Scientists Fear They've Opened Gates of Hell!

Geologists drilling 9-mile hole hear human shrieks

The shrieks of condemned souls have been heard coming from the world's deepest hole, where terrified researchers fear they've unleashed the evil forces of hell upon the earth.
"The information we're collecting is so astounding that quite frankly, we're afraid of what we might find down there," declares Dr. Viktor Azzakov, director of the project to drill a 9-mile-deep hole in remote Siberia. Geologists were dumbfounded when, after drilling several miles into the bedrock, the drill bit began to spin wildly.
"The only explanation is that the very center of the earth is hollow," states amazed Dr. Azzakov.

Another surprise was the extreme heat detected in the depths of the earth.
"Our calculations indicate temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit," notes Dr. Azzakov. "This is 10 times higher than we expected. It almost seems as if a fiery inferno is raging within the earth's core."

The latest discovery, however, is so earth-shattering that scientists are afraid to continue with the project. In an attempt to listen to the shifting of the earth's different levels, a high-sensitivity microphone was extended into the shaft. What they heard turned the logical-minded Russian scientists into trembling wrecks!
"There was a faint high-pitched noise, which we thought was our equipment," explains Dr. Azzakov. "But after we made some adjustments, we realised it was indeed coming from the earth's center. We could hardly believe our ears. What we were listening to was the unmistakable sound of a human voice, screaming in pain."
"Although one voice was prominent, we could also make out, as if in the background, the screams of thousands, perhaps millions of tormented souls."

Since the ghastly discovery, half the scientists have resigned in fear.

"Hopefully, whatever's down there will stay down there," adds Dr. Azzakov.