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friday, 24.08.01

The stuff page has been updated with downloads of the Sajber interview (video) and the Åpen Post interview (sound).
From now on there's also an update list. If you want to receive an e-mail each time this site has updated, just mail me an empty e-mail with subject: Update.

monday, 20.08.01

This site now exsits almost a month. There have been more than 100 visitors. But there're only 9 people that have signed the guestbook. So please sign the guestbook. I'll try to ad some photos soon.

sunday, 19.08.01

Ok, I have to admit there havn't been much updates lately. And from the looks of it, I don't think it's going to change that quickly. The reason being: there just isn't new information about Rebecka. I guess you'll all have to wait untill the release of "Bear's Kiss".
Untill then: it's still summer, so: go outside & enjoy yourselves ! But ofcourse come back in about a week to check my site !

tuesday, 07.08.01

The article from Svenska Dagbladet about Rebecka Liljeberg has been translated by Peter. And I've added some old interviews and transcripts: see in the articles link.

monday, 06.08.01

I've added an article from Svenska Dagbladet about Rebecka Liljeberg and her role in Bear's Kiss. Althoug the article is in swedish & I don't have a translation I've still added it to the articles. But if anybody could translate it ... please do so and mail it to me !

I've also added and changed some links.

sunday, 05.08.01

Ok this site is finally starting to look the way I want it to. As you can see I've changed the layout of this page. The stuff page has been updated the most. Just go & see. And remember if you have any questions or suggestions about this site, please fill in the guestbook or just mail me.

tuesday, 01.08.01

I've updated the filmograpy page, there are now screenshots and links to sites with more info. I've still have some trouble finding screenshots from some films: if somebody can help, please mail !


sunday, 31.07.01

I've put some new personal reviews of 'Bear's Kiss' and 'Fucking Åmål' in the articles link. I also moved this site to another server. There are no more pop-ups now and the pages load a lot faster.

tuesday, 26.07.01

Ok, don't expect too many updates. I suggest you to check this site once a week, that will be more than enough. Or no, make it once in two weeks, that will be better ! :-) 
But seriously I think the first 'real' update will be in about a week, so ...

Don't forget to sign my temporary guestbook [ I'm still looking for one WITHOUT banners ], or just mail me.

monday, 25.07.01

This site is online ! I made this site when I heard Rebecka Liljeberg was acting again in 'Bear's Kiss'.

I first heard of Rebecka Liljeberg when 'Fucking Åmål' was released in Belgium. I loved the film and especially Rebecka's performance. I looked up some info about her on the internet and found out she was an interesting person. Interesting enough to make a site about her...

It's a simple and easy layout. There will be updates the following days.

I'm still looking for people who could help me with this site. I could use somebody who lives in Sweden and could provide me with the latest information about Rebecka Liljeberg. Translated articles [in English] about or from Rebecka are always welcome.