n e w        b i o        f i l m o g r a p h y        a r t i c l e s        s t u f f       l i n k s

Late evening with Luuk    
Interview by Kristian Luuk, TV4     (05.12.98)

Interview with Rebecka & Alexandra in "Sen kvall med Luuk".

Luuk: Now it's time for real girlpower! Here are the girls from the movie. They are Rebecka Liljeberg and Alexandra Dahlstrom! Welcome!

(Rebecka and Alexandra enters the show hand in hand during applauds from the audience. They shake hands with a girl from the audience and walks over to the their seats next to Kristian Luuk.)

Luuk: How pleasant! Welcome!

Alex: Thanks!

Rebecka: Thanks!

Luuk: And congratulations to the success!

Alex: Thanks!

Rebecka: Thanks!

Luuk: You are real celebrities now, aren't you?

Alex: No.

Luuk: Not?

Alex: No.

Luuk: Don't the people recognize you?

Alex: No.

Luuk (turns to Rebecka): What about you?

Rebecka: Yes, actually they do.

Luuk: They do?

Rebecka (turns to Alex): I think they recognise you too.

Luuk (turns to Alex): But you don't look the same as in the movie.

Alex: No.

Luuk: Because you use to have that glitter around the eyes and shout "I want to dope!"

Alex: Well, I have a lot of black around the eyes.

Luuk: Yes, that's right. But isn't it difficult to be a celebrity when you are so young? How old are you? You are 17 and you are 14?

(Nobody answers. Luuk turns closer to Alex and repeats the question.)

Luuk: Isn't it difficult to be a celebrity when you are so young?

(Alex giggles, but doesn't answer the question.)

Rebecka: No.

Luuk: Not?

Rebecka: I don't understand why it should be more difficult?

Luuk: Well, Robyn said that. That she had big difficulties with that because she was so young.

Rebecka: In what way?

Luuk: Well... that her friends... that it was more difficult to accept a friend in that age becoming a megastar.

Rebecka: Yes, perhaps that's true. I don't know.

Luuk: But you haven't felt that?

Rebecka: No.

Luuk: Who are the most famous person you have met?

Rebecka: Most famous?

Luuk: We met Madonna the other week.

Rebecka: Well, I haven't met her.

Luuk: No.

Luuk (turns to Alex): Do I make myself heard from here at all?

Alex: Yes.

Luuk: Who is the most famous person you have met?

Alex: But I'm thinking!

Luuk: Yes, yes. OK.

Rebecka: It's probably some swedish actor, like Marika Lagercrantz or Johan Widerberg, or someone. That's about... most.

Luuk: OK.

Alex: But I don't know...

Luuk: How big celebrity factor do I have compared with for instance Henrik Schyffert? (see notes *1)

Alex: Rather low...

Luuk: Rather low?

(Laughs and applauds from the audience.)

Luuk: He is a little bit cooler... Schyffert is a little bit hotter...

Alex: He is more like rock...

Luuk: And I'm more like...?

(Alex giggles but doesn't answer.)

Rebecka: Pop...

Luuk: Old means rock?

Rebecka: Yes.

Alex: You shouldn't have age complex, I think.

Rebecka: Dance orchestra.

Luuk: Am I more dance orchestra?

(Laughs from the audience.)

Luuk: You talk too much. Therefore we are going to see a short cut from the movie. You have probably seen it yourself but to remind the viewers at home and also those who haven't seen the movie. Here's a little sequence from Fucking Amal!

(Agnes and Elin stands on the bridge. Elin looks at Agnes.)

Elin: Why are you so weird? Or, I mean you're not stupid or anything, but you are weird.

Agnes: You are also weird.

Elin: Am I?

Agnes: Yes.

Elin: I wanna be weird, or not weird, but I don't wanna be like everyone else. But sometimes I think I'm exactly like everyone else.

Agnes: But you aren't.

(Applauds from the audience.)

Luuk: That's good. You are very good, really. You play two girls, two teenagers... ordinary girls dreaming of having glamorous lives, you can say. And now you have...

Rebecka: Not glamorous!

Alex: No. That's not the important thing!

