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The images, script and projects on this page are free for personal use

The Gaffe compiler allows you to make non-interactive-, 2D- cartoons in a easy way.

First, select a base image (a scenery), some sprites and/or determine some regions of the scenery that are to animated. With this data, together with a script, the gaffe tool can generate small cartoons.

>Scenery, Sprites and Other Drawings

A gallery of images that can be used as scenery in an animation. An images that's been prepared for cartoon can have any dimensions, but it must be saved as a .PPM image (P6, binary mode) and have pure white (#FFFFFF) as background colour.













Gaffe allows you to make simple animations from a base image and a script. After the script has been processed ('compiled') you get the images, or 'frames', that make a cartoon movie.

Some of the results are shown here:

Valentine's card (.mpg) Simple example demonstrating the use of gaffe [OH, script]
A walking person demonstrates how his/her bodyparts move both simultanious and sequencially. [OH, script] The Walking Man (.mpg).
Demonstration of a jumping monster. The monster looks kinda familiar.. :-) [OH, script] Jumping Monster (.mpg).

>gaffe Logo's


Official logo of the gaffe version v1.00.

Official header of gaffe version v1.00.

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