eavenly Words
Heaven!--The Mystery of life and wonder of Death! The goal of many religions and philosophies! The dream of many seekers! The subject of many books and Near Death Experiences! Heaven is a place where you can be happy! Where there are beautiful people full of life, having a beautiful time! Where streams never run dry. Where there are no locks on doors nor windows, no law except for one golden rule: 'Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.' There are no nights there, for all is light! No holidays, no vacation, for there is no labor and every one is free!
No storms, earthquakes, floods or disasters. No sickness and disease! There is no death, therefore no graves nor cemeteries and no churches! No need for priesthood or clergy. There are no marriages there, as all
are equal to the angels of God.
There is a Realm you have never dreamed of. A good Realm where love reigns supreme and evil is finally put out as a raging fire and forever extinguished.
A Realm where Space and Time are dwarfed by far greater dimensions, as a matchbox by the complex intricacy of a palace!
Where Earthly Time is discarded as the cast of a broken leg that is healed.
Where Space is subdued as a cloud transformed by the winds.
Where Satan is cut down to his real size, as a defunct tester of humanity, an obsolete grain of sand that caused the oyster to pearl!
A Realm where loneliness is swallowed up by total, unconditional, everlasting love!
Where suffering is quenched as a flame drowned in an ocean.
Where foolishness is starved to death for lack of sham, hypocrisy and falseness!
Where pride is upstaged so totally as dust under a giant gold and ivory throne.
Where this existence is forgotten as a secret drawer in an antique desk in a dusty attic!
Where God is multiplied as a Father joined by billions of His starry offspring!
Where religions are obliterated by truth and the one golden way of life: you can't help but love your neighbor as yourself.
Where politics and its greed and commercial wars are long avenged in a museum of the crooked & weird and by each of their individual records of the lengths of their roasting in Hell!
Where Masons, Illuminati & Satan's other spawn, are reduced to dust & ashes under the feet of the Eternal Conqueror and God's Greats in His golden Hall of Fame!

A Realm where art & nature are not denoted by six colors, nor music limited by seven notes, nor speed by the slowness of animal and man's steps or his devastating contraptions, but is made obsolete by instant thought-transport!
Where thought and the imagination are unleashed from paper nor strained through flat screens, copper, gold or glass wires.
Where experience and emotion are liberated and allowed to run wild as a summerbreeze. Where Sex is upgraded from its mere limited carnal doses of shamed pleasure, into a voluntary free orgasmic spiritual experience!
Where God's creation is public domain, instead of His secret genetic prerogative, and thought is not just the mother but invention itself, as an instant tool of creation.
Where Death is dethroned and swallowed up by immortality, where sickness and disease are put out of their suffering by indestructible health--which concept shall be a forgotten one, for lack of an opposite.
Where this life is remembered as merely an evil dream, from which we will wake up, sigh and say:

"Why did I fuzz so bad about money and power? Why did I not give & give & give…myself rich!
Why O Why didn't I sacrifice for love eternal as a prospector mines for gold, as a beekeeper defies the sting for honey, as a pearldiver cultivates long breath, as a dentist spends the best years of his life smelling bad breath and peering into rotting cavities! As a lusting man searches for an eager maiden! As a woman seeks for security, comfort and a provider! As a searching hungry student surfs the Internet. As an insecure fearful graduate hunts for a dismal job for a mere pittance of a monthly salary! WHY OH WHY?"
The Editor
"Deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage." Hebrews 2:15


Here are poems, anecdotes, quotes and heartbreaking stories, all to celebrate Heaven!
Enjoy yourself and have a heavenly time!

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