n e w        b i o        f i l m o g r a p h y        a r t i c l e s        s t u f f       l i n k s


                                    small synopsis

The 13 year old Lola (Rebecka Liljeberg) tours with an Italian circus through Europe. Evening after evening they perform together with their nut/mother. They are typists, and if they float highly above in the circus dome, far over the heads of the spectators, at the trapezoid, the public stop their breath. Still more than the trapezoid, Lola loves magic. Together with a clown it inspires humans with appearances, which are just as exciting as breathtaking.

However outside of the circus world Lola does not have any joy. Other children haenseln and insult them so much that them flog themselves with them. Her only real friend is the small bear Misha, which her stepfather Marco bought. Lola loves the bear, they are inseparable. During an appearance in Moscow Lolas mother disappears one day. on the other hand It leaves only a short parting greeting to Lola. Lola is now all alone and decides to stay with Marco and the bear. She must perform now each day and worry about the household. In the evening she often feels lonely.

Only to Misha she has strong confidence. From the small baby, Misha has now become a stately bear. Lola tells it, how much she requires herself a friend, who loves and never leaves her. At the same night Lola is woken by a young man. First Lola is frightened. But then the young man, tells her he's Misha, the bear.

                                    crew & cast

Directed by Sergei Bodrov
Written by Terrence Malick

Rebecka Liljeberg

Joachim Król Groppo (the clown)
Ariadna Gil Carmen
Sergei Bodrov jr. Misha
Maurizio Donadoni Marco (Lolas stepfather)
Silvio Orlando Alberto (the circus boss)
Marcella Musso Anna