n e w        b i o        f i l m o g r a p h y        a r t i c l e s        s t u f f       l i n k s

Interview: Sajber, Channel SVT1

The interview in TV was a bit shorter than five minutes. Italic texts are comments which were not in TV. Texts are translated from the Swedish subtitles that were sent on Sunday, December 5, 1999. These aren't exactly the spoken texts, they are a bit shorter. As usually subtitles are little simplified from what is said.

The interview is filmed in an apartment, but there are also scenes where Rebecka is outdoors. The apartment is most probably Rebecka's because Rebecka bakes a cake during interview. In the outdoor scenes Rebecka walks on a country road or sits on a bench at the quay.

Lena Stubner:

Rebecka Liljeberg is currently on screen with the movies "Dar regnbagen slutar" and "Sherdil".
Filip Struwe:
Rebecca's biggest hobby is computers. She loves to program!

Interview begins:

My first computer was a Commodore 64.
Text in picture:
now she has both PC and Mac
In internet everything is very open. You can learn about everything. That improves the human rights. But sometimes it is too open. When people with racialist opinions spread out their information. But this is the cost of the freedom of speech.
Text in picture:
bob hund which is playing just now is one of Rebecca's favourite bands
What do you do with computer?
I have no time to program...
Text in picture:
because she studies and she has 5 extra jobs
I send e-mail and listen to music. I have made homepages for various companies. I don't say which companies.
What is knorka?
My and my friends's data company. The name comes from a demogroup called Orka whose members are involved in the company. Then Orka developed to something more and it had to change the name. In my friend Kalle's opinion K was a good letter - and then there also came a N. So it became Knorka, this sounds nice.
Text in picture:
new data challenges?
Windows is a challenge because it never works.
Linux is not graphical. You can't click but you must write things. I want to become better with UNIX, with programming...teach myself more about PHP, MySQL and things like that.
I am self-educated in everything. You can learn these things on your own. It's simpler than you think.
A book about C-programming is this thick... But it's cool to do it.
Text in picture:
little film chat
We see a scene from "Fucking Amal".
What was Lukas Moodysson able to do that no others have done?
He combined an interesting and touching topic with entertainment.
We see a scene from "Sherdil".
Would you like to do "Fucking Amal 2"?
It's enough now. There can happen more, but I'm not interested in being involved. Everybody has stories to tell, but not everybody wants to do a film.

We see the credits while Rebecka and reporter eats a cake, which Rebecka has made during interview:
Reporter: Dolores Peraic.
Photographer: Karl Beckstrom.
Producer: Jonas Lindstrom.
Thanks to fam Akerlund.

Transcripted and translated by Jani Untinen