Luuk: Or want to do something fun... what is it about then? Tell me!

Rebecka: To be looking for something more exciting and that people should accept them the way they are. More like that.

Luuk: Yes. OK.

Alex: To be different perhaps, but it's not like they want...

Luuk: They want to do exciting...

Alex: ...to have glamorous lives. That's not the point. Not really.

Luuk: Yes. OK. I tried to find an opening for my question you see, that now you have become glamorous actresses and then my question was if you are going to continue with this. What do you say?

Rebecka (ironic): Very glamorous...

Luuk: Yes, but that must be cool...

Rebecka: Like, how much money do you have on a scale?

Luuk: But you haven't even understand that you can get a better table at the restaurants, or that you can keep the videomovies one day longer only because you are a celebrity.

Rebecka: No, I really haven't understand that. Can you do that? Do you know, you who are a celebrity?

Luuk: Sometimes it works. You can...

Alex: Have you borrowed a video once, one day longer?

Luuk: No, but you pay. You go over there and then... but then perhaps you are a little bit late. You know what I mean.

Rebecka: Yes.

Luuk: But Rebecka, you don't want to be an actress?

Rebecka: No.

Luuk: You want to be a doctor, don't you?

Rebecka: Children's specialist.

Luuk: But it's a little strange that you begin in this end then?

Rebecka: Well, it isn't my fault. Really.

Luuk: No?

Rebecka: I haven't chosen... or I mean, of course I have chosen, but it wasn't really meant that I should end up where I did. But it's fun, on the other hand.

Luuk: But you have dropped out of the gymnasium? (see notes *2)

Rebecka: Yes.

Luuk: To do these things?

Rebecka: Yes. I mean you still have to take the chance. It's fun.

Luuk: Mmm. But you are aware that you must finish the gymnasium to be able to study medical science?

Rebecka (ironic): No, is it true?

Luuk: Mmm. Will you do it then?

Rebecka: Yes, of course. I mean...

Luuk: You are totally in for that?

Rebecka: Yes, God. After the summer I will start at Komvux. (see note *3)

Luuk: Very good. It's important to have an academic education. Or at least a gymnasial education.

Rebecka: Yes.

Luuk: And the funny thing about you too Rebecka, is that you like embroidering?

Rebecka: Yes. That's true.

Luuk: Yes?

Rebecka: It's very funny.

Luuk: Yes?

Rebecka: It's very relaxing.

Luuk: What is it all about, really?

Rebecka: You take like... you have... you have a paper... ehhh, if it is crosstitches you do. Then you have a paper and then it's sort of a motif on it with different small signs. It's small, small squares.

Luuk: Mmm.

Rebecka: And then they are in different... different... sort of, different signs.

Luuk: What kind of motif can it be? A dog?

Rebecka: Like now for instance, I'm embroidering... ehhh... a... this, what's his name? Tiger in Winnie the Pooh. If you understand? Tiger?

Luuk: Ehhh... yes.

Rebecka: Mm... and... and... well, then he is drawed there and then you can see in what colours you must do every stitch, and you do small cross... stitches, sort of...

Luuk: Mmm. And that takes a couple of days?

Rebecka: It takes quite a long time.

Luuk: Yes. And then you remove the paper?

Rebecka: No...

Alex: No!

Rebecka: No, now you're way out of line...

Alex: You look at the paper at the same time as you...

Rebecka: You check the paper and embroider on a piece of fabric.

Luuk: Alright, OK. Yes. And... but, the question is what do you do with this tigerfabric?

Rebecka: You put it in a frame and then you give it to someone who gets very happy.

Luuk: Alright... good.

Alex: I have seen her doing that.

Luuk: What does she look like?

Alex: She looks totally harmonic. And sort of a little bit motherly too.

Rebecka: It's really true. My mum gave me an article once, she's the one who has learnt me this you see... she's the one who has gotten me into...

Luuk: Yes?

Rebecka: She gave me an article once about it being very, sort of, good for stressed people to embroider.

Luuk: Like dope, but not dangerous?

Rebecka: Yes, exactly!

