwise write, enclosing an I.R.C., airmail, to enquire about the up-to-date availability of our facilities.


    There is vegetarian food available in some of the nearby Tavernas, as well as the usual meat and sea-food, but not such as can be considered 100% suitable for Vegans. The kitchens at the Centre enable groups or individuals to cook according to their tastes and needs, with plentiful supplies of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, oil etcetera available from local shops, as in Kalamata, where you can also get some Health Foods in the big Atlantic Supermarkets; however, if you like soya protein (such as milk or dried mixes), then it is recommended that you bring these with you, as you will need to go as far as Athens to find a good, all-comprehensive Whole Food Store. We are, ourselves, willing to do some Vegan/Vegetarian catering for any groups such as request us to do so, at reasonable and moderate prices per meal. VISAS

    If you need a letter of invitation from us so as get a visa into The European Union/ Greece to participate in any of our events or Conferences, do write to us in plenty of time requesting this, so that we can reply in time for you to be able to get your visa.


    Each of the accommodation rooms is simple and spacious, with its own private toilet and shower facilities, however, we ask you to bring your own towels and toiletries for your stay, as these are not provided. It is also helpful to travel with such as a “Berlitz, Greek For Travellers” phrase book, as, outside of the airport/Centre of Athens, you cannot guarantee to find anyone who understands or speaks English or French, whatever your language might be! At our Centre we can translate between several languages including Russian.


    All the above information is correct at the time of going to press. However, due to, at present, unpredictable circumstances, such as maintenance work, some amenities or courses may be temporarily unavailable or altered. In these circumstances we will make every effort to provide an acceptable alternative. We do not accept liability for events beyond our control such as loss of or damage to personal property or any medical condition which may develope during your stay at the Centre. Due to the limitations of our accommodation, we cannot offer free rooms to any person who offers to give their knowledge to us without a fee. In this circumstance, we can only offer space for parking a Camper Van or camping plus use of general amenities.

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