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Puba, the little bear,

Once there was a bear, Puba was his name, just a normal little bear, only, he had one problem!... No, I'm wrong, he had no problem; the other bears had problems with him…

The fact was that he almost always dreamed, not only when he slept, he also dreamed while he was awake: daydreams! When he woke up in the morning he fantasised about the sun shining so bright, even before he had drawn the curtains. When walked down the stairs he dreamed he was skiing from a big mountain. And when he saw his parents he dreamed his father was the king, and his mother the queen, then he was the prince of course! His sandwich was a giant cake!! And then he drove to school on his Harley Davidson.

At school there were many bears of course. Puba had no real friends, but he had no enemies for sure. They knew him the way he was and they let him dream. At least the little bears let him dream while they all dream by times. Grown up bears have more problems with that. They have usually forgotten that they use to daydream as well. The bear teacher par example, Puba liked him though, when he teaches geography Puba sits on a far away island, when he teaches history Puba was a knight saving a princes from a dragon. Even when he teaches maths Puba dreamt of figures, dancing in the air!
The bear teacher once called him. He said: Puba, you'll have to give more attention in the classroom! You have to learn to find a job when you're grown up!
That scared Puba so much! He didn't want to grow up at all! Grown up people are so cool!! When adult bears don't understand him now, how could they understand him when he was grown up?… And he never wanted to be like them!!

He drove back home after school and went upstairs to his castle without saying much to mama bear! He laid down on his bed and start talking to his teddy humans… (Yes, as human kids have teddy bears, Bear kids have teddy humans). They always listened to him! And understood what he meant! "If I'm an adult I'm not allowed anymore to play with you all, he said. I am confidence! But I never will betray on you all" he said.

Mama bear was worrying about Puba. Later when papa bear was home she said: What will come from Puba, papa? Papa laughed and said: Oh mama, don't worry, he'll make it, let him enjoy now!

Puba grew up, as well as his friend bears, but they grew apart… his friends only talked about building houses, bear cars, money… When he started talking about the fact that he had jumped over 2 meters far, that he had helped his mama bear with the dishes, they all started laughing. He didn't understand what was wrong with that…
They didn't talk to him very much anymore. He didn't understand: he didn't change at all and they didn't like him anymore… "What happened to all them?" he wondered…

But the children bears liked him! And he loved them! They at least talked and played with him! They were proud when he had jumped over 2 meters! Only said: that's not honest! You're much bigger then we are! Puba had so much fun with that!
But most of all they liked his stories! He could tell for hours to them! Then they asked: Puba, tell us once more that one nice story?!!!… Ok he said, I tell it again:
Once there was a bear, Puba was his name, just a normal little bear, only, he had one problem!... No, I'm wrong, he had no problem; the other bears had problems with him...