Luuk: You sit by yourself and...

Rebecka: But it is a drug!

Luuk (turns to Alex): Do you also do anything, like...

Alex: Dope?

Luuk: No! Yes... (laugh)... you want to do that in the movie. You can speak russian?

Alex: Yes!

Luuk: That's cool! Prove it!

Alex: What shall I say?

Luuk: Say that Kristian Luuk has bigger celebrity factor than Henrik Schyffert!

(Laugh from the audience.)

Rebecka: Perhaps that was a little bit difficult...

Alex: Kristian Luuk vu issjev... celebrity factor... sjem ou Henrik Schyffert. (see notes *4)

Luuk: Sjemo?

Alex: Sjem ou. Two words.

Luuk: OK. Was it your mother who came from Russia?

Alex: Mm. That's right. I can say something else, because that... it was too much...

Rebecka: It wasn't so funny.

Alex: No...

Rebecka: It was to much swedish in it.

Alex: Yes...

Luuk: Say something else then.

Alex: Minja savut Sascha. (see notes *4)

Luuk: Emotsash sash?

Alex: Minja savut Sascha.

Luuk: What does that mean?

Alex: My name is Alexandra. But that's a russian variant of both Alexandra and Alexander.

Luuk: Sascha?

Alex: Sascha.

Luuk: Yes, alright. It's more like my name is Sascha then?

Alex: Exactly!

Luuk: Rebecka has moved away from home. You live together with some guy?

Rebecka: Mmm.

Luuk: That's a little grown up.

Rebecka: It wasn't meant to be that we should live together, so that... it isn't so... but we do.

Luuk: Yes, you said that. You began living there for a night and then more and more of your furnitures has been sneaked over there?

Rebecka: Yes, for some reason.

Luuk: And now you have sold your apartment?

Rebecka: No, I haven't. Not totally. No... it's not possible to sell at all. It happens to be a rented apartment!

Luuk: Yes, OK. No, you can't sell that!

Rebecka: OK you can, OK you can. But I'm not going to do that.

Luuk: Yes, OK.

Rebecka: But I don't live there anymore. I have some things left there.

Luuk: But that's a little grown up, living with a guy.

Rebecka: Well, perhaps.

Luuk: Because I don't get it if you are grown ups or kids.

Rebecka: No.

Alex: She doesn't socialise with anyone under twenty, almost.

Rebecka: Hello? Now I think you should stop. I have really lots of friends from my old class...

Luuk: OK.

Rebecka: ... who I went together with in the gymnasium and who I still meet and talk to, and they are as old as me.

Luuk: But is there any truth in what Alexandra says, that you...

Alex: Yes, it does.

Rebecka: I socialise a lot with older people also, but it isn't exclusively so that my acquaintances are older than me, sort of.

Luuk (turns to Alex): OK. But you live at home and have a girls room... hello Alexandra, you live at home...?

Alex: Yes.

Luuk: You live at home, sneaking in at nights?

(Alex doesn't answer.)

Luuk: You don't hear me at all?

Alex: But maybe my mum...

Rebecka: She can't answer that, you must understand.

Alex: No, what if my mum is watching me?

Luuk: Yes, and some secrets comes up?

Alex: Yes.

Luuk: I'm so curious of what it's like being a teenager, you see.

Alex: But I do have a girls room, I really do...

Luuk: You do? Yes, OK. How do you think I was as a teenager?

Alex: Shy.

Rebecka: Rather noisy.

Luuk: You think so? I can give you a little short clue. I looked like this.

(Kristian Luuk shows the girls a photo of himself as a teenager.)

Rebecka: OK, a rather lame guy.

(Laugh from the audience.)

Luuk: But I have very smooth skin... and a little grungy clothes.

Alex: And freckles.

Luuk: No, not so much freckles.

Alex: Yes, a little. Isn't it?

Luuk: I was pretty boring, I can say.

Rebecka: OK. You look a little grey.

Luuk: Yes. I had a grey sweater too.

Rebecka: Yes.

