n e w        b i o        f i l m o g r a p h y        a r t i c l e s        s t u f f       l i n k s

The sweetest couple in Swedish film history
Interview by Camilla Ridstrom, RFSL    (13.11.98)

I meet the leading parts of Fucking Amal - Rebecca and Alexandra - directly after watching the film, so it drag on a bit before the pictures of Agnes and Elin slides out there we sit among the cinema chairs. In privat they are more alike each other. Both has wool sweaters. Rebecca is a lot older than she looks. Alexandra wears glasses and less make-up than in the film.

How have you found models for your roles, do you know any young Lesbians?


- I'm 14. Nobody I know has reached to get out. I would react with "Hell, how cool! How nice it is that you dared to say it ". It had been very fun if someone came out thanks to the film.

Rebecca thinks it's important to give people a little courage to look that life doesn't fall apart because other people get to know you are a homosexual, the result is often quite the opposite.

She believes it's hard to know in advance how you would react if a friend comes out.

- I know some gays but they are older, about 25. And then a couple around 55 years, I know quite well.

- I've grown up with a free view, my mum is a liberal, communist, feminist. We've always talked about love between girls and between boys exactly like heterosexuality.


- I get very angry at my mum, when she starts to talk about the nature that God created. You shall not be some special kind of people to love, it's really just that you fall in love with someone.


- I say to my girlfriend that I that I love her, because I do. It would feel strange to have sex with her I think... but do not at all exclude that I'm a bisexuell. I think everyone is.

Rebecca agrees.

- I even believe that I am, though I've never been with a girl. I've felt feelings that was very much like love, allthough they were towards a girl. I know a lot of others who have done the same.

- The boundary between friendship and love, it's so extremely vague.

She gets a serious expression and says:

- The only hindrance exist in people's brains, what they've been told to think. But the world will change and everyone will love everyone. Even so I've always chosen boys. I've easiser to fall in love with boys by some reason.

- I think boys at my age are disgusting! Alexandra bursts out.

There has been many discussions in media about that girls are called "whore" in junior High School (13- 15 years). "dick [kuk]", "gay [bog]", "cunt [fitta]" are used like swearwords which makes you put a evalution in it. Elin says in the film "What do I get if I kiss her [Vad far jag om jag kysser henne]" and her sister answers "You'll get AIDS probably [Du far val aids]". How was it like when you went to junior High School/ lower comprehensive school?

- I still go there for heaven's sake, Alexandra sighes.

- Some times I believe there lives a small aunt in me who is for instance 30, and she only gets irritated on everyone on my age. I think it's very many who worries about how big thighs you have, or if you have the right clothes and if you have a lot of boys or if you are a whore or if you don't get any boys at all, it's so... they are so stupid. It's not interesting to talk with them.

- It surely exist some who are really nice and I don't notice, who I'll fall very in love with when I'm 20.


- You are limited to your looks also, that's really stressful. I'm far too look-fixed, i feel so bloody manipulated.

Are you feminits?

- Yes, absolutly, says both of them, but Alexandra hurries to complement.

- Allthough I don't burn H&M-posters.

- No, I don't demonstrate in front of porn clubs, I should could do it but... I'm definitively a feminist, says Rebecca.

- The last time I read Vecko-Revyn {Swedish girl magazine, Weekend-Review} I would really just burn it, Alexandra says in her karnfulla way and continues: - It's for instance 13-year-olds who reads it. Girls who are insecure and searches for something that shall help and support them and tell them how to act. The covers on Vecko-Revyn is about "25 things that make you more interesting", "the five best ways to get your boyfriend to turn" and then is rectal sex highest on the list. And girls who write to the sex column and wonders whether they're unnormal and if they do wrong when they satisfy their boys - they only learn to hate themselves.

Rebecca thinks it's mostly uncertain girls who are affected.

- They'll grow out of it hopefully, but some don't and that is what is so bad.

Alexandra adds that she after all ponders on letting Vecko-Revyn interview her, since it still is quite big to be interviewed by that magazine when you're 14.

- I could just sit there and chew chewing gum and brush my nails.

- And confirm their view on girls, we all burst out.

Rebecca tells that she longed away from the junior High School in Nyn„shamn every second.

- It was just ohhh move, move.

And she did too, as soon as she had quit.

- Junior High was really not any cool. Lukas has really hit right. I don't know really why, but he knows how it is.

It's more uncommon that you in junior High call each other "fucking {slang expression for Lesbian} [javla flata]", it's more accepted with Lesbians, they both think.

- After all, girls use to kiss each other at parties. It's quite common when you are drunk that you kiss another girl.

The love scenes

So it wasn't so hard to play the love scenes then, or?

- No, they both answer.

- It was harder with Mathias, who plays Johan Hult, says Alexandra. I didn't know him so good as Rebecca. It was hard to know whether you should lick your tongue down each other's throats.

- We decided at once that we would do so, says Rebecca and laughs.

It's noticeable that they like each other and during the photo sance when they hug and Rebecca kisses Alexandra's cheek, they suddenly change into Agnes and Elin from Amal again. Swedish film history's absolutely sweetest couple.

(translated by OEB)