Luuk: I'm a little curious of what it's like being a teenager nowadays so therefore I have put together some teenage questions. And I thought I should hear... it's not a competition in any way but I will say some different alternatives and then... I thought like this. I give two alternatives and then you Rebecka say which one is best. And if you don't agree, Alexandra, then you shout "Fucking damn cock-Amal".

(Laughs from the audience.)

Luuk: Have you understood? We start right away. Beverly Hills or Dawson's Creek?

Rebecka: Beverly Hills. Actually, I have never seen Dawson's Creek.

Luuk: OK. Expressen Friday or Aftonbladet's Puls-supplement? (see notes *5)

Rebecka: Aftonbladet Puls.

Alex: Fucking damn cock-Amal!

Rebecka: She said it!

Luuk: Yes. And you don't think...?

Alex: No.

Luuk: OK.

Rebecka: Really, I'm sorry but I must say that I don't have a clue which one is which. I just mix them up, so I really don't know...

Alex: What!

Luuk: Well, one of them is yellow and the other one is blue.

Rebecka: Is it true?

Luuk: Yes. Alf Svensson or Carl Bildt? (see notes *6)

Rebecka: Alf Svensson.

Luuk: Oh, both...

Alex: What? No... or... or, I don't know. None of them really!

Luuk: Spice Girls or All Saints?

Rebecka: Spice Girls.

Luuk: You two agree very much.

Alex: No... fucking... damn cock-Amal!

Luuk: All Saints better?

Alex: Yes.

Luuk: OK. Yes, you have understood at home what's this all about. We put an end there. We shall... before I go... or you go, you must help me with something. We have a pictures archive at TV4 and we have mixed up a lot of pictures there. I'm going to show six pictures. Five of these persons on the pictures are members of Backstreet Boys and one of them is not.

Rebecka: Why are we always subjected to this test? It happens all the time, in every interview!

Alex: Why does everyone think that we like Backstreet Boys?

Rebecka: No, but it's like this, can you name all the members in Backstreet Boys, all the time!

Alex: No.

Luuk: OK, OK! Forget about the test! We forget about the test! Never mind!

Rebecka: Thanks.

Alex: Yes. We can do it anyway.

Rebecka: Yes, we can.

Luuk: Thanks for coming here!

Rebecka: Oh no.

Alex: Oh no.

Luuk: Hope to see you in new movies soon.

Alex: But what if... suppose I know them anyway?

(Laughs from the audience.)

Rebecka: I don't know them.

Luuk: Point them out here then. One of them is not member of Backstreet Boys.

Rebecka: Oh, this was difficult.

Alex: Yes, I mean this... yes... they are really quite ugly everyone of them.

Luuk: It's him in the middle far down. That's Peppe Eng, he works at the sports on TV4. Everyone else is...

(Laughs and applauds from the audience.)

Luuk: But we have... this is the best part. You are going to play the angry game against each other. Do you know these rules?

Rebecka: Yes.

Luuk: You look at each other. The first one who laughs has lost. You are not allowed to touch each other at all.

Rebecka: Do we have to look at each other?

(Rebecka and Alexandra look at each other. Alexandra makes funny faces. Someone in the audience giggles and Rebecka starts laughing. Kristian Luuk raises Alexandra's arm. Laughs and applauds.)

Luuk: Here is the winner!

Rebecka: But it was...

Luuk: Here is the winner!

Rebecka: But it was the audience who started laughing first...

Luuk: Rebecka and Alexandra! Thanks for coming!


*1 Henrik Schyffert is another swedish TV-celebrity. He and Kristian Luuk has worked together for many years. Schyffert has also played in a rockband.

*2 Gymnasium is the swedish equivalent to upper secondary school or senior high school.

*3 Komvux is a community owned school mainly for grown up people who have missed out on the gymnasium or wants to complete their education in order to be able to study at universities.

*4 Please excuse the incomprehensable try to write russian words. They don't even have the same alphabet as we do! The words are only an interpretation of what it sounded like when Alexandra spoke russian.

*5 Expressen and Aftonbladet is Sweden's two major and competing evening newspapers.

*6 Alf Svensson and Carl Bildt are two swedish politicians.

(transcripted and translated by Peter W.)